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Itti Si Khushi 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunita tells Aman that Neha is at his home, he says he is going home. He wonders what Neha is doing at home. The doctor says her blood pressure is normal, she is fine. Dadi asks the doctor for the tests. Neha insists, she does the exercise and is fine. Dadi says they are with her, she must not worry and says to doctor that they will get the tests done. Neha runs out of the house. Aman hits a man in the way, and begins to help him. Neha passes by, crying.
She comes home and hugs Anand, crying. They were all worried. Anand asks Neha if maa ji said something to her. Neha says she doesn’t want to go to hospital. Anand says why she would go to hospital as she is fine. Neha asks not for sonography even? She tells them all about what happened at Aman’s house. Anand and Sandeep leaves for Aman’s

house in anger.
At home, Aman asks if Neha came here. Anand comes shouting, that everyone complained about Neha’s naughtiness; but today they will have to answer why they showed her to doctor without asking. Dadi says she was in hospital for twelve years. Anand asks was it Neha’s mistake. Kamini says they did it all to their daughter-in-law today, they have all the right to know if she can be a mother and worth Aman. Anand says he has now known that whateven Neha do, she will never consider her worth Aman; he says he is breaking this proposal himself. Gayatri heads to explain, but Anand says he respects her but whatever happened to Neha was wrong. He takes Sunita along. Aman looks at Kamini, and asks what she wants to know about Neha. Dadi says it was important. Aman says she is normal, why she wanted to know about it. Dadi says she was in hospital. Aman asks can Akku be a mother, doctors can’t tell someone if a girl can be a mother or not. Dadi complains to Gayatri about his behavior. Aman says he doesn’t want to know if a girl can be mother or not, his happiness lies in Neha. Dadi says they have broken the relation. Aman says they have self respect, and he will not back up from his decision. He will marry Neha, and she must accept it now.
At home, Neha asks will she not get married. Sunita asks why he said so much in anger. Dida says one must take such decision in calm mood. Sandeep also says they all know about Dadi’s nature. Anand goes inside saying he has taken the decision.
In the room, Akku assures Neha that everything will be fine. Neha asks why aren’t all dadi’s like their Dida. Akku says Aman will look after everything. She gets Aman’s message and tells Neha he is waiting for her outside. Anand watches Aman outside, and shuts the door on his face. Neha comes running, he calls Akku and asks Neha to take to her room. Neha resists, but Akku takes her inside. Aman was heartbroken. Neha was worried, she texts Aman that papa didn’t let her come out. Aman texts her to let everyone sleep, he will come after one hour. Neha says they will meet in an hour, and lie down on bed; but she fell asleep. Aman keeps waiting for her with bouquet in hand, outside her house. Neha wakes up, and rushes out in hurry. Aman thinks it is very late, she must be asleep. Some dogs bark, and watchman asks who is there. Aman places the teddy and the bouquet on the door and leaves. Neha comes downstairs, opens the main door and calls Aman. She regrets that she slept, then finds the flowers, teddy bear and chocolates. She cheers, then hears the dogs barking.
She dreams of them dancing, then Kamini coming with the injection to her. She wakes up shouting. Everyone gather around. Akku gives her water. Neha says it was a nightmare, she was afraid. She tells that Aman’s dadi was giving her a bad injection. Anand says this shows how much they will understand. Neha says there is no mistake of Aman in it. Neha says she must not have told papa about it. Anand hears him.

PRECAP: The girls and ladies talked pitifully about Akku. Neha asks Akku has she snatches Aman from her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. oh ho aman ur improving a lot ,teddy and cholates.good aman.aman and neha be good together.i hope all goes well and akku should not go into negative character.thanks for update.

  2. I love to see neha and aman together. They bring a smile on our face whenever they are together. Keep up the gud work ISK team. I love this unique concept as well as appropriate casting.

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