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Itti Si Khushi 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku tells her employer that her engagement has been postponed, and she will join her office from today. Dida stops her and asks if she is happy with what is happening. Akku says she was the one, who told jiju to think about didi. Dida prays that she get a gem husband, like she is. Akku leaves for office.
Neha says she is going to Aman’s house. Dida says she must not go there again and again. Neha goes to play with Sooraj.
Anand and Sunita brings Shagun to Aman’s house. They all congratulate Aman. Kamini says she had to abide by Aman’s insistence. Gayatri asks them to have breakfast, but Sunita says Neha is alone at home, so they should leave. Kamini asks why they didn’t bring Neha along. Sunita says she will bring her in the evening, Kamini says she may come alone as she always

come here. Dida says she will send her.
The maid thinks Dadi has called someone else, and Neha in the evening; there will be a big drama.
Neha hears the bike coming, and hung towards him. She asks will he teach to ride a bike and snatches the helmet off. Aman comes from behind, gets him rid of Neha and laughs. Neha is angry, Aman holds her hand. She stops for a while, and smiles. He leaves it saying sorry. Neha sits with Aman on bike, and waves mama, papa and Dida. Aman tells her to come down, Neha says she was waiting for Aman. They ask Aman to have tea with them, Neha says he just said they are going for a round. Aman leaves. Neha tells them they were going for a round.
Dida laughs in front of Sunita. Sunita was worried that she talks without thinking. Dida says Aman will take care of her and will teach her everything and she will soon learn.

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Neha was worried, and calls Aman. He was about to accept the call, but she disconnects. She dials again, he says hello. She shouts it is wrong number. She again dials, but before that Aman calls. He asks why she was giving blank calls. She asks he knew about it, then thinks it is mobile phones; she says thanks God they weren’t here before. He asks were those blank calls from her, for which Dadi used to scold him. She says she still scolds. Aman asks Neha if they can go out in the evening. Neha asks can she come right now. Aman says he will pick her at 5 in the evening. Neha cheers and jumps. Anand and Sunita come to tell her that she must go to Aman’s house. Neha says she doesn’t want to go there, they must also accompany her. They assure that she won’t say anything. Neha goes to change, saying she will be back in 5 minutes. Neha comes dressed up, Sunita instructs her to touch their feet there, and must not talk useless.
Neha comes to Aman’s house; she says Namaste to everyone and touches Dadi’s feet. She looks at Anita and hugs her. Dadi says she has gone permanent, being here and there again. Dadi taunts her, and asks her to sit beside her, when Neha takes a leave. Dadi tells her that someone is coming to meet her. Neha asks is it Aman. Dadi says it is someone else, and shows her the door. It was a doctor, Neha was shocked to see her. Dadi says she is here to observe her. Neha hides behind Gayatri, and insists she is fine. Dadi tells Gayatri to go inside, and tells the doctor she was talking about this girl. The doctor says she recognize her, from the time she worked in the same hospital. Dadi says she wants to know will she be able to forward their generation or not. Dadi asks the doctor to observe her carefully. The doctor says there are special tests for this, procedures and sonographies. The maid makes Neha sit on the sofa.

PRECAP: Anand says to Kamini that he now knows she can never like Neha, whatever she may do. He is breaking this proposal now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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