Itti Si Khushi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman says to Neha, that there is ice cream on her mouth. Sooraj asks Aman to look at his new bottle. His mother sends him in, Neha also goes to wash his mouth. Dida says Neha is the going to leave now. Gayatri says she is happy to get it. Neha comes and says Namaste to Gayatri. Gayatri asks to say something in loneliness with her. Neha asks what she did now, and asks Akku to accompany her; but Dida sends Neha alone to her home.
Dadi was having food, and tells the maid that she only thought about Kartik. The maid says that now the crazy girl will stay with her all day long now. Dadi says she has said a yes to wedding, not owned her. She won’t let her rest here.
Gayatri makes Neha sit on a bed. She says she knows she was ill for a long time. Neha says she is fine now. Gayatri says

she could have learnt a lot. But now, she must learn everything as her new life is going to start. She says she will teach her all the things, her first lesson being that she must move her head only once. She gives her the ring of Shagun. Gyatri gets an idea and asks doesn’t she know anything about Aman has said.
They all waited outside. Gayatri asks them, didn’t they tell Neha anything. Neha begins to speak, but Aman asks her to listen. She shows the gold coin she got. Gayatri tells her, it was because she is going to be their daughter in law. Neha is shocked, then cheers jumping up in the sky. She hugs Sunita, then comes to Akku and watches her. Akku congratulates her. Neha goes in a shock at once, and takes Akku inside. Neha says she must not have jumped. Akku says you jumped because you were happy by heart. Neha says to Akku she must have felt bad. Akku says they all know that Aman and she like each other, and promises she didn’t dislike. Akku says God sent her back, only so that you people can stay together.
Kartik and .. come to Aman’s room and teases him for watching Neha’s photo. Aman scolds him to go out of the room.
Neha lies in the bed, them sits up thinking will Aman be awake, shall she call him. She dials the number, then thinks what if someone else pick it up. She goes back into the bed, then wonders if he really loves her. She pinches herself, if she is dreaming; takes her stuffed toy and dances with it saying I love you Aman. She lies in her bed, and says she will go to date with Aman, they will watch movie and thinks about themselves. Dadi comes to her mind, she gets sad. She lies under the cover, afraid of Dadi.
The next morning, Anand asks the manager to return the engagement. The manager argues they didn’t cancel the order. Anand says he wasn’t sure. The manager says this was his problem, today an engagement was broken, the other day a girl will run away from the house. Anand shouts that he may keep the money, but shouldn’t say bad names to his family. Sandeep asks why Anand fought with the manager, they had 50,000 rupees with them. Anand and Sandeep have an argument.
Dadi calls someone to be here at 5 pm. The maid asks whom she called, she feels something bad is going to happen. Dadi says they are doing wrong things, she just want to save her family’s name. Dadi thinks she has to call that crazy Neha at 5 pm, then she will see if she is really eligible of becoming their daughter in law.

PRECAP: Dadi tells Neha someone is here to meet her. Neha is shocked to see the person.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. who is new character.whichwmakes neha shock.whatever it be atlast neha got wt she deserves.waiting eagarly to watch neha and aman together.and aman bus atleast now propose neha naa yaar.thank for update.

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