Itti Si Khushi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman tells Gayatri, that does she remember she threw him out of the house in childhood, he had apologized and promised them to do as they had said. He holds her hand, and says he always searched for his happiness in their’s. Kamini asks what he wants to say, he say he won’t back up this time. He knows he is right.
Sandeep brings food for Dadi, she says does he know what Aman is doing. Sandeep says when he is here, she must not worried. He says she must let Aman marry the girl he wants, this way maa will make him marry Ritika, as Dadi also wants. Dadi says she won’t let Neha, the crazy come inside the house. He says that he loves Ritika, she is rich and he wants to marry her. Dadi asks the maid to bring everyone, she has made the decision.
Neha comes to Akku, and says that after

26 hours there will be ring in her hand. Akku thinks how she must tell her, that she isn’t getting engaged; she might get engaged. Neha tells her, that mama told them to go to parlour. Akku says she has some office work to do. Neha complains everyone has some work here. She leaves to bring water bottle of Chotu. Akku hopes everything gets well.

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Gayatri and Aman comes to Dadi. Dadi asks Gayatri what she wants. Gayatri says she will do as she says. Dadi says she is denying it, she must do anything on her own risk. Dadi asks Sandeep and Amita, they both say they must listen to Aman. Aman says he will listen to Dadi, Dadi says she won’t say anything if he wants to marry that girl. Aman cheers, but Dadi stops him and says she has a condition; that girl must not come across her, else she will throw her out of the house. Aman says she won’t let her anything to complain. Dadi clarifies to Gayatri, that she will look after what they have to say to family, it must not cause a bad name to family. Gayatri asks is she agreed upon the wedding. Dadi is about to leave, when Aman touches her foot saying he needs her blessings. Dadi says he must now make a habit about saying sorry.
Aman meets Neha in the market, she tells him she came with Sooraj to get his new water bottle, as he has lost it. Aman says she used to lose all her things in the school. Neha says she has also saved him from getting beaten at home. Aman gets serious, and they have been together for so many years, still he never realized… She says ‘that he is Kharoos’. He heads to say something again, but she doesn’t listen. Instead she picks his eyelash from his face, and puts it on his hand asking him to wish for something. He laughs that she believes this, she asks him to make the wish. He does. She asks what he wished for. He says shall he tell her, but Sooraj comes to take her. Aman thinks he is going to tell you the same, soon.
Anand apologized the guests for engagement. Sunita was also worried. Aman comes there, apologizes for the trouble they are going through. They all say that Kamini wasn’t ready till yesterday. Aman says that now she says she wants him to be happy always. Anand says this is a big responsibility, he must think again as he will have to take care of Neha. Dida also asks him to understand the responsibility. Aman says he know Neha well, and will take care of her. Anand asks Akku her will. Akku says she is sure, Neha and Aman are made for each other. They all bless Akku, and hugs her.
Aman says he needs to talk to Neha. They all are worried about telling Neha. Aman asks shall he talk to her. Akku also agrees that Aman must propose her. Anand says it is decided that Aman will talk. Neha arrives from behind, asks Aman whom he has to talk to . Aman says ‘you!’. She asks what?

PRECAP: Neha laughs on the bed, thinking about all the enjoyable times with Aman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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