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Itti Si Khushi 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku is worried at home, she thinks about talking to Aman, then stops as everyone will know because he will run straight to take Neha.
Aman sat in the car, lost.
Akku was worried. Shagun knocks the door, to asks Neha if she is ready inside. Akku watches Neha’s bridal dress, Shagun opens the lock with the keys she had and enters. She says she is happy she is ready, as Akku sits there in the dress. Shagun asks about Akku, she points it to the washroom. Shagun takes her bangles and heads to leave. She then comes back to see how the bride it looking. Shagun gets Sandeep’s call there and then, and goes downstairs. Shagun tells Sunita in the corridor that Neha is ready. Akku wonders what she must do.
They all receive the Baraat. Gayatri asks for bride’s brother to get the groom.

Sandeep gets Aman, Kamini asks for the dhol and drum beating. Anand and Sunita receive Aman. Kamini says that the groom isn’t let to walk to stage in their family. Aman says he isn’t a child, Kamini asks why he is marrying a child then.
Neha is locked in the room, she calls in the window for help. No one listens to her, she is crying.
Kamini asks Gayatri to bring Neha. Gayatri asks Sunita to bring Neha down, Sunita says she is getting ready. Kamini says they must go when she gets ready. Dida stops her, and asks Sunita to bring Akku and Neha downstairs.
Sunita calls Akku to come downstairs. Akku calls her lehnga got tight, they are coming. Sunita says there must be something wrong, and asks Akku to open the door. Akku takes the veil on face again. Everyone is worried and waits for the bride. Gayatri goes to ask Anand what is it about. Sandeep suggests they must open the dinner. Gayatri heads to go inside, but Shagun says they must be coming. The guests come to take a leave. Aman comes there and asks what is it about. Kamini comes to talk their again.
Akku cries in front of Sunita, Sunita is shocked. Akku says Neha didn’t come out of school, she returned as it was really late. Sunita and Akku cry, that what she did.
The guests talk that is bride here or not. They talk about leaving. Sunita comes downstairs, she tells Gayatri that Neha’s lehnga is a bit tight, she will come here soon. Kamini says it must be inexpensive. Aman watches the guests and asks Sunita if there is a problem. She comes to take Anand. Anand shouts at Akku where she is. Akku says she doesn’t know. Anand shouts at her, Sunita asks her to go fine Neha. Sandeep says her exam had to end at 5, it is 8 now.
Kamini says to Jainti that there is something wrong, she must find out.
Akku thinks about looking in Neha’s diary. Anand and Sandeep go to Neha’s school. Akku finds Neha’s letter last night, Jainti hears Sandeep reading it. She had written she wants to run somewhere.
Sunita is worried, Anand is worried about her. Jainti says wedding is someone else’s and bride is someone else. Jainti comes to tell Kamini, that Neha has run away.

PRECAP: Neha watches Anand and calls papa. She cries at them to look there. Kamini tells Sunita to marry Akku with Aman.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg… Worse and worse :'(

  2. story started with comedy and is now becoming one of the worst soap opera ever seen in Indian Television. Why publicise on the comedy angle if there was no intention of maintaining it? Yeh serial wale THUG HAIN” For increasing TRP, comedy was publicised. GO OFF THE AIR – AT THE EARLIEST PLEASE.

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