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Itti Si Khushi 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman was in a bad mood. Everyone teases him. Jainti and Kamini discuss that he must have recognizes his mistake. He heads to leave, Gayatri tells him to sit. Aman thinks he doesn’t know, Neha would be able to study or not. Neha says she doesn’t want to bathe with milk, the ladies say she is still a child. They ask her for henna, it was light. Neha fears Aman doesn’t love her. Dida says that it will come till evening.
Neha and Akku come to school for taking the paper. Neha was late in the class, Rashi and Govinda waited for her. She comes to the class, she can’t recall what was the answer. She remember, Aman told her everything started with Babar. Govinda watches Neha writing, Neha asks for supplementary sheets. Govinda and Rashi were worried. Neha is done with the paper, hands it

to teacher. The teacher tells her to sit on her seat, she can’t leave before exam time. She request him to go, but he says she can’t leave before 5. She request, but he scolds her and asks her to sit there. Her pencil fell down, a paper lied there. She picks it, the teacher takes it and asks she cheated that is why she was doing the paper so soon.
Sunita asked Anand to go to Neha’s school. He says she must not worry. Sunita asks Sandeep to go to school. Anand relax Sandeep, and tells Sunita to call Akku. Akku says Neha hasn’t come out of the class yet.
Aman thinks Neha’s exam must have finished, and hopes she gets there in time. Gayatri comes to his room, and asks why he isn’t ready. She asks why he is worried, from yesterday. He says he is alright, and will come ready for sehra-bandi in a while.
The teacher scolds Neha, and says he will take her to principal after the exam. She sits and is worried, will she miss her marriage.
Kamini asks Gayatri if Aman has changed his mind to marriage. Gayatri smiles watching him come, he was in a bad mood. Gayatri asks Kartik to tie the sehra. Gayatri asks Aman why he is worried. Aman was frustrated, that why everyone asks this question to him. Kartik asks him to dance, and takes Kamini with him.

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The teacher asks the students to leave, Neha pleads on the teacher. Akku is worried, that did hasn’t come out.
The baraat leave home.
Akku gets Aman’s call, she thinks what to tell him. He asks about Neha’s paper, she says she is done and are leaving home. Aman tells her that baraat is about to leave. He asks her to give the phone to Neha. AKku was quiet. Aman asks doesn’t she want to talk to him. Kartik comes to take him.
Neha requests the teacher, she thinks she can’t even tell the teacher. Neha gives a letter to Govinda to give to Akku which said he must give it to AKku and not tell her that she was caught in cheating. The teacher tells Neha to sit in the class, till he reports the principal. Neha cries.
Akku tells Sandeep they will come in time. Sandeep says the baraat has left. Govinda gives the paper to Akku, she asks where is her sister. He runs away. Akku runs inside, but the guard stops her.
The baraat leaves, Kamini asks about Aman. They asks him to dance, he was reluctant.
Neha worries if she is alone in the class, and thinks if she might leave. She comes downstairs, and watches her teacher coming. He said to peon, Neha can’t take another exam. She is worried, and hides in the class room. The teacher asks the peon to look if a student is there inside. The peon looks inside, the teacher asks him to lock the room. They leave, while Neha keeps knocking the door. She panics, that she is locked.

PRECAP: Neha is locked, Gayatri asks Sunita why isn’t Neha coming downstairs. Akku is worried. Shagun knocks Neha’s door, and Akku watches Neha’s dress and sits wearing it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh my Godd pleaseee don’t tell me akku will end up marrying aman!! This will be like a replay of sasural simar ka when it first started!! Too much yar… I was really enjoying this show! 🙁

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