Itti Si Khushi 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The principal scolds Aman for having invited Neha’s class, and says he can’t do anything else. Aman takes Neha inside to talk to her. He asks her what is this. Neha says she just told Rashi and Govinda, Aman says principal trusted him. Neha says they are her good friends. He asks how will they hide it, he cant trust those 14 year old stupid children. She asks is she stupid too. He is annoyed that she argues. Akku calls Neha.
Gayatri asks for a leave, Neha comes there. Aman also comes there, Akku takes him for a photo. The photographer asks them to get closer, they were standing far away. AMan is frustrated with the photos.
Neha cries when they have left, and says she doesnt want to marry. She says she doesnt want to go anywhere. Sandeep tells her to stop the acting. Akku

says Aman is there. Neha cries she doesnt want to marry Aman, and asks Anand to cancel the wedding. They are all worried. Sunita scolds Neha for her exam, tomorrow as well. Anand says he will manage something. Akku tells them about the plan. Dida agrees.
Neha also goes to sleep, with others. SUnita was worried. Neha could not sleep, thinking about Aman. SHe sits up in bed, and cries. She takes the mobile, and calls Aman cryng that he didnt call her. Aman was upset, he doesnt pick up the call and when he does the call drops. He tries her number, but Neha had left the phone on the bed.
Neha studies crying, in the morning. She says her henna is also so light, Aman doesnt love her. She closes the book, takes a page and writes her heart out. I love you AMan, I have written it countless time. This Aman is really different. Now I say sorry to him, he scolded her. She wasnt mistaken, Kamini says right she isnt able to him. She isnt like Akku or miss Chandni. He doesnt want to marry her, she wants to run away today.
Sunita comes worried, and asks her what happened. SHe insists she doesnt want to put on haldi. Sunita tells her to stop the jokes.
In the function, Dida wish everything to take place well. Neha comes with the books. She asks them to put on haldi. She asks Akku to get ready till 1.30. She thinks about Aman, and gets upset.
Aman was also lost, during his haldi.

PRECAP: The teacher takes Neha’s paper that she has cheated. Neha keeps on crying, that it wasnt her. Aman is ready as a groom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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