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Itti Si Khushi 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dida gives another saree to Kamini. Kamini says she kept the good quality saree inside. Neha asks Gayatri for apology. Gayatri says it is ok, she has understood her mistake. She brings Aman to her, and makes them sit and stand together, this sends the bad things away. Kamini leaves with the guests.
Neha says to Aman that she is really afraid, what will dadi say when she finds out they have lied. Aman says the times aren’t good, they must tell each other after marriage. Dida comes there, she says their love in enough for them to fight the world, she gives Neha’s hand in Aman’s and tells him to forgive her if she do anything wrong.
Neha was worried, in the class as her friend marked her important topics. Neha hugs her and says she is her best friend. Rashi cheers. Neha writes Aman

on her notebook, Rashi laughs and says she got you. Neha asks for her book, and asks who is he. Neha runs behind her, and asks her book. Rashi teases her, Neha says she will tell everyone. Neha tells that he is Aman sir, a boy in the class get them too. Neha asks why he listened to the secret. Neha forbids them to tell anyone, she tells them both that Aman is her fiancé, they are getting married and tonight is her mehndi. Rashi was cheerful, and asks how she knows Aman. Neha says it is a long story, she takes their promise not to tell anyone.
In the function, Aman watches Neha arrive. She sits besides Aman. Aman says she looks good, she says thank you. She tells him she is really tensed about the papers. He says he is also tensed as he is getting married to her. They take her to mehndi. Kamini says that the dark colour of mehndi depicts the love of husband. Neha cheers that her mehdni is always dark. Akku goes to get the mehndi, Jainti says she will bring it. She changes the mehndi, and tells Kamini she changed the real henna with the hair’s mehndi, now there will be no colour.

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Aman appreciates Neha’s mehndi, she asks him to find his A in the design. She watches his mehndi, and says he didn’t get her name written. He says it is written on his heart. He says it is there, in the mehndi too, and shows her on her arm. They both look at each other, everyone laughs. Kamini complains it to Dida, Dida says loving a wife isn’t a fault, Aman is a sensible man. Kamini says he is no more sensible, after living with Neha.
Neha asks what if someone sees this tattoo. Aman says he got it written under the sleeves.
Neha asks she has a paper, how will they manage. Akku says she will take her to the school before parlour. Aman says it is a good idea, and teases that she will only finish the paper in half an hour as she won’t much. They all head to dance.
Aman and Neha meet the principal. Principal tells Aman to be careful no one knows about it. Neha gets a call, she goes to take Rashi. Neha is upset watching a full team of students. Govinda says he told everyone, Rashi tells them to leave. Neha says they must leave soon. Govinda watches the gol gappa stall, they head to eat it.
Neha talks with the children, on the stall. The principal says to Aman that he has to go soon today. Aman takes him to dinner. Aman watches the kids, and thinks who invited them. Govind just come on the table to get dahi baray. The principal is shocked to see him. Govind alerts everyone, and the principal watches them.

PRECAP: Aman scolds Neha, he says to Neha that he can’t trust those 14 years stupids. Neha says she must think her stupid too. Aman says she has proven to be a stupid girl today. Neha cries she doesn’t want to marry Aman, to the family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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