Itti Si Khushi 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Itti Si Khushi 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha promises to Akku, that they will tell everyone after the fuction. She keeps her hand on her head, and asks her for promise to keep quiet.
On stage, Aman gives Neha the file that contains important answers to important topics. She cheers, and appreciates that he wake up all night for him. She discuss him that history is really difficult. He told her that everything in history started with Babar, Kamini tells Jainti to go hear them. Neha says to Aman, that she will let anyone win. Jainti says to Kamini, that Neha wants to be the queen of the house.
Dida asks Kamini for the rasam. Kamini asks everyone to give their gifts, she boasts about her jewellery and gifts. Neha asks to wear the necklace, Kamini says she will help her. She ties the knot tight, Aman takes it and tells Neha

to wear it later. Kamini asks is it painful, she says no. Jainti says to Kamini she wants to be the queen, Kamini says she is a child now. She wanted to bring an intelligent daughter in law. Aman asks Gayatri is it all done. Dida gives her the gift too. Gayatri asks Anand to do the rasam. Kamini watches the gifts from Neha’s family. She says the chain is light, Aman says it is good. He will be able to wear it daily. Sandeep says to Aman he knows he will care for his sister. Gayatri asks Anand what was the need to do a lot. Kamini and Jainti discuss about someone else’s tilak. Anand says they can place their demand, they will give in the wedding. Aman says this is too much.
Kamini heads to leave, but Sunita asks Akku to distribute the gifts among everyone. Kamini asks this is why they stopped her. Anand takes them all to have food. Kamini sits to open the dress, Neha watches her. The dress tears, Kamini complains to Anand that they didn’t ask her to give the gifts. Dida says there must be a mistake, Anand wonders how it tore. Neha comes and says that it got torn with dadi, by mistake. Kamini asks is she lying, it is torn and creats a drama. Neha says she saw them, that the saree got stuck in zip and got torn, she asks Jainti for approval but Jainti denies. Kamini says this girl speaks a lot. Anand asks Neha to say sorry, but Neha denies that she isn’t wrong. Kamini says that these are cheap gifts. Neha says that gifts aren’t prize, she is irritates why dadi is fighting everyone on gifts. Sunita asks Neha to be quiet, Kamini asks her to let her speak. Aman asks Dadi to be quiet, Kamini says she will not let him live peacefully even after wedding. Neha says that her parents have given them the expensive gifts from the best shops, one must not return gifts. Dida shouts at Neha to be quiet. She accepts that there is no mistake of Neha, that she wasn’t with them for twelve years to be brought. She asks Neha to apologize Dadi, Neha leaves. Dida asks Anand, not to go behind her. She stops Kamini, that she won’t leave until Neha says sorry to her.
Neha cries in the room, what she said wrong. Dida says she didn’t say anything wrong. She tells Neha that when she was 6 or 7, she wanted to make tea. She went to take the hottest pan, and I scolded you. Neha says she was touching a hot pan then. She knows Kamini has a high temperament, she must not reply her this abruptly. Neha says she called the gifts wrong. Dida says that she must says sorry to her now. Neha comes down with Dida, she comes to Kamini and says sorry to her, and accepts she shouldn’t have spoken to her like this.

PRECAP: Jainti wonders how these children can be Neha’s friends. Aman wonders how these kids can be school kids. The principal comes to the function.

Update Credit to: Sona

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