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Neha runs on the stairs to tell Aman that his mother has come here. The principal calls Aman, and asks the peon to bring tea. Neha enters the class, Aman shouts at her to go to her class. She peeks from the door, and tells him with actions what it is. A boy watches her in a corridor, Aman takes leave from the class. The boy hears Aman and Neha talking. Aman watches the boy passing, and tells Neha she can get her notes from him. Neha was about to tell her, when the peon comes to call him. He leaves. Neha was worried that they will get caught, he is shocked to see maa. The principal complains why he didn’t tell them he is getting married, he stands up to congratulate him and asks about who the lucky girl is. Aman says she is Neha. Gayatri says he knows her, she was his student. Gayatri says she

is Neha Agarwal, who went into coma. The principal was saying she came to their school, a few days ago. Aman tells him through actions, not to tell his maa. Gayatri says she come here to drop her nephew. Gayatri leaves, but the principal scolds him that he should have told them about it. It isn’t possible that they both stay here, one of them must leave the school. Aman requests him to do something. The principal says he now know Neha was asking for a break, he must make Neha understand that she leaves the study. Aman says that for Neha, it is really important to complete her education. Principal says one of them have to leave. Aman says that Neha has a big dream to continue her education, it is really important to fulfill. He will get another job. Principal stops and promises him to do something, but forbids him that no one must know about it. Aman assures he will take care about it.
Dida tells Sunita to keep all the dresses separately. Sunita was crying, that she was in coma for 12 years, and now she is leaving. Dida says she is getting Aman, and will live near them. Anand calls that Gayatri and Sunita have come. They were worried.
Neha was doing lunch, her friends ask about having a boy friend. The boy says she was making a line on Aman sir. He says he is already fit with Chandi miss. Neha listens intently. The boy says that in staff room, they sit together and Aman sir drops her even, on his bike. Neha says she is going to washroom, and leaves. She comes to the staff room.
Kamini was in a hurry, and gives a list to Anand about the guests. Anand was worried seeing the list. Gayatri says she met Neha today. Sunita says she has just started to go, Kamini says she must stay in house and learn the households.
Neha watches Chandni and Aman in the staff room. She enters, calling Aman. He stands up, she calls him Sir. He sits, and asks what is it about. He tells her to go to her class, he will discuss it later. The teacher asks she is the special student, and says to Neha she can’t walk in the staff room like this. Aman takes Neha to a side, he whispers he forbid her to come to staff room. She asks is he having a affair with Chandni. He says what? All the staff turn to him. She says everyone says so. He says he is marrying her. She insists, that children make such pairs, as they did it too. A teacher comes there, Aman reads from the book. Neha was angry, Aman asks her to leave now. Chandni comes near to them, and asks Neha to leave now. Neha leaves, Chandni asks Neha is she so familiar with him, that she talked to him like this. Aman stammers while explanation, and leaves.
Neha did her homework, Akku comes that the tailor has come here. Neha gets her book along her. She studied, while all the work was done. She gets Aman’s call, and cries she cant do this. How can she study, Aman says she must study in this situation. He promises to make some brief notes. He asks her to smile, she says she did. He says she didn’t, she asks is he watching her. She says she doesn’t like to lie, and is afraid what if Gayatri aunty asks how are Neha’s cooking classes going on. Aman says they will tell everyone after the function, she hangs on. Akku stood behind her.

PRECAP: Kamini asks Jainti to know what is going on. Aman gives Neha a register to study these points, Jainti spies on them and tell Kamini everything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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