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Gayatri asks Neha what is Janti masi saying. Janti says she was caught red handed, with a school dress, they can she her bags. Neha hides her bags, but dadi insists upon her. Aman comes into the shop then. Neha says there is school uniform in it. Gayatri asks is it hers. Neha looks at Aman, and says it is Sooraj’s, Janti felt wrong. Gayatri asks her to show it to all of them. Neha was reluctant. Aman asks why are they creating a drama here. Kamini asks for the bag, Janti snatches is and takes the uniform out. It was a pant inside. Janti masi was taken aback. Aman says Neha had told them, they didn’t believe. Gayatri says they must have told them, that they had to buy Sooraj’s uniform. Neha watches a man outside, looking for someone. Neha shows Aman, he tells them to go forward.

comes to Janti, she was angry that Neha had to do the shopping for Sooraj.
Aman says to Gaytri, if she says it is so soon, to get married to Neha, they must postponed it. Gayatri is angry at him for saying so. Janti says to Kamini, that her bubble has burst too. Gayatri tells Kamini that she promised, and she will make neha able to live in their house. Aman says this will bring her under pressure. Gayatri leaves inside, saying that the wedding will take place the day it was decided.
Anand and Sunita ask Neha about the day. She was in bad mood. Anand asks was she punished. Dida says it is about something else. Neha says she doesn’t want to go to school. Anand asks what happened to her. Neha says that how will she give the exams from the next week, the exams are on the day of her marriage. How will she go and give exams on her wedding day. Sunita says she must leave it now. Dida says she will talk to Gayatri, as Neha has worked a lot about it. Neha tells Dida, that no one must talk to anyone. She is determined, that she will manage anything. Sunita says there is no question about going to school on wedding day. Neha says she will manage it.
Sandeep gives water to Shagun, Shagun says that she got an offer from her old city. Her guru suggested her to the health club, She will get good amount of money. Sandeep says she will get late, at night. Sandeep says he is thinking he will take up a job, Papa will look after the shop.
Aman makes Neha eat samosa. Neha says she is worried, that principle denied postponing the exams and Gaytri aunty denied postponing the wedding. She asks Aman for an idea, he puts samosa in her mouth. Neha says she can’t go to school, she doesn’t have the uniform. Aman smiles, that she has it. She asks where is it. He shows it to her, she cheers and hugs him saying I love you Aman.
In the morning, Neha is in school uniform. Sunita says she would go in normal dress, what if someone sees her like this. Neha insists, they both argue. Anand makes Neha change, and talks to principle. He comes to tell Neha that he agreed, that Neha can come in normal dress but of uniform’s colour. She takes Anand to see her class. Gayatri comes to school with wedding card, and asks about principal’s office. She sees Gayatri coming, and sends Anand to go to shop. She heads upstairs, when Gayatri calls her. Neha turns to face her.

PRECAP: Principle asks Aman, who is the girl he is marrying. Gayatri says it is Neha Agarwal. Principle tells Aman that one of them must leave the school.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rajkumari Irina

    so..funny!!!how can neha think to go to school…so stupid m tired of watching school scenes..pleasw change the story i want to watch neha with first times normal with my sweet hero Aman.

  2. Me 2
    Y r dey showing skool scenes???
    God knows…

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