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Itti Si Khushi 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The teacher comes to the class and introduces Neha to the class. Neha says Hi to them, the students make fun of her. The teacher says that Neha had an accident, and went into coma for twelve years. She was in this class, and now has rejoined it. It is their responsibility, to make her feel comfortable. The children made fun of Neha, called her aunty. Neha goes to the back chair and sits with a boy. He says no one sits with him in the class, he wants her to sit with him. She cheers, he introduces himself as Govinda. The girls cheer that hippo got partner. Neha doesn’t understand the lecture. Her words dissolve on the board, and flies in front of her. The teacher asks does she understand. She denies, the teacher says that it is her first day, she will cover up soon. Neha says she always used to

pass. Neha tells Govind to help her.
The teacher comes to class, and tells the students to sit. He says that their ninth studies are base for matriculation, and announces their mid terms will start from 3rd December. The students who fail, won’t be promoted to 10th. Neha thinks it is her marriage on 3rd. She runs after the teacher.
Sunita was worried about Neha, Anand tells her not to worry else Gayatri will call. Gayatri calls then, and asks that there will be 500 guests so she will give order about 600 cards. She says she wants to pick Neha from school. Sunita says she couldn’t tell her. Gayatri says it is ok, they must come back home.
Neha comes after the teacher, and asks how will she learn in one week. She asks for a week, so that she can prepare well. The teacher says rules cant change for her, she must work hard. Neha agrees. The teacher tells her to come in proper uniform from tomorrow, She agrees. The period is over, she comes behind him and puts hand on his eyes. He is shocked to see her, and takes her to a class. He asks why she didn’t tell him, she got admission here. She says she wanted to give him surprise. He says he is a teacher here, and she is student; there must be a respectable relation between them, if they know otherwise they will put her out of school. She understands, he tells her not to tell anyone about it. She must call him sir. She agrees. He holds her ear, and tells her not to be friendly with her. She leaves.
Sandeep was worried, Anand tells Sunita they are getting a new project and will manage. Dida was also worried. Anand says that it is the biggest event for Neha. Anand makes Sandeep to make the estimate. Sandeep says he must do this himself.
Neha comes to Anand, she says Sooraj didn’t recognize her in school. She tells him she has paper on the wedding date. He says he will talk about postponing the date of marriage. The come to a shop, Kamini was also there. Neha tells Aman, she has to buy a uniform. Gayatri calls her, Kamini asks what she learned. Neha says nothing, Aman says they just spent it meeting people. The go inside, Gayatri asks which one she likes. Neha says whatever she likes. Kamini asks her to show some expensive ones. Neha heads to leaves, saying she has to go to bathroom. Aman says he will take her to super market. She comes to the shop, and asks about the size uniform. People laughs there, Aman asks her to try. She comes asking for a larger size, the shopkeeper asks for half an hour to alter it.
Mansha says they must be enjoying together. Neha comes there, Gayatri asks her to try. Neha says he must go and pick the uniform, Aman says she will have to come with him. She goes and comes back again. Kamini notices Neha and Aman talking to each others in eyes. Aman asks she wants to go again. Neha says yes, Kamini asks Mansha to go behind. She leaves telling Gayatri. Aman gets a call, and gives money to Neha. Mansha comes behind them, and goes into the shop. Neha tells him to pack the uniform, Mansha wonders why is she buying school uniform. She picks Neha’s bag, and asks is she done with the shopping. Neha takes her bag back. Mansha says they must tell Kamini about it.

PRECAP: Mansha shows Kamini the school uniform.

Update Credit to: Sona

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