Itti Si Khushi 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha asks Aman to say sorry, as he got angry. Aman says they will both convince them all. Neha says what will they do, she has to go to school. Aman says he won’t say anything to anyone. Aman says that if one lies for the good cause, it isn’t bad sometimes. Neha says she wants to study. Aman asks her to trust her, they will do something. They go inside.
The family prepares for the wedding, Neha comes with Aman. Aman says that Neha wants to study further, they must not stop her. Anand says how she will do it all. Aman says they will manage, and asks Sunita that it is her request, she gives her permission. Sandeep asks Aman, that it isn’t possible. Neha says she talked to principle and got the admission. Sunita asks she didn’t bothered asking them about it, and talked to principle

as well. Aman says she did it herself, and Neha has also talked to Gayatri and Kamini. Anand asks what didi Dadi say. Aman says if someone wants something by heart, it takes place. They have allowed. Aman says she accepted because he wants so. Sunita heads to call Gayatri, upon Anand’s call.
Gayatri says to Sunita that they have no problem about it. She told Neha that they will go at 11 on shopping, but they will now go at 2. The hang on. Sunita says they both are happy with her decision. Dida reads Aman and Neha’s eyes. Aman takes a leave.
On the table, everyone one cheer. Sandeep tells Sooraj that his bua is a mischief. Sunita says Neha will make bahanay, not to go to school. Neha says had she asked them, they would never have allowed. Neha says she and Sooraj will go to school together. Sooraj says he wouldn’t like that his bua studies in 9th standard. He says she must stay with her best friend, Neha cheers that Aman will also be there. She thinks Aman doesn’t know, she took admission in his school.
Shagun tells Sandeep that Sooraj is must interested in Judo and extra curricular. Sandeep says they must leave it now, as it costs 10,000. Shagun gets annoyed, that they go and fill Neha’s fee. Sooraj will ask them, he must tell him that they stopped his activities for Neha’s fee. Sandeep defends himself, but Shagun says he never thinks about her and Sooraj.
Neha comes to Dida, she offers Neha juice and asks is there a secret between her and Aman. Neha gers worried. Dida asks how Kamini agreed. Neha stammers why she is saying like this. Dida asks the truth, what Kamini said. Neha drinks the juice, Dida says that when we meet someone firstly, we make an image of them. Now she will be going to school, and Aman’s house, she must also think about the outcomes of whatever she does.
Neha is excited about going to school. She waits all night for morning, awake; but sleeps at the last moment, then rushes to get ready for school. On the breakfast table, Neha says to Sooraj she will come to him at lunch time but he was in bad mood.
Everyone blesses Neha, before leaving. Neha enters the school, and finds her class. Children think she is a new teacher. In the class, she finds teenage girls and boys. They all go to their seats as she enters, and says Good morning to her. Neha is shocked.

PRECAP: Neha tells Aman that this is Mansha, and she finds Neha buying school uniform.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rajkumari Irina

    soo…sad i dont want to watch this tv show anymore it will become flop serials….i dont want to watch neha joining school …

  2. whatever happen i like it.just waiting for neha aman marriage.and their cute scene.thank for update.

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