Itti Si Khushi 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunita and Neha calls Aman inside, that Gayatri is also here. Aman leaves saying he is busy. Neha worries how she will tell everyone about it. Gayatri talks to Dida that they must do the preparations soon, as there is no good date. Neha come and greets her. Gayatri gives her the shagun, and says she is getting married in next five days. Dida says what problem will Neha have. Neha wonders how will she go to school. Gayatri says she wants Neha to go to shopping with her, at 11 tomorrow. Neha thinks school will be off at 2, she can’t tell them now as she hasn’t tell Aman even. Neha says she has to do something right now.
Neha prays Hitler Dadi isn’t here. Kamini stops her. Neha says she came to meet Aman. Kamini says she is going to marry Aman. Gayatri also comes there, and says to Neha

that she must not meet her husband to be like this. Neha says she had to say something important. Neha spits that she got admission in school. Aman also comes there. Kamini says she must drop the marriage. Neha tells Aman, that she has to go to school. Kamini says if she has to go to school, she will break the marriage. Aman gets an idea, and says that Neha is talking about the cooking classes. Neha doesn’t say anything, Kamini is convinced.
Aman takes Neha out, and says she must not make things difficult. He is supporting her, that is why he brought her correspondence forms. She says she wants to be regular student. He says he will support her but she must jerk this school idea off her mind. She says it is her dream. He says she isn’t 14 anymore, she must be practical. Neha says he is her best friend, there is no time to dream but he doesn’t even support her. All her friends have become something, she has nothing to tell anyone. She doesn’t remember anything, but the 12 years she was in coma. She leaves crying, he stops her. She says cant she even cry, when he cried she supported him but he doesn’t even support her and has problem with everything she do.
Shagun looks for colours in drawers and finds Neha’s forms. She is shocked to see 20,000 as fee. Sunita asks Neha, she says it is of course and she wants to go to school. Anand comes there, and says she is getting married. Neha is irritated and says she will not do anything now. She wants to be smart, and intelligent but they don’t understand. Anand asks her to stop crying. Sunita says they cant go against Gayatri. Sunita scolds her to stop, Anand says they must talk to them once. Sunita isn’t ready to hear. Dida supports Anand. Sunita says Kamini will create more problem.
Aman finds a files from Neha, it was a remembrer with their photos from the past. He reads a letter with it, and goes into the past.
Akku gives Neha Aman’s call, she doesn’t speak. He says sorry, and says he can’t make such a beautiful card and says thankyou. She says she isn’t talking to him. He says she can meet him atleast, he will come out her house. He picks mistakes from her letter, she says she doesn’t know much. He says she must go to school. He says is he making fun of her, she is quiet now. He takes her hand, and says she wont stay quiet when he is here. He was worried because of Dadi, but he says sorry. He says he is sure, he wants to see her dreams fulfilled. The laugh.

PRECAP: Neha tells everyone she got the admission. Sunita goes to call Gayatri. Neha says to Aman that they are gone now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. only five days to marriage.then it will go more interesting now.and we want to c more of neha and aman.the way the aman supports neha looking so sweet.thank for update.

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