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Itti Si Khushi 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman meets his friend Vishaal who appreciates Neha. Neha goes inside and finds something saying he will now know what a good boxer she is. The maid finds that Neha had hidden her ring. She says there is chance for Kamini and takes the ring. Neha cheerily greets them all. Aman asks what about her Phd, Vishaal says she is getting big offers of jobs. He asks which standard Neha is. Sooraj says she is in ninth standard. Aman explains that she was in coma for twelve years. Vishaal’s wife says she is really courageous.
Kamini says to maid, that they will make a huge drama now. Neha disrespected her sister, and she will take a revenge.
Akku and a friend says Aman didn’t propose Neha, she also complains. They all buck him up, he takes a rose and leaves the stage. Kamini comes and asks

her to get the ring. She comes to the stage, while the Pandit ji stops her and asks her for sweet. Kamini was in hurry, but Pandit stops her. Aman says he doesn’t remember anything to say to her. Neha says she will propose him, and heads to DJ. She and Aman dance together. Aman whispers I love you in her ear. Neha says she lost her engagement ring, she says she just say it isn’t here. Aman asks where it went. Neha says they will all get angry, Aman says he will handle. She asks he will do anything for her, he says yes. Neha says she gave him a double punch. He asks her to go and get it.
Shagun and Sooraj were having dinner. Sooraj’s friend’s family discussed that they are going HongKong for vacation. Sooraj says he also wants to go to Hong Kong. Sandeep joins them, and tells Sooraj to play. Shagun complains that they are always too pure, to go to any part in India for vacation. Sandeep says they will discuss it later.
Neha gets worried, as she doesn’t find the ring and tells Shagun.

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There Kamini sends Aman, for a rasam.
Neha’s family said that now Aman’s family will make an issue. Sandeep says he will look for it, Anand tells him not to make an issue. He asks Sandeep to go and buy a similar ring. Sandeep asks Akku to take Neha out as everyone is waiting. Sandeep was worried, that it was a diamond ring. Kamini will make a fun of Neha, and forces Sandeep to go and get the ring. They all go out, except for Sandeep and Shagun.
Kamini plans to get Neha red handed. She asks her maid to bring milk in a big pan. Aman wonders where has she gone, and tells dadi she will just be here. She asks for Aman’s ring, as it is a ring finding rasam. Neha cries, Akku says no one here should know about it. Aman comes to them, Akku says she lost the ring. Aman laughs, and asks Neha where is the ring. Neha says she is true, she didn’t find the ring there. Aman makes her relax. Neha says dadi will scold her. Kamini calls Aman, he says no one must know the ring has lost.
Kamini comes to Neha and asks for her hand, she looks for Aman. Dadi asks her for the ring. Gayatri says to Aman, that he must stay at reception and look forward that no guest leaves without taking sweet. He asks maa to go and check, why this rasam before marriage.
Kamini says to Anand that we have this rasam, in our family. Neha was reluctant to give her hand. Aman came with a ring, and makes her wear it. The maid was shocked, Aman asks what happened to her. She says it is nothing, and begin playing. Anand thanks Aman, for keeping his respect.
Sandeep says to Shagun, that how much he can earn with a single shop. Shagun and Akku’s salary make the house hold expenses. Shagun says it is good Akku isn’t getting married, Neha is unable to support them as she isn’t even a tenth standard. Neha hears the conversation, and tells them they found the ring.
Neha says to Aman, that she wants to study further now. Kamini makes fun that Neha will now go to school. Aman says that it isn’t serious, they were talking by the way. Dida says it is nothing like that, and asks to leave.
Kamini takes Gayatri inside.
Neha and Aman stands out. Neha says dadi will scold mama and papa. Neha says as a child, she didn’t want to go to school but now she will study whole heartedly. She says she will say sorry to dadi. Aman says her study is a good idea, he will see what he can do about it. Neha says he is really her hero.
Kamini says to Gayatri that she must do the marriage soon, and teach her something.

PRECAP: The principle allows Neha to join school from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. dizz serial zz damn gud man…..nt lik any othr serial….nd i luv aman….i used 2 watch chanchan only fr him……..but was upset wen d show ended…now i’m again happie 2 c him on screen….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. wow yaar day by day it going well.neha and aman look cute together.and neha is going to school that too where aman works ar a really amazing.thank for update.

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