Itti Si Khushi 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Itti Si Khushi 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini receives gifts from Ritika and asks the maid to keep them in her room, separately. Kamini says she brought separate gifts for everyone, atleast she will be able to socialize.
Neha was sad, and asks Akku did she come between her and Aman. Akku asks who said this. Neha says this doesn’t matter, she doesn’t want to hurt her. Akku says Aman lover her, and they both should be together. Neha says why Mala aunty said so. Akku says she was the one snatching Aman. She must let people speak, as they don’t know the truth. The sisters hug.
Kamini comes to meet Shanti, she complains that Sooraj poured cold drink on her dress and Neha is qualifying him. Neha says she just said it was not Sooraj’s mistake. Kamini scolds her, and says she is her younger sister. Anand and Neha apologize.

Shanti asks is she going to be her daughter in law. Gayatri says there was a misunderstanding. Vikram, Shanti’s son comes to say namastay. Gayatri invites maasi inside. Shanti complains to Kamini that Neha misbehaved with her. Kamini says she herself is worried.
Vikram comes to Neha, when she was looking for Aman. He holds Neha’a hand saying she is very pretty. She leaves, he says he will talk to her later.
Shagun’s mother says that she must have asked her for jewellery. Shagun says there were no money, to buy clothes or jewellery. Her mother asks where the money for decoration comes from. Shagun says she doesn’t hear this all. Vikram tries to take Akku’s photo, but she ignores. They all stand for family photo, Vikram tries to touch Akku but Aman gets him and drags him to a side. Vikram says he is also looking for a girl, if he has no problem he may try. Aman warns him to show his real face here.
Ritika asks Kartik for diet cola. The maid asks Kamini to bring it for them. Kamini asks Kartik to order some more. Shanti still complains that what she got here, and how she liked that girl. Kamini says she doesn’t know how Aman liked this crazy. They all hear this. Aman stops her but Akku stops her. Shanti says this was the girl, Kamini says this was it. Aman tells her to stop.
Akku says that her didi isn’t wrong, she did wrong to her. She accepts to everyone that she hid a truth, the accident of didi took place because of her. They were all shocked. She never knew this all will happen, she says I am sorry papa, I couldn’t tell everyone. Anand asks how couldn’t she tell them, she watched them all living in sadness. Now that Neha is fine, she is telling them. He says secreted it for twelve years. Neha says she now remember that she went to terrace. She had given her a letter, Akku was crying. Neha says she is so crazy, she didn’t recognize her hand-writing, she recognizes Aman’s. Neha asks her to stop crying, she had to go in coma so she did. She says it is really difficult to keep secret. She hugs Akku, and asks her not to cry. Neha says to Anand that if someone doesn’t forgive Akku, she will stay quiet and won’t talk to anyone. She leaves, crying.
She notices Anand come to her, with the family and sings a song for her. The family participates to make up Neha’s mood. They hugs Akku, and resultantly Neha cheers saying I love you. She asks when will engagement take place. The ritual takes place.
Ritika says to Kartik, that he must make her papa’s mood. He says he will, and they go to perform. Neha comes to dance floor too, when Vikram tries to misbehave. Aman comes between, and shouts at him. Vikram says she is a liar, and is mad. Aman beats Vikram, but Kartik holds her.
Shanti also blames Aman. Kamini asks Aman to asks Neha to apologize. Aman says she won’t apologize. He asks Vikram to leave the house. Shanti says she will also leave. Kamini asks Gayatri to stop Aman. Aman asks will she bear what Vikram did. Shanti calls Neha names and leaves with Vikram. Aman hugs Neha.

PRECAP: Neha leaves her ring on the side table. The maid gets it and makes an issue out of it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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