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Aman tries to explain to Anand that he will take care of Neha. Anand says he saw him, and fixed the life. But what his dadi did, she won’t change taking Neha, and Aman can’t stay with Neha 24/7. Aman says he took a decision for the first time and stood against his family after dad’s death, to marry Neha. He guarantees her happiness. He likes Neha, won’t break her heart. He shows his watch, he had gifted him when he got 90%. Anand had asked to gift it to his son. Aman says he must keep this watch, because he won’t get married, if not Neha. As she will only keep her happy. He says there is a beautiful relation between them, and joins his hands not to break the proposal. Anand says he is her father, with one hit she will scatter. Aman says he will take care of her, the way he is taking.

Anand looks at Dida, who approves. Anand hugs Aman, and ties his watch back. Aman touches his feet.
Kamini says he has becomes ghar jamai. Anand had warned that they wont marry, did it mean that they will keep their son at their own house. Gayatri wants to explain. Dadi tells her to stay quiet, as they were just thinking about their welfare. But everyone accused her. Gayatri says they must have done it, by asking or telling them. Kamini asks the boy’s family never bends to girl’s family. Neha comes there. Dida asks if she is happy. Sandeep teases her not to pose for shying. Neha tells papa that she is angry, as he doesn’t listen to her. Anand hugs her that he loves her. He says he listened to Aman, that he really loves her and will take care of her. Neha says she has to talk to Aman about a lot of issues.
In the terrace, Neha says she liked the teddy bear. She will bring it there, after marriage. He asks why she didn’t come out, yesternight. She say she was sad, that she will lose him for the fourth time. She says when she went to coma, when he got engaged to Akku, when he went into the other house in school and made friend with Riya. Aman notices and teases her by Riya. He says she is also pretty, just that Riya was slim. Neha says she is dieting, she will also get slim. He holds her hand, and says she doesn’t need to change. He asks why she likes him. She says he is hers, then thinks for having a photo together. They make a selfie. Aman stands looking at maa’s missed calls. He gets worried, and leaves. She says bye, then stands up and stops him says she likes him more than Hritick Roshan.
The maid told Kamini, they have lost Aman. Gayatri comes to the door, and asks what happened. Aman says that Anand agreed. She sends him to the angry dadi. Aman says sorry, he shouldn’t have talked to her like this. Kamini says they had broken the proposal. Aman says he made them up, took their responsibility. Kamini says she agrees, against his stubbornness. He thanks her. Dadi blesses her to stay peace ful. Gayatri says she will talk to Neha’s parents about the engagement. Lado- the maid asks has she forgotten what Anand said to her. Kamini says she didn’t forget a moment, she won’t spare him like that.
Lado made Baati, when the door bell rings. Gayatri brings Anand and Sunita. Anand says he is younger, and asks for apology if she disliked anything. Aman comes there, and invites them to sit. Anand says there is a hurdle in the engagement. They must do it in their own house. Kamini says that there house is too small a place, it isn’t like their family’s large house. Kamini leaves for pooja. Aman suggests to do the engagement in their house. Sunita says she will manage it. Gayatri also qualifies Aman, Anand agrees but says that they will take up all the expenses. Gayatri says it isn’t needed, but they can do it. Anand says Sandeep will bring the decorator tomorrow.

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Neha waits for Aman’s call. He says he was busy, as there is his engagement tomorrow. She says it is her engagement too. He says that the to be engaged girls are shy. She tells him her hand got burned while cooking. He shows concern, about her and says they have to get married. She says she is good, he said Us. She tells him she made square shaped roti. He says he will eat everything, she will cook.
Anand and Sandeep discussed about the arrangements. Dida asks Anand to calm down, as he asks Sunita about Neha’s hand.
Kamini asks she invited all the family members, that they will do their son’s engagement from their house. They will have to do the expenses as well. Gayatri clarifies the Anand will do all the expenses. She goes to take mobile. Dadi asks Lado for her expense book, and thinks she won’t let Anand save money.
Neha thought what would be Aman’s choice, pick or green. Aman comes there, he asks she is much burnt. She says she had pain, and cries; but now she is fine. She asks him about the lehnga colour, and says she will wear his choice colour and wants to know about his choice too. He selects green. She cheers, then hurts her burn. He blows on it. She says she doesn’t believe they are getting engaged. He heads to go, as Dadi will scold them.
Sandeep tells papa that all the arrangements at done. Kamini tells the decorator about the flowers, Sandeep comes to see the expensive flowers. Sandeep says he brought them. Kamini says she disliked them, and threw them all. She said she knew they won’t be able to manage much about the expenses. The contractor says they must pay for all the losses. Sandeep takes the contractor aside. Kamini notes something in her diary.
Sunita asks Shagun and Akansha to get ready. She was in a hurry. Everyone complained that Neha isn’t litening to anyone, and isn’t ready. Neha comes there. Sunita looks at her in awe, and says she just look crazy. Akku says she said so, to save her from nazar. Sunita asks Neha to cut short her childhood. Neha says she will miss the childhood. Dida comes there, and gives Neha jhumkay. Neha takes them to take a selfie.
In the engagement venue, Anand worries that Neha hasn’t arrived. Kamini comes on the reception too. Everyone appreciates Kamini’s decoration. She says they will do the engagement brilliantly. Aman comes looking for someone. Dida asks who is he looking for, he stammers he looked for the arrangement. Neha comes there, with Akku and Shagun. Aman keeps looking at her, and approves of her.
Gaytri takes them inside. On the stage, Aman helps Neha from slipping. She goes to the stage prestigiously. Anand says no one can be better for Neha than Aman. Neha dislikes Aman’s stares, and makes face for her. She laughs and asks why is he looking at her like this. She asks him to speak. He says he doesn’t speak much. Neha stands to meet some guests, Neha appreciates her grand daughter’s dress.
Some girls discussed that Neha snatched her sister’s fiancé. Akku thinks everyone thinks wrong, she had snatched her didi’s twelve years.
Shagun makes Neha meet some people, and asks who are they. She recognizes the girl as Riya. Neha cheers and hugs her. Riya introduces them to her fiancé Abimanyu. Abimanyu says there must be understanding before marriage. SHagun says that husbands change after marriage. Anand says the situations change. Riya takes promise from Abimanyu to never change. They heads to leave, Neha asks them to stay for dinner.
The ladies discussed that Neha snatched Aman from Akku. The grand-daughter of the lady comes to tell Neha about it. Neha comes to Akku, and asks if she hurt her and snatched Aman from her.

PRECAP: Akku accepts she is responsible for what happened to didi. The accident took place because of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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