it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 9

Ragini was passing by the room of her bhai but stopped at the track and then one idea strikes in her mind looking at time “11:30pm” Ragini smile devilishly and peep inside the room.. Wondering “where is Aadarsh bhai “?? But then shoved the thought of her brother.. She looked at lying figures of her so called Bhabhi!!! Roshani!!!! She tiptoe inside the room Roshani was in deep sleep wearing her most favorite night gown…Ragini know that Roshani is not light sleeper.. So she silently moved out Calling some one and after that moved downstairs…. After some time she came back and moved closer to Roshani.. And then apply a chocolate cake with cherry.. On her face.. On dresses every where and moved out.. To get some fun her eyes fall on her security guard who was all ready with the scary thing from which Roshani Maheshwari will scare to death giving him signal .Ragini moved towards her room clean the hand and spray perfume and moved out… Waiting for the action!!!

Roshani was not properly sleep.. She was feeling someone tongue on her face but she was feeling disgusted and then her nose started sneezing.. In next moment she get to know who is tasting her face she became numb.. Her body was not giving actions just praying god she slowly open her one eyes and next moment “””aaaaaadddddaaaaarrrssshhh””‘Aardarsh!!!!!!!!! Mom !!!!!!!!!!dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaarohi!!!!!!!Ragini!!!! =!!!!somebody help me from this doggggg!!!!!!!! “”””””her whole voice echoed in whole mansion but bad luck no one came
Ragini was enjoying the scene and making videos of it….after all her favorite wild dog “tiger ” was tasting Roshani because of chocolate cake and cherry..
Roshani was sweating and started moving back on bed and tiger bark at her… She was crying -please don’t.. Please.. But tiger was now eating her gown.. Roshani look at the door and tried to come out of bed but next moment she froze looking another dog at door coming towards her…
Ragini was laughing in mind.. After all it’s her another wild dog “jaskaran “….
Roshani was not reacting… She fainted at the moment… Ragini come inside and complete the video clip and smirk sending messages and video clip “my first hunt complete ” with that she moved towards her room sending her wild dogs out..
Outhouse of gadodias mansion..
Arjun was looking at the company files.. Where as Laksh was helping him.. Just then their phone beep…
Arjun open the message.. At the same time Laksh too… Few minutes later..
They both look at each other and burst into laughter…. Clutching their stomach..
Arjun in laughing – oh god.. Ragini.. Is brilliant hunter….
Laksh laughing – yeah.. I didn’t know she is this much talented.. Look at Roshani face ….she fainted…
Arjun smiling -How much she scare of dogs only our family knows.. Who tell this Ragini??
Laksh – once Ragini was asking me about her weakness just like that.. So I told.. But didn’t it will be this much useful..
And they both started laughing again..
Arjun – well there is no sign of Sanskar!!
Laksh – I think he is not coming.. Let it go after all tommorow he will face a real hell..
Arjun -yeah!!
Laksh – but first hunt was great.. And they both again engrossed in laughing
Shantivan (Raizadas mansion)
ASR was sitting in study room looking at the details of his employees..
Arnav – What the hell dammit… How could it be possible……My all projects details.. Are missing.. But how!!!! Damm only I and Aman know it… Then.. (thinking)…. Aman Mathur if you are also in this betrayal game then I will kill you..
Just then he gets the message of Ragini..
Arnav open it… After some time he was laughing so hard.. -What the!! this Ragini Maheshwari is good prankster… Keeping Mobile aside…. He again concentrate on files..
Anuradha Malik (dadii) was passing to the study room buy stopped looking at Arnav.. And come inside..
Anuradha Malik – Arnav in this hour what are you doing!!!
Arnav – dadii it’s just some office work..
Dadii – No… You should now go back to bed…
Arnav – dadii…
Dadi – I said it!! Final..
Arnav – don’t know how Swara was following you…
Dadii smile – Swara was never followed me..
Arnav look at dadii -What do you mean!!
Dadii – you know Arnav.. In Venice Swara was leaving separate in her apartment and that mansion was only for me..
Arnav – whatt!!! But why??
Dadii – come we should go to Terrance..
Arnav silently followed her..

In Terrance..
Arnav – Dadii is everything wrong with Swara…??
Dadii – you know Arnav before fourteen years… When Devyani raizada (Nani) taken you from us… We were broken completely… Omkar and Raina Sucide your … and dad death all things had broken me.. I was gone to trauma.. Or you should.. For five years I was in coma in hospital bed..
Arnav was shocked looking at his dadii.. – but Swara..
Dadii – Swara was alone in all these I don’t know one percent of her life of that five years.. I don’t know what that
10years of Swara had her but when my eyes open… I was in Venice and infront of me 15years of Swara Malik was standing with out any expression.. She was blank.. She love me but not like before… Because I left her that time when she needs me more than anyone.. After that I get to know that in my account there was 20crore ammout.. From where it came.. It’s a mystery of Swara… I started bussiness and Swara helped me with doing her studies.. But we never came close we never talk about that five years..
Arnav was dumbfounded looking at his grandmas and knowing his little sister was left alone for five years….
Dadi – good night Arnav.. (her eyes were moist)
Dadii left from there…
Arnav Singh Raizada was shaking in terror knowing her sister was in pain alone and hollow from inside more than him… He have Nani that time but what about his sister… -Swara.. I am sorry.. I was not a good brother even I don’t deserve your forgiveness…
AR office…
Aarohi was sitting in her cabin looking at one file but her mind was somewhere else… “Aarohi please tried to understand I your doctor.. This baby is dangerous for you.. Your prganancy is having too much complication.. You can’t survive.. By giving birth to this baby. And this baby is just accident for you.. You know that you were raped.. Please I am your friend more than your doctor just tried to understand… You should abort it.. “‘
Aarohi eyes was teary… Thinking about her doctor words.. Looking at the report of hospital.. Clutching it tightly.. Then she silently kept that report in her cabinet…..
Arjun who was going to ASR cabin stop and look at whole scene of Aarohi cabin.. Think “Why she is crying after whatever happens she should be happy forever “‘but shutting his thoughts he left from there..

In ASR cabin..
Arnav was examine whole file and employees details. ….
Arjun moved inside.. – What you thought about Sanskar…
Arnav – What the!! Without knocking you came to my cabin.
Arjun smirk – What you have done in Venice… In my cabin..
Arnav – I think you have already thought about your ex brother..
Arjun – yeah… Firstly just throw him out of AR… And. Your Pa Aman Mathur too he is also..
Arnav – I know I got this information..
Arjun – nice and what about another two..
Arnav – they should be here only after all you and I both have to settle score with them in personal and professional..
Arjun -Now I am being fan of your ASR!!
Arnav smirk – don’t butter me lawyer..


Sanskar was standing in front of Swara Malik penthouse with his BMW.. Pretending busy in his mobile…
Swara who came down stairs to go for Ar look surprised to find the one only Sanskar Kundra…

Swara – Mr Kundra… Want a ride?
Sanskar look at her with smirk.. – with pleasure Miss Malik… But you and me should stay away from the car and bike of each… It’s sensitive part of us!!
Swara snapped -so you ride on horses in middle of Mumbai traffic…
Sanskar – good idea Miss Malik..
Swara – don’t turn around the bush.. Get to the bussiness..
Sanskar – Stop coming in my way…
Swara – which way!!
Sanskar – you know very well.. I will clean you from this world in fraction of second!! Said in threatening tone..
Swara smile devilishly – And I can dig you alive where you are standing..
Sanskar – I know very well what makes you came to India…
Swara – So you know I am not the person who stay back…..
Sanskar comes forward to her said in dangerous Voice – take it as best warning of your life Miss Malik don’t you dare to play with their emotions..
Swara also moved closer to him – You are coming in my way… And I am not fooling anyone… Little you know that game is you playing…
Sanskar – Miss Malik don’t play with me..
Swara – I don’t play with loser Mr Kundra…
Sanskar smirk – Miss Malik you should cover your ears..
BLAST !!!!!!
Swara could think something in next second her penthouse was blasted in to pieces..

Swara look at the scene but don’t say anything then her gaze move to Sanskar..
Sanskar smirk – It is a advance show and if you don’t want this show in Raizada or Gadodia… And also with Maheshwari mansion with some people then stop what you are doing… Nice to meet you Miss Malik..
Saying this Sanskar turned to left.. But stopped at the track what he heard Swara look at him.. Then her penthouse..
Swara calling her manager – buy another penthouse and make sure it has everything according to my taste and yaa send fireofficer in my older penthouse and make it rebuilt.. All these I want to done in evening!!! Call ended..

Sanskar look at her with amazed feeling.. And Swara give the look “not impressed ”

Sanskar – You are playing with fire!!
Swara – it’s my childhood addiction..
Sanskar – don’t make others life at death..
Swara – I am too much selfish don’t care about anyone..
Sanskar – even your Ab…
Swara – Arnav bhai can be safe by himself he is not kid… He is ASR..
Sanskar – you will Regret..
Swara – I loved too be regretted..
Sanskar – We will see..
Swara – offcource We will…
Sanskar give her last look and zoomed off with his BMW left that in next second..
Swara look at retreating figure said then at her penthouse with moist eyes.. Thinking ‘” he destroyed my Dadu gifted penthouse.. First he destroyed my favourite bike then he slapped me and now this… And he knows everything about me… Who is he. ….I can’t let him domance me I will not be back off!!! Never!!! “‘
Sanskar punch his steering wheel.. Stopping his car at one side of deserted road.. He moved out his eyes was moist and red in rage.. Thinking “Why the hell you are in India.. You can’t Swara Malik.. I will not you successful for what you if I have to make rivals… I don’t care about that Khushi or Mahi whatever.. But one thing is sure if I have to make plans and destroy them to stop you I will.. You have to defeat Swara Malik… You have to go back… “‘
PRECAP – second hunt..!!!! …
ASR – let’s see Miss Khushi Kundra or Mahi Kundra… Oh I should make it easier for you… My would be wife Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada!!!

Credit to: Aryna


  1. Jiya

    What!!! Asr nd khushi are gonna marry! Nt bad haan. Nd Oo! Arohi is raped but by whom? Nd y sanky hate swara this much? Ah! I’m just too tired to comment. So sorry from my side. Waiting for 2nd hunt..! Oo! I forgot about roshani. Good job ragini! She deserves this…;-

  2. anu

    awesome…. actually i want to know who are rivals? i want to know why swasan became rivals? and is they both love eachother… what happend in 5years…

  3. Dharsha

    Tooo good….dunno what to say more….
    But why did this revenge come from?
    From where….atleast???
    Waiting for next impatiently ??

  4. preethi

    wow really awsome . really i love all ur ff .di . plz plz. can u right a swalak or ragsan ff. in ur slang plz . if u can its just request.

  5. preethi

    wow really awsome . really i love all ur ff akka . plz plz. can u write a swalak or ragsan ff. in ur slang plz . if u can its just a request.

  6. sweety

    Awesome dear…….oh what a prank yaar…..I loved it……even l was laughing hard by reading it…..waiting for the next one…….

  7. soujanya

    awesome yaar……there is something between swasan…….and this 5 years is also interesting what happen in that years…..

  8. MM( Menaz)

    Superb dear but what was swara’s past & I think swasan having some related or ya relation between each other. If they love each other??

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