It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) “Change” episode 24


YASH RAICHAND -role play by Amitabh Bachhan
NANDINI RAICHAND -role play by Jaya Bachhan


YASH RAICHAND – A calm bussiness man and good hearted person who always look for his employees and family.. Love his wife and adore his children… Mostly his Shona and very protective towards her He runs a real estate bussiness in London and having ten more branches in several country… But he is strict and strong when it comes to support his family.. Head of the family

NANDINI RAICHAND – a very charming lady..and a house wife..loves her husband and children mostly her son Arnie..understanding mother and wife.. Loves to pamper them.. She cooks with her own hands for her family she loves to do it.. And a board member of her Arnie company..


ARYMAAN RAICHAND -role play by Fawad Khan

MISHA RAICHAND -role play by Sonam Kapoor

ARYMAAN RAICHAND – he is well known neurogologist.. In London and having his own hospital branches in many country as “RAICHAND hospital “..loves his Mom and Dad to the core of heart and very protective brother towards his siblings especially his baby brother Arnie… Love his wife Misha who support him every aspect of life.. And adore his shona too much..

MISHA RAICHAND – a bussiness woman helps her father in law or should say dad in bussiness loves her mom and dad (Yash and Nandini) very caring Bhabhi of her Shona and Arnie.. And loving wife of her husband.. Can do anything for her family…


ARMAAN RAICHAND – role is play by Barun Sobti as twin brother of Arnav so..

SAANCHI RAICHAND -role play by Shraddha Kapoor

ARMAAN RAICHAND -a bussiness man work with his dad …have some arrogant and anger like his Arnie But soft and calm mostly loves his family alot and his wife… But best friend for his baby brother Arnie.. And crime partners with his princess shona.. Having too much protective of his both little sibbling…and can never leave that person who tried to hurt them..

SAANCHI RAICHAND – a bussiness woman like her husband work with him in dad company ….a friendly and sweet nature but in her husband influence she became angry too some time.. Loves her family and best Bhabhi for Shona and Arnie.. But strict at times..

Arnav RAICHAND (Arnie for his family and ASR for whole world)

Arnav RAICHAND means ASR – role play by again Barun Sobti..

ARNAV RAICHAND – arrogant, ruthless and heartless devil in bussiness his fashion house AR OFFICE is now on the top of Europe and Asia fashion house he is known as shark of fashion world.. Who can make or destroy anyone in fashion industry his main branch is in London.. He lives with his family.. Where he is not ASR but their sweet and cheerful Arnie.. Loves his Mommy..and daddy.. His bhai are his best friend and support… His Bhabhi are his guidelines.. And motherly figure.. And most importantly his shona.. His little sister where his over protective nature instantly come.. But still he didn’t forget his incomplete story… And sometimes he just silently listen his heart beat to feel “her”… His happiness.. And he knows after this much distance he can never forget her never…


SHONA RAICHAND -most pampered family member.. In her family.. Treats like as princess.. Loves her Mommy food , daddy pampering.. Her AB (Arymaan Bhai) protecting and taking care of her diet.. And medical everything… Her Mishu bhab(misha Bhabhi) chattering and pulling leg of AB ..loving her… Her Ammy bro (Armaan bhai) pranks with her and being crime partners for others.. And over protective nature for her…. Her Saanchi bhab being her bestie sister like.. Always asking about her plan and knowing each and everything about her… And important.. Her Arnie (Arnav bhai) …who always wake her up and made her sleep on bed.. Every now and then knowing her whereabouts and her medicine.. Treated her as glass dolls… And her… A sweet smile and bubbly girl with style arrogance and beastly nature when it comes to pranks….( totally forgotten about her Swara Malik habit that don’t mean that she lost her memory she is still knows everything but in love of her family she moved on)



Shekhar Gadodia and Sharmistha gadodia are still sane but one change in their family they started spending time together and their children. ….

KHUSHI MAHESHWARI – Now lived with gadodias…and treat them as her own family.. She is MD of KGM construction bussiness.. Merger of Kundra, MAHESHWARI and Gadodia.. Bussiness.. She has moved on in her life.. Become again chattering box.. Always smiling face tries to make other happy a true happiness of Gadodia mansion..her relationship with Ragini was very strong and with Aarohi also But still she didn’t forget him.. And always clutch her heart beat feeling him.. But she make understand herself she should forget him and the another person who dint even care to face her last time.. She hate them…

AAROHI GADODIA – Now wife of Arjun Gadodia living a beautiful life with her husband who always take care of her adores her like queens …loves mom and dad (Shekhar and Sharmistha) and now her relationship with her sisters become very strong..and about her both best friends they always their for her …and somewhere she is sad looking at all people that they always hide their pain thinking about two person now she hate them for leaving like this.. ..

ARJUN GADODIA – became silent types but always care for his love his wife and his family which is now only his first priority nothing else.. And never be.. He is legal Adviser of KGM construction bussiness.. Also taking care of his law forums of Indian top lawyer forum… He didn’t joke or always smiling.. But when ever he is with his family he became their Arjun but not for world.. He hates that two person now with his whole heart never wanted to see them

RAGINI GADODIA – wife of Laksh living a lovely life with her husband and her family.. She is now become house wife she is not Model anymore but she is happy for her decesion…loves her sisters and friends alot.. And always think about them but somewhere she never forget the two person who came as cyclone in her life and left as earthquake… She hates them now forgetting us But she didn’t say a word.. Always hide it..

LAKSH GADODIA -taking care of his hospital and loves his family and his wife alot he is now happy go lucky man he have a peaceful life.. But in all these he always miss the two person in his life ecery phase.. But he also hate them for leaving like nothing…

SANSKAR KUNDRA – CEO OF KGM CONSTRUCTION BUSSINESS.. A silence person become true beast, more than ruthless and heartless monster in business maintaining KGM CONSTRUCTION BUSSINESS as ASIA AND EUROPE NUMBER 1…industry(breaking MALIK industrial record and throwing that company in dark now in present only KGM construction bussiness is known) beating every company he became workholic with time but always spend time with his family… He always be another model or actress now or then always his News Update in page 3…being hottest and handsome bachler in India… But he don’t care at all now his only priority is his family nothing else if anyone tries to do anything against his family he will show them real.. Hell… …

Guys here are the characters whom will be story focused by removing old characters

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  1. Serena

    Great…but what bout swara malik..coz we really loved that character of hers…n somewhere we started to love her arrogant cum caring nature..

  2. Hey why swara don’t meet them yaar I mean Arjun sanskar etc and when she recover from.coma if u can plz update next part soon plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  3. Sumeeta

    A freah move on.welcomed wholeheartedly

  4. Ya if possible get back swara malik again or after some time make shona like that…
    Everyone hates asr and swara….feeling sad but its interesting…
    Like always awesome dr….

  5. Intro is superb…bt missing devil swara malik..waiting fr nxt

  6. awesome.. continue soon.. but i loved old swara malik.. nd hey what about swara malik… please unite swasan soon… and is he also misunderstood swara now all hating swara and arnav i dont want hate them to swara.. please clear all mu’s.. how can sanskar became like this.. why asr took swara from there…

  7. awesome update as usual.. …..but will miss The mastermind swara mailk……

  8. who is taking care of malik industry nw all are hating swara and asr…

  9. Yaa Yarr I love this change now but I want a fresh love story of swasan now no revenge nothing plz

  10. Superb…but I thought it will be good..if swara had memory loss….then it would be good to see arjun and sanskar’s reaction when they meet bubbly shona raichand…

  11. everything is change….confussed with it…..and plz make swasan unite……and everyone is misunderstanding swara……plz clear the confussion……

  12. Awesome new start… Me too want old arrogant mischievous swara malik… Loved her character.. Like her new character also….. Hope she’ll be back soon

  13. Awsum bt swara WS in cona right wat happened den n y asr broke all relations wid all of dem

  14. Nice

  15. New characters r good but dont want sanskar to hate swara at least show that sanky know the past of swara being in coma plz and unite swasan as soon as possible but cant understand y asr told lie to arjun i personally cant believe that arjun a cleverer lawyer believe that his bestie not want to meet him i found thia bit wrong but plz post next cant wait

  16. There will be no adarsh,roshini,Kalahari ??

  17. too good. continue

  18. Abdul hafiz(uma).


  19. Wow….

  20. awesome Aryana will be eagerly waiting for a new stat

  21. Jiya

    I’m excited to see Raichand family specially shona nd ASR bonding. I’d love to??????
    Sad to see Gadoddia family in this state specially Arjun.????
    He’s no more that devil lawyer nd Sammie’s friend . plz make Gadodias meet with new shona to know about truth???

  22. we want the devil swara malik back….we dont want bubbly shona raichand plzzzzz

  23. firstly I wanna say that u r a mindblowing writter.everyday I desparately wait for ur ff… much I like swara malik charecter I cant describe.plz don’t change swara. u r really a day maker.

  24. Niku

    Drastic chnge in all of them….lets see wht happen next

  25. Season 1 swara was awesome but this time i would really like to see sanskar as the caring mastermind beast like swara in season 1 please…..

    A deep hearted req from a silent reader of only your ffs 🙂 plzzzzzz

  26. Heyya….Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy as now only I read….
    But this chappy…..toooooooooooooo goooood :);) Waiting for next eagerly and excitedly…..

  27. Plz update … I m waiting form yesterday

  28. I have already read this bit now commenting yaar it is awesome but i was used to see swara malik and i can’t believe that how come arjun believe asr but waiting to see bubbly swara maybe she lost her memory and plzzzzzzz it’s a humble request don’t let Sanskar also missunderstude Swara……. want a fresh and cute swasan love story

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