It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction (Episode 1)


In the forest at night a hooded mysterious person approaches a beautiful girl who is talking on the phone. the person takes a metal rod a hits her in the head which makes her unconscious. ( the girl is Ragini)

Gadoidia mansion:
swara was the person on the phone talking to
Ragini. She gets worried and without delay she runs out of the house but when stepped out the same hooded person put it’s hand on her mouth and made her unconscious with chloroform. Then drags her towards a van.

Minutes later her father shekar trys to call Ragini but her phone is off.

Shekar: Shona tujhe pata hai ki Ragini kaha hai.
He finds it weird that she doesn’t reply then after he searches everywhere and doesn’t find her he informs everyone then calls the police.

Maheshwari mansion:
Durga prasad gets a phone call call gets a call from the police station

Police officer: Durga prasad ji we have just had a call from the business man Shekar Gadoidia who said that his two daughters have been
kidnapped like your two sons lakshya and
sanskar have been kidnapped. Agar hume kuch bhi pata chale toh I will inform you.

Unknown place:
Hooded person: I have kidnapped all the four pests and took them to the place


Credit to: Alia

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    mystery mystery full. of mystery…… keep it up awsome episode

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    Seems awesome and interesting. Please make the pairs as SwaSan… Anyways continue soon..

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  15. Cutiie

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  16. Cutiie

    Swasan as pair plz

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  25. Thanks everyone one I really appreciate it I will write everyday

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    Wow continue loved this part

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