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Hey, Everyone i m here new in writring field but as a silent reader of each and every story here . And now i m addicated to all ours stories .While reading stories some throught
rose in my mind so i m here to express it . Well i m not sure its good or not and it is decided by your comments at show me that must proceed or not . And at last but not the least
one i m just mad about radhika and arjun .so coming on story here we go …………

People are going in and out from the station busy in there stuff some are going to their destination and some are reached their destination and in between all of them someone in
all tensed because his daughter or say most lovable person is going out without anyone around her . He is Mr.Deepik mishre. Deepik -“Radhika are u sure ….that you want to go please
beta if u have any single thing in ur mind just tell me and cancel this trip dear”.one girl move towards him her light brown eyes beautiful smile on her face she is none other then our
Radhika -“Papa …chill i m ok with this trip infact excited for this finally i m going in di’s wedding and papa how can i refuse to my jiju’s request”. Deepik -“Well i m not afrid for u
but for the person who is going to travel with u all alone” he said in teasing way to her daughter lighter his own mood beacuse its going to be tought time of him to let go his daughter.
Both are busy in arranging radhika stuff and group of boys come their with their stuff one of them say to deepik “sir please excuse us and give our way to the brith” all the line are with
respectfull way that deepik get impress with those boys and he is about to say something but they hear the sound of train buzz which signal that train is about to leave. so RAdhika -“Papa
u should go else train start to move so please papa and trust me i can manage any thing infact i will to manage these things” after that deepik come down from train say to radhika to take care
and inform him each and every thing time to time . train start to move radhika just smile back to her father who show that what place she hold in his life …but she can’t do any thing beacuse
love to live her life and this is the jounary from jabalpur tp delhi she is free to do anything without any comment without any agrument and withput any explaination .she stand at door for some
time and come back to her brith.As she enter the compantment she is stined there to see whats actually happening their .all boys are busy in dancing and singing(with the most horrible sound)
and drinking wine doing nonsence acts.As they see her near the door they stop as someone frozed them .She just enter and while see all start laughting like hell she is laughting so loud all of them
are also laughting with her . after sometime they all make her laught more by saying about them selfs . while laughting she stand up and hit something around her just then she realised she is only
laughting and everyone are silent all of sudden and as turn around she see a small black eyes having instance stare on her she just compose her self and stand stright to see what’s going to be happend
next .from group of boys one says “Ar….Arjun listen to us please for once.we will not do anything which we regret …belive us plz”
that’s of today hope you like it and also comment on this u like or not just inform me …..

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  1. Jewel

    Nice one anki. Please post the next chapter soon

  2. Brin

    Good start, continue with the story, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  3. Jessie

    Good start Anki.. waiting 4 nxt one..

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    good start anki

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    Good start dear….


  8. Gauri

    Awesome loved it 🙂

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    great start anki…amazing concept…. update soon 🙂

  10. Rossy

    Very good anki…waiting for the next…update soon

  11. Sweetie

    Good start dear..Please continue.. 🙂

  12. Anki

    Thank you …… much all of you

  13. Anki

    Thank you ……….:0

  14. Awesome episode. ..lovely start…will wait for the next episode. .. 🙂

  15. _Ritu

    Its nice dear …waiting for nxt 🙂

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