Its Destiny Dear : Devakshi FS Shot 4 by Pavithra

Hey guys, this is Pavithra here. I am back with my FS’s fourth shot. A big thanks to those who commented on the previous shot. Thanks to silent readers too. Last but not the least I have to thank all my dear devakshi fans for their support… Thanks a lot everyone.. Hope you guys like this one….

Recap:- Sonakshi and dev stares at each other. Suha sees Dev at a distance and stops when she sees Megha and Priyanka with him happily…

Suhana stopped seeing Dev playing with Priyanka and Megha happily….

Suhana: Papa? You are not my papa. You have another daughter. And you are happy? You have another wife too. Ma will be heart broken after knowing this.

She walks away sadly…


Priyanka: Dev, so you saw Sonakshi here? I had like to see her..

Dev: you should surely see her.

Priyanka goes to find Sonakshi..


Suhana sits in a bench, tears rolling down her cheeks and her cloths full of colours.

Suhana: Papa must have forgotten me and ma. How could he?

She was still crying…

Dev sees a girl sitting in a bench and crying (that’s Suha). He goes to her with a glass of water.

Dev reaches the bench and sits near her and gives her the glass of water. Suha didn’t look at his face.

Dev: Good girls doesn’t cry. Then why are you crying?

Suha looks at the person and finds that its her father, Dev…

Suha(in mind): oh! Papa! Seems like he didn’t understand that its me as my face has changed. Thank god…

Dev: What are you thinking child??

Suha stops crying and says…

Suha: Nothing. I know you…. Uh!!! You are Dev Dixit,right?

Dev: Yes.. How do you know?

Suha: Simple… You are queit famous…

Dev smiles feeling proud!

Suha: So Mr. Dixit, why are you here?

Dev remembers Suha calling him Mr. Dixit earlier…

Dev: I came to celebrate Holi!!

Suha: Mr. Dixit.. That I know!! Didn’t you find any other Holi celebration to come?

Dev: hello, hello?? You are like questioning me! Okay! I will tell you the answer if you tell me why you were crying!

Suha (in mind): No I won’t say the real reason…

Suha: Sorry its very personal!!!

Dev: hmhm…

Suha: Give me your answer now..

Dev: OK! Its simple.. My hotel is near here. So I searched and found the nearest holi ceremony…

Suha: When you came here,didn’t you notice the house name??

Dev: No, why??

Suha: if you have noticed it ….. Nothing..(hating herself for asking that question!)

Dev: uh!!! Any problem??

Suha: no! You came with whom?

Dev: my wife and my daughter…

Suha: Oh! You have another daughter??

Dev: yes.. But how do you…

She cuts him off..

Suha: She lived here na?

Dev: oh yes..

Suha: Your wife is your second wife, right?

Dev: Yes…

Suha: hmm… Do you remember your first wife??

Dev: What a question? How can I forget her?? She is my life, my love, my heart beat…. Everything!!

Suha was shocked more than that, she was very happy!!

Suha: So why did you divorce her?

Dev: Its destiny dear… It was all destiny’s play..

Suha: hmmm… I hope you saw her here??

Dev: yes… But how do you know?

Suha: I saw, Mr. Dixit….

Dev: you are really funny…

Suha: I have to be like you..

Dev: kya?

Suha: Nothing…

Dev: hmmm…. Our life went through many difficulties and we later got married and then divorced and later again got one. But had to separate and marry my present wife. And I don’t love her but she is a good friend of mine.. Wait…. Why am I saying these to you??

Suha: You are asking me Mr. Dixit??

Dev: ha ha! What’s this place name? I mean this mansion’s name? Oh! This house is a wonder!!

Suha: Yes.. It is a wonder..

Dev: What’s its name?

Suha: Boss Mansion..

Dev: Boss? Sonakshi’s home??

He remembers him calling her Miss Boss…

Suha: yes..

Dev: So sonakshi lives here??

Suha: yes…

Dev: Hmmm… What’s your name??

Suha: oh! Sorry! I have to go (looking at her watch)

She stands up and turns to walk when Dev says..

Dev: Tell your name and go..

Suha walks a few steps and stops, turning facing Dev.

Suha: You really want to know my name??

Dev: yes…

Suha turns with her back to Dev…

Suha: Suhana Boss or maybe Suhana Dixit…

With that she walks away..

Dev was in a standstill. He stood up ..

Dev: Suhana Dixit? Suha? Meri Suha? My daughter Suha?

He was really happy…

PRECAP:- Priyanka talks with Sonakshi. Dev and Sonakshi talk and reunites….

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes. Ignore the short form if any. Ignore the Hindi statements if they wrong as I don’t know Hindi much, that’s why….

Sorry for no pictures.. Actually I don’t have time to add pics.. If there are any mistakes especially typing errors.. I didn’t have time to read.. Sorry..

I will try to update as soon as possible. Do let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading..

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      Thanks bhai, Thanks a lot… Next shot is not the last shot… This has 7 shots…

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