its all abt me – prologue


Its all abt me…


A girl abt 15 was standing in front of the mirror…
Girl- wat the hell they think of themselves… i will do watever they will say…. no never i m nt a puppet of them…i m twinkle sarna….
( Tw sarna a girl who is highly short tempered nd pretends tat nothing effectd her in this world…. in her anger she can do anything…means anything…?)

A boy abt 17 was sitting on a chair nd was talking to a friend….

Boy- yaar this is nt donee..u shud be calm… nd then u can achieve watever u want to…
Friend- thanks yaar kunj u always helps me out… if u wud have nt been here then i think i wud never be able to doo it….
Kunj- no need yr…
( kunj taneja.. a kind hearted, calm..nd a person who never looses his temper often if looses then the results r highly dangerous….)

After 5 yrs,,,
Both were grown up nd was living life as a couple…nd wss very happy…
Tw nd kunj share a gr8 bond…
Now tw is nt tat much short tempered….
They were abt to get married…. bt again sme problems took place nd tw’s behaviour nd alll…. nd she changed her decision…. ?

Hw was this guys??? Did u like this?? Shud i continue or nt???
If yes then i will continue it in June….

Thanks for reading….?

Credit to: pehchan kaun???

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  1. hiiii……. please d cont… , it’s of twinj or twiraj.. ithnkof twinj….. it’s nice…..

  2. Continue it early its just awesome dear

  3. Awesome continue

  4. Intro Is so goooddddd u must continue with it ..u know while I was reading I came across Twinkle Sarna ; I was like might be u by mistake wrote the wrong surname but after that when I read Kunj Taneja I was like no yrr it was not a mistake it was deliberately done ….Wowww ur surname exchanged nice idea.
    A big apology from me coz I could not recognize u .

  5. it seems interesting
    do continue soon

  6. Nice into pls continue

  7. U must continue soon

  8. Please continue soon.

  9. hmm interesting..continue…bt mein tumhe pehchan nehi payi..m sorry.. 😛

  10. Interesting ….pls continue….

  11. I m so sorry yaar I m not able to recognize u.
    But its good. I think u must continue….

  12. Interesting plot.. plz continue!

  13. nice…please continue…

  14. Meri ridhi maa I caught uhh

  15. Interesting n m dry I didn’t recognize u

  16. Hmmm interesting start .. But u are??? O.o …

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