It’s All About you! (Ragsan)

It’s All About You

“What are all these things happening in my life right now. Even I can’t figure out what’s going on and what’s not. Why is that all these things are happening with me. Why doesn’t he leave me alone.. oh god I can hear those foots steps. Is that him once again.. please god. Do something. I can’t tolerate his tortures any more.. please do something…”

A beautiful girl is shown continuously blabbering to herself and praying to God. Her eyes are filled with fear & tears while they were staring at her main door of her well arranged apartment. The whole place was neat, calm and silent except her heart and mind which are shivering like wings of a bee. She could hear trembling footsteps of someone was coming towards the door, and with each step she heard, she was getting deep and sharp breaths to calm her soul but it looked like all her efforts are going in vain. And suddenly all sounds of footsteps were gone and while exhaling a huge sigh she mentally thanked God for helping her.

Bang.. Huge thud banged her door making her jerk and gasp in fear at the same time.

“Ragini… open the door.. please I want to talk with you…”
A manly voice begged her behind the door. The voice was trembling like its owner’s footsteps and any one could easily guess that the person behind the was drunken by the way he spoke. The voice was filled with sorrow, pain, loneliness, more over guilt. Ragini, the girl in the apartment could sense all of them but her heart was not allowing her to feel any thing, she was numb.

“please.. Ragini… we need to talk…”

Another bang broke her trance and bought her into her real senses. Tears were making their way through her chubby cheeks and her lips were shivering.

“Didn’t you say all what you want to say earlier. Whatever it is I don’t want to listen any thing you say.. I don’t want to see your face. just go away and leave me alone… please leave me alone…”

She managed to shout while hiccups and in her uneven breaths. She was pleading him and hoped whole heartedly he will go away. And there was one last thud on the door, making her jerk again and suddenly all the sounds were vanished. She listened carefully to assure that she really doesn’t hear any sound and gulped a big amount of saliva before she started to walk near the door and leaned to the door to listen if there’s really not any sound of him, there was nor any sound neither anything she could sense that there was any kind of person.

‘did I hallucinate him.. again…’

She wasn’t sure of herself because it’s not the first time that it happened. She peaked through her door and saw the corridor was empty with its flower pots to her relief. But there was muddy footsteps of someone which assured her that she was not hallucinating. She came inside the apartment and while staring at the door again tried to wipe tears which were continuously flowing till now, and even though she tried there was no stopping of it.

Oh God he was actually here.. it looked like he slipped there and now he is gone. Arggg….. to what he is up to now. Don’t know if he is okay or not. Urghhh… Ragu.. why didn’t you open the door at the first place….!’

She mumbled to herself.

She was broken, shattered and there was not any cure for her pain. The person who she trusted the most had broken her trust, the person whom should trust her the most, didn’t trust her for once. Her heart was broken into pieces like a broken mirror. It was broken in such a way that no one could ever think of bring it back. But Ragini being a person who never gives up managed to collect the pieces of her heart and bring it to alive again. But while doing that she swear to herself that she will never ever let anyone to break it again. She kept her heart away from every thing and every one who could hurt it. She kept her heart in such a place that no one reach, where it’s safe and remains untouched. At least that’s the way she was thinking.

But now he has returned once again and she could not understand what’s going on between her heart and mind. Emotions and flashbacks of her past were over flowing all above her and suddenly she couldn’t tolerate them any more.

“Why you did this to me…? why..,? why..?”
She screamed towards the door as loudly as she can while clutching her fists in pain, and turned to run towards her bed, only to hit a hard broad chest.

It was him.. The one who caused her pain. The one who is there to soothe her pain. Her husband, Sanskar….


Hello everyone, it’s my first attempt here. After a long break I came to telly updates back and I read almost every ff here and I solemnly admit I was a silent reader but I really couldn’t help it. After so many efforts got the courage to write down something and here is the result. So I humbly request you all, please do vote and comment how you feel about it. It’s really very important to me because it is my first time here and all your comments are really mean a lot to me. It will encourage and give me the strength I want to post the next part. Next part will depend on your response guys, because I really don’t know how this chapter turned out. This idea just popped up in my mind and to be honest even I don’t know how will the story turn out. So please leave a comment and tell me whether you like it or not, if you liked which part the most, whether to continue this or not.  so I can improve myself and try my best not to disappoint you guys next time…. please kindly forgive me mistakes and errors over there .. sorry if I bored you all.. stay blessed guys..

P.S- I have published this story in wattpad too and wattpad is completely new place to me. So I sincerely hope that if you guys like this, you will support me in there too. My Wattpad ID is Seyaa_LL. Thank you all.

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