It’s All About you! (Ragsan) ( part 2 )

Part 2

Ragini gasped in shock and her eyes popped out seeing the figure in front of her. And before she scream Sanskar managed to close her mouth with his palm while trying to balance himself.

“Do you plan to announce the whole society that I came here. I thought you hated to admit that..”

He whisper yelled the first line and there was utmost love and content in the second line. He was drunk, trembling and seemed like couldn’t even gather himself, but still he could hold his life mate without any problem. He was still covering her mouth with his palm and suddenly the time stops there, where he could only see her exquisite face, now which looked like a face came out of a horror movie. Never the less to Ragini, time stops to her where she could only see her drunken husband’s face which was filled with love, guilt and sorrow and adding some more horror to her situation, a little victorious smile.

‘ how can he managed to have all these emotions in one face?’ She wondered herself without realising the fact she is in his hold.

Sanskar was mesmerised by seen her because it had been months since their last face to face meeting. Or we say after their break up. It’s not like that he didn’t look at her in distance each and every day passed or came to her doorstep after drunk at least twice a week. But after a long time looking at her this closely and holding her like this was all above of his expectations. Alone tear escaped his eyelid and his other hand which was on her waist, raised without his acknowledgement and caressed her chubby cheeks wiping her tears.

“How you managed to look this much beautiful even with tears..”

He said in a flow and that’s when he brought her into her senses. Ragini jerked and pulled his hand out of her mouth and dragged herself out of him. With her sudden move he lost his balance and fortunately managed to fell on the couch which was little behind them.

Ragini opened her mouth in O shape, in fear because she couldn’t see anyone in trouble and pain, if that too caused by herself, definitely not. But the main reason was his anger. If there was something she knew well aware of him, was his anger specially when he is drunk. That’s the thing she terrifies the most in the world, his anger when he is drunk. She knew how to deal with him, when he in conscious, but definitely not when is in anger plus with alcohol. She very well knew that he had no control over these emotions and yet she pushed him. Well that will be his point of view even she didn’t mean to. That’s what was rounding around her mind and all she didn’t know was he is not the same person anymore. At least the person who she thought he was.

“ I am so sorry…. I.. I.. didn’t mean to…” she muttered to him while bending towards him, trying to help him sit properly scarcely. Even though she tried to help him, at inside she was expecting him to burst out and pour his frustration on her, which to her utter surprise didn’t happen. He let her help him, sit properly as possibly as he can in his drunken state and gave her a weak smile.

“ Don’t tell me that you are still scared of me..”
Sanskar said in a weak tone, which Ragini could not figure it out whether it was filled with sorrow or guilt or both.
“But it hurt though you know….?” he rolled his eyes toward her while rubbing his back, to which she mumbled a sorry again.
“ No need, I know you didn’t mean to…” he said while yawning. He looked so tired and sleepy but he didn’t want to miss any chance to talk with her. Even the talk mean a one word from her, sorry.

While Ragini tried to figure it out what’s wrong with him, she slowly asked,

“ how did you managed to come inside the apartment, you was outside the door, didn’t you?”

Huge grin lighted Sanskar’s face and giving her a victorious smile he took the cushion beside him and hugged it.

“There are very useful items called, ladders you know…? You should try it, if you want to come to Our Room again, at the mid night, without letting anyone know..” he said like a kid with a puppy face still hugging the cushion. And again Ragini’s face filled with horror.

“Don’t tell me you climbed up a stupid ladder to reach my balcony that too after drunk, how many bottles.. two or three..?” she nearly shouted at him to which he jerked, then frowned at her.

“No, I just climbed up the ladder first and then drunk in your balcony and came here to present myself…” he said chuckling at his own joke. “and don’t call that thing stupid, I am grateful to it…” he frowned at her, and averted his gaze to floor and muttered
“ it’s two and half bottles as I remember…. sorry..”


Ragini felt a dizzy, hearing his words and pinch herself to assure that she is not daydreaming in this mid night. She could not believe that he was all calm in him semi conscious state and answering all her questions like a baby boy who answers his nursery teacher. She looked at him with a shocking face and saw him yawning again with all sleepy eyes but still gazing at her. Immediately she understood that there will be a huge problem if he fallen asleep here. She gathered herself and moved to him.

“Sanskar you need to leave. Every one must have been waiting. I’ll call Laksh..”
Sanskar glared at her to which she froze. He stood up while waving and held her by her waist. Ragini stayed still in his hold, dared not to even think of making him angry. Her inner voice warned her,

‘ it will be better if you do as he say, don’t even think to mess this his calmness…’

“Eight months Ragini , it have been eight months, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t close my eyes, I am so tired, so tired more than I can explain, all I need is sleep in peace.”

He said emotionally, bending to her face making their foreheads touch. She could smell the aroma of alcohol coming from him, which she tolerated hard. But she didn’t move and stayed there as he wants, this time not because of fear of making him angry, but because she could feel his pain and his eyes told her that he is telling the truth. This attire of him, made her heart pinch which she thought she kept away from every thing that could cause it pain, and the worst part was she didn’t know the reason behind that pinch.


“So you mean to say you are going to sleep here…?” she pointed to couch with a cute pout and the words slipped through her lips, and she regretted about it at the very next moment. Sanskar moved his gaze to the couch and again looked at her disturbingly and said,

“ It won’t be comfortable, won’t it?.. if you are saying so…”

“Guest room, I mean the guest room, you can sleep there…” Ragini immediately corrected her words, pointing at the door of her guest room. Sanskar averted his gaze to where Ragini pointed and then look around the whole apartment. He saw another room door and asked Ragini,
“Is that your room?”
Ragini nodded as yes, thinking what he is up to. He let her go off of his hold and dragged himself towards her room. And Ragini couldn’t help but yell at him.

“Hey that’s my room…”
“So…” Sanskar gave her a confused look.
“You need to go to the guest room…” she said pointing at it.
Sanskar gave her a sheepish smile and said,
“ you think I came here, climbing that thing, after that much struggles to sleep at your guest room… no way..” he yawned again.

It took several seconds for Ragini to understand what he meant and her face turned red after realising it. Since there was no any movement of her, Sanskar again came near her, and dragged her to her own room along with himself. Ragini inhaled a deep breath and mentally prepared for anything that might come, and promised herself to make sure he won’t get angry until he come to his right conscious. They entered into her room and he said cutely,

“ didn’t I make my room as our room… same applies here..”

He didn’t give her chance to reply, and made her sit on the bed, near the headboard. Without giving her a chance to think, he lied on the bed keeping his head on her lap. She was shocked to react, after taking a huge breath she calmed herself down. She looked at his face which looked at her already. He was all silent and a peaceful smile glittered his tired face.

“ why you drank, if you can’t handle yourself after it?” Ragini couldn’t help but asking like a typical wife.
“I had to… Ragini.. I had to…”
“ what do you mean..?” she could not understand what he said.
“I wanted to meet you.. and be with you like this…” he raised his hand to caress her face while having a weak smile.

“To that, why you had to drink alcohol..?” she asked confusedly.
He gave her a ignoring look and said
“ well, you won’t let me sleep on your lap if I am in my conscious, will you..?
Ragini opened her mouth in O and nodded her head disbelievingly. Sanskar didn’t pay any heed to it and turned his face towards her stomach and hugged her from her waist. She gulped a big lump of saliva and started to tell something when he mumbled.

“ please I don’t want to listen to a lecture. I want to sleep and please don’t leave me…” He said closing his eyes. Ragini couldn’t help but smile lightly at his cute behaviour. And then with a sudden jerk he looked at her.

“ Don’t remove my shoes… they might stink..” he said sleepily and again closed eyes. She tight pressed her lips to control her laugh trying hard not to wake him up.


Sanskar Maheshwari, the owner of SM industries and many other companies, business tycoon, one of the youngest billionaires in the country and so on, had drunk, was out of conscious, climbed up a ladder to reach his wife’s balcony at midnight, only to find his solace in her embrace.


Time passed by and Ragini didn’t remember when she started to caress his hairs, while drowning in her sea of thoughts about all the incidents that have happened today. On the other hand Sanskar was sleeping peacefully and was having the best sleep he ever had. Ragini exhaled a sigh and understanding that he is in deep sleep, slowly kept his head on a pillow and made him sleep properly there. She removed his shoes and mentally slapped herself for not listening to his warning.

God, they really stink….’

She covered him with comforter and moved from the room. She entered the living room and the wall clock displayed the time 1.35 in the night. She glanced at the clock and taking her phone, dialled a number. The receiver answered it in first ring.

“ Laksh, he is here..”

Hello everyone! I was above the stars seeing the response and I am really grateful to it so here I gave a long update. Hope you will like this part too and show your support in this chapter too. Guys your votes and comments really means a lot. They are the encouragement for this chapter. Like I said in previous chapter this idea just popped up in my mind and I literally don’t know how will the story turn out and what will their past incidents. But I am trying my best to not to disappoint you guys. I hope I didn’t bore you. Please vote, comment and tell your honest review so I can improve myself, and since I am a reader before writer, I have no problems about reading long comments…. Thank you all who voted and commented in last part. Stay blessed guys!

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