It’s All About The Bells-OS

Hello hello hello!! Me me me!! Me here!! Os time!! It’s been a long time since I’ve written one.. so here it is… I know the title is funny.. I myself am laughing at it… the plot too is somewhat kwerky.. which I myself am confused at and I don’t know of what it is.. something just popped into my brain… lol .. but it is a concept that united ardhika..

So.. I have no issues of receiving rotten egg and tomatoes.. I end up writing bad..

So… as usual… please please please.. bear with my typos and grammatical errors…

Happy reading ??

Paris. The city of love. But there are these two people who hate love. Like seriously. Literally running away from the mention of “Love”. Radhika Mishra and Arjun Mehra, the two hard nuts to crack work for the same company, but under different branches.

Arjun was busy preparing for his conference that was to be held in Mumbai. The conference was on trending apps and the ones coming in line. Arjun had created his own app. The app on the safety for women in India. The app was basically on how women can be rescued in minutes. The app was programmed in a way that it can be operated without internet. Just needed the location to be in to trace the location. Ten close contacts of the app bearer had to given. Once the victim is in trouble, the app needs to be opened as soon as possible and a siren plays. Then the contact number whichever is close to the location of the victim is either given an emergency call or a voice message. They can be traced too. And then a message to the nearby police station so that the police can be alerted and action can be taken immediately.

Arjun was highly appreciated by his boss for his idea. All they had to do is to demonstrate it to the clients in India and get an approval.

Meanwhile, Radhika who was also called had rejected the offer of attend the conference. She didn’t want to attend at all. She was one lazy bug. But, had her work completed in time.


Radhika’s mobile flashed “hello” her voice sounded as happy as a baby. She knew who it was.

“You stupid!! How can you let go of such an opportunity to come to India?” scolded Sam as she was too frustrated with her cousin.

Radhika rolled her eyes. Her mom must have told her. She wondered if she was her mom or Sam’s. Like maasi like beti. But she was happy that she always had Piyali and Samrat by her side always the same way. Dilip, her father never spoke much, but the love he showered on both his daughters and his family was more than enough.

Dilip and Samrat were best friends since college. Piyali was elder to Mala by three years. She was in the same class as Samrat and Dilip. Samrat and Piyali fell in love during second year of college. It was only Mala who knew of her sister’s love interest. Dilip used to tag along with Samrat to meet Piyali after college. The same way, Mala would tag along with Piyali. Dilip was head over heels for Mala the first time they met. But held back as she was young. Mala got into the same college as Piyali. But the thing that disappointed Dilip was she had just entered college and they were in their final year. He was not sure if she loved him too. He was a quiet and a shy person. Samrat and Piyali who knew of his love for Mala urged him to go ahead. Piyali was 200% sure Mala would agree as she had a little bit of feeling for Dilip. And to Dilip’s surprise, Mala agreed within the blink of an eye. The four spent quality time together and there came the worst part, making parents agree. Long struggle. Parents agreed. Sam and Radhika were born with a month’s difference, which made Sam elder.

Dilip and Mala shifted to Paris after Radhika’s birth due to job transfer. But the bond between the cousin-best friends never broke. The elders wanted their kids to fall in love, the same way as they did. They were happy for Sam and Neil. Neil was a great choice. But was disappointed that Radhika ran away from the term “Love”. But they had hopes she would change.

“Hello, where are you lost?” asked an annoyed Sam who pulled Radhika out of her thoughts.

“Huh yeah. Listen. Sam….” Radhika started, but was cut off by Sam.

“Nothing listening. You’re coming to India. I don’t care if you have rejected the conference invite. Book your ticket from your pocket and move your ass from that Paris. Or else if you’re so lazy, I’ll book your ticket. To and fro” Sam rapped in one go.

“Wow Sammy. Slow it there. You and your rapping skills from childhood. I think you’ll beat Badshah. No. You’ll beat Eminem too” Radhika chimed “I wonder if you breathe. Do you have gills?!” Radhika gasped.

“Shut up you stupid. I wonder how you got a job in a software company. You should be in a call center. Receiving calls 24/7 and blabbering non stop” sighed Sam as she nodded her head at her cousin’s impossible nature.

“I wish I did” Radhika sighed “but who will I torture with my talks if I’m on call. They will torture me” Radhika said with her voice filled with mischief.

“Not torture. Kill. You’re impossible. Will never change” sighed Sam.

“Why should I? I love myself” Radhika fluttered her eyes.

“Self flatterer” Sam muttered.

“I love you Sammy” Radhika screamed I like how a guy confesses in movies.

“Shut up you kid” scowled Sam.

“Why are you so angry?” Radhika pouted.

“Because you’re not coming to India” Sam clipped.

“Ok. Fine. I’m booking my tickets. Now smile” Radhika frowned.

“Are you serious?!” Sam squealed like a little kid.

“Yes. I am. Tell that boyfriend of yours to be ready to face me” Radhika smirked.

“Neil?” Sam gulped.

“Yes him” smiled Radhika.

“God. He is my fiancé” Sam was tensed.

“Sam. Lol. I was just kidding. Now relax” Radhika smiled and Sam let out a sigh of relief “Ok. I’m coming day after. Tickets sealed. Now I need to pack. Bye” Radhika said.

“Day after?! Omg!! Thank you so much!! Bye. I’m waiting” Sam squealed as she hung up on the phone.

“Insane cousin” Radhika whispered as she smiled and got to packing.

Arjun too was ready to leave. He checked everything. He was happy things were going the way he wanted. Little did he know of what life had for him. And Radhika too. Mala was so happy that she was leaving to India. Both of them took a cab from their respective places and reached the airport. They took a deep breath and went in. India was a both of them didn’t prefer visiting. Arjun hated it because of his family forcing him for marriage and Radhika hated India from childhood. The was the people were. Ok. You can say every single thing made her hate India. They got their check in done and entered the plane after a while. Arjun was seated behind Radhika, so he didn’t see her. Both of them didn’t see each other throughout the plane ride. Radhika kept pushing her seat back and poor Arjun had to keep his legs in a single position as he had no place to move his long legs. He kept cursing the one in front. He knew it was a girl as Radhika kept humming quiet loud. Arjun kept quiet and sat as he was, as it’d be useless asking her.

Plane landed and both of them took a cab and left to their destinations. Radhika to Sam’s place and Arjun to a star hotel where he had been given accommodation.

Sam was so happy to see Radhika “Chashni!!” she squealed as she hugged her tight and Radhika too hugged her back.

“Welcome back baccha” Samrat smiled.

“Look who’s here” chimed Piyali as she came out of the kitchen and stood next to Samrat.

“It is me” giggled Radhika as she jumped in both of them, giving them a big hug.

Samrat and Piyali smiled as they hugged her. It had been eight years. Sam was so irritated that she too squeezed in.

“Give me some love too. You forgot me. I have more right as I’m elder” Sam pouted.

“No. The younger ones are showered with more love” Radhika poked her tongue out as she pulled Sam’s nose.

“We love you both. No partiality. We love our daughters equally. No more. No less” Samrat smiled.

“True that” Piyali smiled.

“But it’s good to have you back” Sam smiled.

“Yeah. It feels good to be here” Radhika smiled “now I’m hungry” Radhika rubbed her tummy as she broke the hug, making a big pout.

“Lunch is ready. Come” Piyali smiled.

“No. Let her freshen up” Sam crossed her arms.

“Are you serious?” screamed Radhika.

“Yes. Go now” Sam pointed to a room.
“That’s your room till you’re here” Sam said.

“I don’t get to share a bed with you?” Radhika fake cried.

“I’m not sharing my bed. Especially with you. You’ll keep talking and never let me sleep. And you throwing your hands and legs here and there” Sam sighed as she shook her head and pulled Radhika’s luggage with her.

“Impossible big sister” Radhika facepalmed herself and followed Sam.

Samrat and Piyali burst out laughing. Radhika came after a quick shower and hogged like she hadn’t eaten for days. Piyali was a good cook besides being a shrewd businesswoman.

“Chashni slow down” Sam laughed.

“It’s so good to have badi maa’s food. Yum” Radhika sighed smiling.

“Thank you” Piyali smiled.

“True that. Mom is the best cook. I like maasi’s cooking too” Sam smiled.

Arjun relaxed after a good lunch. But he missed his family. His brother Saral. But he didn’t want anyone to know he was in Mumbai, else his mother Nandini would join hands with her friends to find a bride for him.

Sam pulled Radhika with her to the streets of Mumbai for shopping. It was fun being with her. Sam was a happy going girl. She was a reserved and conservative girl. Thanks to Neil, he discovered the unseen Sam. Radhika was happy with Neil for this one factor. But that didn’t mean he passed his test. Radhika and Sam sat in a café all tired after a lot of street shopping and lashing out at guys who approached them with full attitude.

“Sam remember that guy who was all weak and puny with a mohawk hairstyle?” Radhika burst out laughing.

“Yeah. Golden streaks” Sam added and laughed.

“The way he came. The way he walked. Like he had a rash under his pants. That gruff voice of his “hello ladies. Let me help you with your bags. Phone numbers please”. Aarrgghh” Radhika rolled her eyes and Sam laughed remembering the incident.

“We should have got him Itch Guard Radhika” Sam laughed.

“Is it still available?” Radhika asked with wide eyes “If so, I’ll buy one and give it to him” she laughed.

“I think he has money for that” Sam laughed again.

“If he does, why hasn’t he bought it till now?” Radhika sighed.

“You’re taking it serious. Oh, I get it. You like him” Sam smirked as she cocked her eyebrow.

“Yuck no. That Roadside Romeo is not fit for even a rag picker. He and his face and his dressing sense. Yuck!! Who wears white shirt with different shades of lipstick marks and a mustard color pant? And yes, with that same mustard yellow goggles” Radhika threw her hands up in the air.
“Lol Chashni. Chill” Sam rolled on the floor. People in the café stared at the sisters.

“The worst of pick up lines. It was not a pick up line at all” Radhika facepalmed herself “I can’t believe guys like him exist. A shame to all the handsome men and the ones with good pick up lines” Radhika sighed.

“Omg!! Rag picker!!” Sam remembered Radhika’s line and went in for another round of laughter with Radhika joining her.

“Does he think himself to be Ranvir Singh?” Radhika scowled.

“But he is handsome” Sam smiled.

“Who?” asked Radhika. She for a second thought it was the mohawk guy.

“Ranvir Singh” Sam answered.

“Oh. K” Radhika heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hello ladies” came a lively voice.

“Neil!!” Sam squealed as he pulled him into a hug.

“Hello baby” Neil smiled as he pecked her forehead.

“I exist. So, romance elsewhere” Radhika rolled her eyes.

“Is she your crazy talkative cousin?” asked Neil to Sam who was still in his arms.

“What?! Crazy?! Talkative?!” Radhika gasped as she looked at Sam, who hid her face in Neil’s chest.

“You are crazy. Donno about talkative” Neil smiled.

“What?” Radhika’s mouth dropped to the floor.

“I saw the way you dealt with the ridiculous guy” Neil laughed.

“Oh God!! You too” Radhika sighed.

“The way you told him to burn all his clothes and change the way he walks. You even had the guts to ask if he had a problem in his inner thighs. His face, omg!! Was a treat to see” Neil laughed again as he sat down.

“You were there?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. Was passing by” Neil replied.

“Passing by? Or following?” Radhika quirked her eyebrow.

“Look my dadi loves ladoos dadu ji ki halwai. I got a box of it. It’s on the next street” Neil sighed.

“You ask a lot. You need to be in the police force” Neil sighed again.

“Now shut up. I have a lot of questions for you” Radhika scowled, then smirked.

“Questions?” Neil asked wide eyed.

“Yes. Sam go sit there. That corner table” Radhika pointed to one at the farthest corner.

Neil and Sam looked at each other. Neil gulped down. He wiped his face with tissue and raked his fingers through his hair. Radhika motioned Sam to move and Sam left her love to her crazy nut headed sister helplessly. She prayed for Neil to not pass out till the end of the session with Radhika.

After Sam left “name. Full name” she clipped.

“Neil Malhotra” he replied.

“Occupation” she clipped.

“Bachelors in mechanical engineering” he replied.

“College” she went on.

“BITS Pilani” he replied all calm.

“Percentage. All the semesters” she crossed her arms to her chest.

Neil’s eyes went wide “92%, 90%, 81.8%, 85%, 96%, 92%, 88% and 90%. So, it’s a 89.3% in total. First class with distinction” he answered as he was going crazy with her questions.

“10 marks with the board you studied in” she put forth.

“What?! CBSE. 85%” he replied.

“12th. And board” she kept going.

“CBSE. 97%. Entrance I’ll tell you before you ask. Qualified JEE mains and advanced. AIEEE qualified. BITSat qualified. I took up BITS” he replied. His face looked like he’d cry any moment. He looked at Sam who sighed. She too was equally tensed.

“Where do you work?” she asked.

“CEO of Elite Software” he replied.

“Elite Software?! CEO?!” Radhika’s eyes widened now.

“Yeah” he smiled a little.

“Omg!” Radhika exclaimed.

“Why? What happened?” he asked.

“I had rejected the conference invite that is being hosted by your company” Radhika replied.

“Oh. You’re the Radhika Mishra?” he smirked.

“Yes. I don’t care if you hate me” she said a calm.

“Now. Tell me. How many girls have you dated before Sam. Do you smoke? Drink?” she was not stopping.

“No one before Sam. She is the first one. No smoking. Not at all. Drinking only at parties and business meetings. I know my limits” he was so nervous.

“Why her?” she asked.

“I love her. With all my heart and life. Trust me” Neil said honestly.

“One question. May I?” asked Neil.

“Go on” she nodded.

“Why do you refuse to believe in love?”

“I just don’t” she snapped.

“You’ll fall in love one day” Neil smirked.

“We’ll see” Radhika scowled.

Radhika kept staring at Neil. Neil looked too very nervous. She then stood up and too did immediately. Sam too got up and walked towards them. But what Radhika did left the both of them shocked. Radhika jumped on Neil, pulling him into a hug. Sam heaved a sigh of relief and Neil smiled as he hugged Radhika and gave Sam a thumbs up.

“Jiju” Radhika squealed as she pulled his cheeks.

“Kiddo” Neil chuckled as he pulled her nose playfully.

“So, all done?” asked Sam.

“Oh, yes” Radhika smiled wide.

“Look what you did to my poor Neil” Sam pouted.

“He’s in one piece. Be happy” Radhika clipped.

Neil and Sam had their jaws to the floor. Neil was taking deep breaths. Radhika was one unique piece. They had coffee and Sam laughed over Radhika’s questions. Neil dropped them home and left. Neil asked Radhika to attend the conference with him as a companion. Radhika eventually agreed after a long time.

Arjun woke up early and got ready. It was the conference day. He went to the nearby temple. Radhika too got up early as it was a Friday and left to the temple. She had to leave with Neil. So, had to be quick. Radhika was playing with bells in the shop outside the temple. Arjun who heard the sweet sound turned around and saw her playing with the bell. She was smiling wide like a kid wearing a read and white cotton salwar suit with a stone bindi and metal bangles in both her hands. Those Kohl filled brown eyes hypnotised him. He felt as if He was been enchanted. He shook his head smiling and entered the temple. Radhika came in after a while. Arjun stood in front of the idol of Lord Krishna and prayed for his success. He opened his eyes to see Radhika who was busy looking around the place with hands folded. She looked at him top to bottom and turned away. Arjun was hurt. First female to ignore him. Radhika’s eyes closed as she prayed. When the bells started to ring for aarti. The bells started were ringing too. Radhika was standing under a huge bell. Arjun looked up and saw the bell’s rope was splitting, he panicked. He saw Radhika who was busy praying.

“Hello. Miss. Please move” Arjun tried calling out. His voice was too low compared to the loud noise.

Arjun had no other choice than to pull her away. The rope would snap at any moment. He moved her away in swift motion and the bell crashes to the floor, scaring the others. Radhika was too shocked to register what had happened. She saw the bell on the floor and hugged Arjun tight. Arjun pulled her closer to him and patted her head. Radhika walked away all mortified breaking the hug. Arjun suddenly felt void. He wanted her in his arms.

“Are you okay?” Arjun asked with concern.

“Thank you” she whispered as she turned around and then walked away.

Neil himself had come to the temple to pick her up as it was getting late. He saw her walking like a zombie and was speechless. He pulled her to him and gave a big hug. They reached his office and Neil left her in his cabin as she was not in a state to come with him to the board room. Arjun had already arrived and was lost in Radhika’s thoughts. He was back to reality when Neil cleared hia throat. People started presenting their ideas and it was Arjun’s turn. He finished his and Neil’s eyes widened at his ideas. He was impressed. There were others who presented after him. There were two companies selected. One was Arjun’s and the other was a rival. Neil shot the two of them with questions and Arjun impress Neil.

Neil signed the deal with Arjun’s company and Arjun had to stay back for two more months for some more improvements, legal permission to get the app on all mobiles. Neil finished the meeting and saw Radhika hogging on cheese sandwiches with fear still written on her face.

He went to her “what happened?” he asked.

She told him about everything that happened and how Arjun had saved her.

“Know him?” he asked.

“No” she nodded.

“Ok. Let’s go home” Neil pulled Radhika with him.

Time passed. Radhika and Arjun didn’t meet each other. Arjun tried his level best not to think of her, but it happened the other way around. Radhika came to Neil’s office and barged into his office.

“Jiju” Radhika squealed as she entered in his cabin without knocking.

The sight in front of her left her shocked. Arjun in Neil’s cabin. Arjun’s face beamed ar the sight of her. He smiled wide. Neil scowled.

“Is this the way to come in. This is office kiddo. Knock” he frowned.

“Are jiju. I thought there are no rules for family” she pouted like a cute little kid.

“Awww.. you so cute” he pulled her cheeks.

“That I am” she smiled all proud.

Arjun felt jealous ar their bond. She called him jiju. Still it pinched him.

“Looks like you’re following me everywhere” Arjun spoke, making the two of them turn to him.

“What?” asked Neil. He was confused.

“He’s the one who saved me from the incident at the temple” she replied.

“Thank you so much Arjun. You don’t know, you’ve saved my kiddo. Crazy, bubbly, talkative kiddo” he smiled.

“I would have done it if it was anyone else” Arjun smiled.

“Thank you” smiled Neil.

“Now stop the thank yous. We’re friends” Arjun smiled.

“Jiju is emotional. Let it be” Radhika smiled.

“Neil. Please. No jiju” Neil whined.

“Ok jiju. Sorry Neil” Radhika smiled.

“Ok. I’m Arjun. Arjun Mehra” Arjun held out his hand.

“Radhika. Radhika Mishra” she said as she shook hands with him.

Radhika left after informing him that Sam was at the nearby café waiting for him. Arjun kept smiling at her disappearing form. Neil left at the mention of Sam.

Arjun and Radhika met each other frequently after that.

The reason. Bells. They met a bell shop. Radhika literally blushed at his presence.

“Hello Radhika” Arjun smiled.

“Hi” she smiled.

“What brings you here?” he asked.

“Nothing. I came here as maa asked me to bring bells for the door in pooja room. And for prayer. You don’t get them I’m Paris right” she smiled weakly.


“You live in Paris?” his face beamed.

“Yes” she sighed.

“Why are you feeling so low?” he asked as he pulled her to him.

“My parents have selected a groom for me” she whispered as she clutched fistfuls of his shirt.

“Did Neil say anything? Sam?” he asked. He was furious. But didn’t want to show it out.

Just then a kid came running ringing a handful of little bells and smiled as she saw the both of them. She gave some to Radhika and Arjun and ran again after smiling her charming one making them smile.

“Tell me what did Neil say?” he asked again.

“Neil is OK with it. He is a good guy. He’s all clean” Radhika replied.

“Do you like him?” hr asked controlling his temper.

“No” she nodded his head.

“Then don’t marry him” Arjun smiled as he cupped her cheek and pecked her forehead and her lips.

Radhika pushed him away and walked off. Arjun just looked her walking away. He didn’t want tk let go of her now. He was sure that he loves her love. He laughed at his fate. He was running away from love. But, love cane running to him and trapped him big time.

He got a call “mom” he sighed.

“Home now” clipped Nandidni.

“How do you know?” he gasped.

“Home now” Nandini raised her voice.

Arjun hung up on the phone and started off to reach home. He reached and was pulled into a big hug by Saral. Nandini scowled at him.
“You’re meeting a girl tomorrow. She is a good girl” Nandidni said.

“Mom I’m not interested” he argued.

“You didn’t you’re in Mumbai. Now bear the punishment. You’re meeting her” she snapped.

“Mom sorry. Okay fine. I meet her. But listen, I’m rejecting her” he said.

“How can you even before meeting?” she scolded.

“I’m not interested. I’m doing it because you’re asking” he said and went inside.

“But…” she said but Saral stopped her.

“Mom he has agreed to meet. It is more than enough. We will think of the others later” Saral smiled.

The next morning was the worst of all for Arjun. He didn’t want to meet the girl at all. He didn’t want to hurt an innocent just because he loved another girl. He made sure to confess his feelings to Radhika after meeting the girl. He took a box and left. He arrived to the girl’s house with Saral and Nandini. They were welcomed with warmth and love.

“Welcome to the Khanna Mansion” Samrat smiled.

Piyali came “please make yourself comfortable” she smiled.

“Mala where is Dilip?” asked Piyali.

“He’s with his daughter” replied Mala from the kitchen.

“Where is she?” smiled Nandini and Arjun rolled his eyes.

“She’s coming. Right here. Tantadaa” announced Sam as she along with Neil bought Radhika. Dilip was behind.

“Radhika” Arjun stood up shocked. She too was equally shocked.

“What did you think? Hahahahahahahaha” Neil laughed.

“Just look at his face” Sam and Mala slapped each other’s hands.

“That’s why you were so calm about it?” Radhika asked.

“Yes” Neil smiled.

“Now look at my daughter’s face” Dilip chuckled.

“Its like both of them are so shaken. Let’s shake them more” Sam said and Saral went to his brother ans shock him up and Neil along with shook Radhika.

“Do you think we didn’t know that you had feelings for her Arjun?” Neil smirked.

“Did I look that desperate?” he asked.

“Yeah. And kiddo. You’re so brave to meet someone you don’t know” Neil chuckled.

Arjun went to her and hugged her tight. He was so happy. What had this day turned out to be? Omg!! It was the best day of his life. Radhika took hugged him back after a few seconds od realisation.

He pulled away from her and went on his knees “will you marry me? He asked as he pulled out a box from his pocket that he a chain with a small bell shaped pendant.

“Yes” she answered as she hugged him tight.

He made her wear the chain and she laughed as she saw the pendant.

“What?” he asked.

“The pendant” she laughed.

“Yes. The pendant. It was this bell that made me see you. That day, outside the temple you were playing with it. Then that big bell. Everytime we met it was because of bells. It was all about bells” he smiled.

“You’re right” she giggled.

“Ok. Now aren’t you going to reject her?” smirked Nandidni.

“What?” gasped Radhika.

“He said he’ll meet the girl for me and then reject her” Nandidni replied.

“Really?” Radhika hissed as she stared at Arjun with anger.

“No. I thought it was another girl. I love you. I can’t marry anyone else” Arjun explained.

Radhika kept staring at his face and Arjun looked at her all tensed. She then burst out laughing.

“Did you see his face? Did you see it?” Radhika was still laughing.

“Wow kiddo you have so much control over him. Good job” he smiled as he pulled her cheeks.

“I know I’m too good” she patted her back.

“Back to the self flattering” Sam rolled her eyes.

“You were joking?” Arjun asked aa he pulled her to him.

“Yes my dear boyfriend” Radhika smiled.

“I love you” he smiled.

“I love you too” he smiled.

Months later…

Church bells ringing. People cheering. Arjun and Radhika had opted for a Church wedding. Radhika and Arjun happily got married and all of them rushed home. There were a lot of preparations going on.

Mala came “now change. Another wedding. You opted for Church wedding for your own whatsoever luck and now marry according to our custom” she said as she dumped their hands with attires.

Married to the Hindu customs. Arjun and Radhika were hell tired. Arjun came in and found Radhika to be nowhere. He panicked and called out to her everywhere. No sign. He was so scared. Just then, two arms circled around his belly and a kiss on back. Arjun smiled and pulled her to the front.

“Mischievous little wife of mine” he pulled her nose.

“Yes. Your wife” she smiled.

“Mine. Only mine” he whispered as his face came closer to hers and captured her lips in one of the most head so kisses.

“You are a good kisser” she smiled as shw pecked his nose.

“Hmmm” he cocked his eyebrow.

“I mean. You almost took my breath away. So, you are a good kisser” she replied.

“I can show you more than that” he said in a husky voice as he traced his finger down her cheek to her bosom and then brushed against hwr waist making her shiver.

“Shameless. Now how about round two?” she smirked as she pulled him loser.

“Now who is shameless?” he chuckled.

“Oh shut up and kiss me” she smiled.

“Your wish is my command” he smiled and captured her lips for another passionate kiss.

“I never thought I’d fall in love” he whispered.

“Me too” she smiled as she cupped his face.

“I love you” she whispered as she pushed herself more into him.

“I love you too” he said back looking into those brown eyes.

He lifted her up and placed her on the bed and continued his act of love. Happy for each other in each other’s arms.

Done… Done done done.. now I’m so not sure if I made justice to the title.. I got carried away… please forgive me if I didn’t meet up to your expectations… Love you all loads.. tc… keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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