It’s all about LOVE – 1 ( 2 SHOTS )

A woman in her late 20s is shown sitting on a rocking chair , her innocent yet mature eyes are shown and then her angelic face and she’s none other than our very own Twinkle or Mrs. Twinkle Sarna and she a baby bump too.. looking at her stomach , she put her both hands on her bump and started caressing it with one hand……

Just then a man well dressed in his uniform comes and bows before twinkle

Man – Good morning Maam and he kisses her hand and then sits beside her on his knees and well you all must have guessed who it is… he is KUNJ

T – Good Morning Colonel and smiled and then she look at her bump again and said “ look baby papa is also here…. Tell papa to come home soon , we’ll miss him “

K – I’ll miss u both too… twinkle take care of yours and our baby , I’ll come soon dear….

T – I know and she smiles

He kisses on her forehead and then both of them hugged… a drop of tear came out of twinkle’s eye but she quickly wiped it off. Kunj then goes and she just smiles and waves him a bye….

Scene shifts

At Kunj’s office

A soldier came in hurriedly and saluted kunj

S- Sir , we just got a call from Major KV . we have an emergency in Kashmir and he wants to talk to you.

Kunj hurriedly goes to attend the call and after 15 minutes of serious conversation he hanged up .

K – I need to go there . Smaran ask the unit to pack their bags , we need to leave within 2 hours and go to my home and bring my bag too … Hurry up guyz we have very less time . the country needs us.

( sorry guyz I don’t the what happens like formally so just writing like this )

Kunj’s POV

I know this is twinkle’s ninth month and she needs me but I need to go . when I was all alone she was with me at every step and now when she needs me the most I cant be with her but what I can I do god  …… the country needs me too.. I love twinkle a lot and God I know that you’ll take her care . just take care of her and our baby … I know twinkle will understand my situation and be strong like she has always been….

He then calls twinkle…..

T – hello Mr. colonel by the way missing me so much or baby and she laughs

K – twinkle actually …………. ( seriously )

T – kunj everything’s right ya…. What happened ?? you sound tensed

K – twinkle…. Actually…. I …

T – kunj just tell me quickly I’m really getting worried …..

K – I need  to go Kashmir…

T – what…. But how?? I mean why?

K – actually there’s an emergency …. But u don’t worry if u want I can cancel my order… I wont go

T – ya ya I know …. Stop lying ok ! now don’t make me a villain …. I know you wont stop …. Ok I’ll pack your bag

K – yes I’ve asked Smaran to take my bags…

T – ohhh so ordered already…..

K – ya.. and smiles…

T – ok so see you … I’ll come with Smaran……

K – aree you take rest… whats the need…

T – ohh so u want to go without meeting me.. I’m coming and that’s final after all I’m your first wife …

K – ok baby,,, I’m waiting…

T – for me or the bags….

K – both and both of them giggled

After an hour twinkle comes at the office with smaran…..

T – kunj take care and come back soon…. i need you ( she said with moist  eyes )

K – i know …. you dont worry . I”ll come very soon for you and our lill baby and pecks on her stomach….

T – can i ask u one thing….. whom do u love the most … ur first or ur second wife…..

K ( laughs ) – of course second….. that”s why I’m going u see….

twinkle hits him with her elbow

K – just joking yrrr… first love is special.. dont u know… and I’m going because country needs me and i know that my First wife is very strong , she can manage a few days without me… tell me if I’m wrong…

T – ya ya i can manage and I’m proud of u kunj… go my… no no our ( she touches her stomach) wishes r wid u and she hugs him tightly……

K – Bye dear … take care and smiles…

twinkle also bids him with a smile…

I know guyzz u must have forgotten me and the credit goes to me only… well this just came to my mind so wrote it .. I know that my writing skills have gone poorer but no bashing please, criticism will be appreciated but in not rudely… and ya chappals , tomatoes all are not allowed…. hahaahhaaa. just tell me if I should post the next part also or not….

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  1. SSK

    Nice chapter and yes I do remember you. Good to see you back. 🙂

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice chapter dear and ya you should post next part but post soon

  3. Awesome epi….dear…
    Missed you here

  4. Rochika

    Oyee hoyeee yashu??????? first of all i want to say that now that u have started writing again my only statement will be –
    “Phir se lag gya chaska na likhne ka??? ”
    Secondly the shot was very nice…?????? beautifully written as always…???????❤❤❤❤❤….So this one is ur COMEBACK STORY right??…then comeback story should be written fast and asap…right??.toh then pull up your socks and write asap…??????????

  5. u r back…no body had forgotten u ok stop talking like that..
    infact we were missing u & urs stories…
    shot was awesome . .
    luved it
    post next soon

  6. Ramya

    Awesome amazing superb
    I just hope Kunj will return safely.
    I just pray that.
    And yaar I didn’t forgot you.
    Special case here you have to deal with
    It was a lovely start.
    Kunj as a solider.
    Superbly written and trust me your writing skills are improving so stop feeling low.

  7. Very bad Di u came after so long time and nobody has forgotten u I have read it all stories but I was new so I couldn’t comment but I loved them all and this story s damn emotional Andi love emotional stories but with a happy ending plsssssss do psot soon Di love u take care and waiting for u but this time don’t go missing Di

  8. Vibhu

    Hiii dear,
    Good to see you after so long.
    This new plot is amazing.
    Loved the shot.
    Poet soon
    And yes, don’t let kunj die for the country plz. It should be a happy Twinj story.

  9. How can someone forget such a cute writer…Happy to see u after a long time dear..
    Shot was amazing..
    written very cutely..Loved it..
    Plzzzzz post soon
    lots of love

  10. Thank god u r back
    Yrrr bahut miss kiya tumko
    Shot awesome
    Bas kunj sahi wapas aaye
    Plzzzzz post soon dear

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