Itni Si Baat – Ishq Ka Rang Safed Three Shots

Hi. I am here with a one shot for Ishq Ka Rang Safed. I hope you all liked Itni Si Baat- Ishq Ka Rang Safed Three Shots. Well who am I that I will reveal in the end of this one shot. Till then enjoy this one shot.

“I still can’t believe the fact you don’t want me in your life. I am not complaining. I will love to thank you. Thank you for making me an independent woman. My heart doesn’t believe it but what to do I do not have any other option.”

She was thinking about it and she knew that she had to accept this bitter fact as she had no other option. She was none other than Dhaani.

“Love. Love made me a better person. But the same love deceived me? No this is not possible. Love can’t be so week. I am sure there is something more. Something have happened. I didn’t know love also had a dark shade, very dark shade. Love as fragile as glass, it can be broken into pieces in moments.”

His eyes expressed his thoughts. 100% anger was shown in his eyes. He was so angry that everything will be out of his control. But his heart weeped. He was none other than Viplav.

Six years later,

A girl and a guy is shown and they walk together and they collided with each other. They both were different individuals and their eyes expressed the love- the love Viplav and Dhaani had each other. But the eyes were different. They were not of Viplav and Dhaani but someone else. And they both didn’t know what to show in their face as they stare at each other.

Who are they? What happened six years ago in Viplav and Dhaani’s life?

Well that’s the first part of the three shots. And I am none other than RANDOMFAN. Yes I am Fatarajo. And I have written a ff for IKRS before it was the color of love is white. I hope you all didn’t forget me. And will publish part 2 on Tuesday or Wednesday. Till then stay tuned and pleaseeeeeee do comment. Thank you.

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  1. Fatarajo… Good one..
    Suspenseee hmm… Seems interesting..!!

    1. hey arshi thanks for commenting happy u liked it actually last time when i used to write ff for ikrs i was named the suspense writer 😛

  2. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    I knew it!! It was you my sissy, love you Hun can’t wait for the next one!! Really going to miss Dhaani and Viplav onscreen!! But she can’t play a mother role anyways!! I would love to see Sanjeeda Sheikh play the role!! Anyways keep smiling, love you Hun aha:))


    1. hey nusz wow u guessed it right sis well i guessed ur ragsan ff right n u guessed my vidhanni ff right after all we r sis 😛 and yes eisha quit because she dont want to play mother role well i dont mind sanjeeda-mishal pair but i prefer mishal-eisha pair and will update the next part either tomorrow or day after tomorrow

  3. joyee ….welcome back …..
    awesome story 🙂 🙂

    1. hey sujie thanks for commenting yes i m back but this is a three shot 🙂

  4. Hey Jo you are back, it was nice post it soon 🙂

    1. yes maria i m back with a bang jking jking actually this three shots i m writing only for this week and will post next part tomorrow 🙂

  5. Joyee really a nice one… the next one soon…..

    1. hey vimi thanks for commenting happy u liked it will update the next part tomorrow

  6. all know you joyee 😛 .. I understood when I saw randomfan 😛 ..good to see you …all the best for future episode …keep it up 🙂

    1. haha chotte looks like u know me very well now haha lol and this is a three shots yani only three episodes

  7. Jo nice to see u back here with 3 shots…

    1. hey meghs m happy to see ur comment here and yes m back 😛

  8. This is really interesting dear! The suspense is too big. Cant wait for next part ?

    1. hey shuruthy thanks for commenting happy u liked the suspense 😛 will update the next part tomorrow 🙂

  9. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Very nice ?? Joyee you so awesome girl???And yes, like you and Nuszz I will also miss Eisha ??

    1. hey zu thanks for commenting happy u liked it sis 🙂 and yes really will miss eisha

  10. Joyee khoob bhalo☺??☺

    1. hey renu dii thanks for commenting happy u liked 🙂

  11. joyee first big thanks to u, that u came back, and second one good start, …… i think, this time you changed your writing style na? that was soo good, keep it up, i am waiting for next one…..

    1. hey kaviya actually this is not like a ff its three shots only for 3 episodes and will publish the other two by the end of this week, as i really wanted to write the 3 shots now and actually my writing style is still the same, actually i write 3 Ffs and i publish them once a week, but for three or one shot i use this writing style well b4 ikrs i wrote three shots for two other shows like a month ago and i miss ur ffs

      1. oh is it joyee? but it was soo good, this style was amazing keep it up…..and yes i will come soon with new ff. keep waiting, one day i will come….

      2. Ok sure Kaviya 🙂 will be Waiting yes I use this style when I write three shots but if I write a ff I write in screenplay way so that I myself don’t get confused. And if I write this in screenplay it would also be so long 😛

  12. really very interesting .. i knew it was u when i saw random fan good to have u back keep writing
    and yeah i have read ur previous ff too and that was mind blowing but at that time i was a silent reader

    1. Oh really I m happy that u commented and u recognized me 😛 btw thanks for commenting and I already published the second Part so stay tuned 🙂

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