Itni Si Baat – Ishq Ka Rang Safed Three Shots part 2

Hi. I am back. Here is the second part for Itni Si Baat- Ishq Ka Rang Safed Three Shots part 2. Well this will also be short but part 3 the final part will be longer .

The two individuals collided with each other and they stared at each other. They already portrayed the same scenario the same one chance encounter Viplav and Dhaani had six years ago but in a different way. The girl’s name was Nitya and the guy’s name was Dev. They were not Viplav and Dhaani but they had the same kickstart to their love story as Viplav and Dhaani’s.

Nitya goes,
“Listen.” Dev followed Nitya who had already fallen for her.
Nitya is about to come to him, she remembers about something and she runs and leaves. And she quickly goes. Nitya reaches the ashram and she closes the door and cries.

Flashback, Six years ago
A girl is seen praying in the temple and here eyes is shown. She is none other than Dhaani, who seemed to be colorful and happy from her appearance, but in her heart the colors were missing which were clearly portrayed by her eyes. The old Dhaani was missing.

She goes out of the temple, and a guy comes and holds her close. The way he pulled her like a magnet was as if he was close to her like a magnet. His eyes portrayed anger, total anger. He was none other than Viplav.

“Leave me!” Dhaani said as if she wanted to be free from the magnet but from very bottom her heart was beating as always whenever she used to see Viplav and even now.

“I won’t listen anymore. I had enough of this nonsense. Today you will reply me.” Viplav’s anger was already coming out but the addition of the pain in his heart made his anger worse and he was so angry, even the most strict person in the world will get scared of him.

“Why? Why did you deceive me?” Viplav’s angry tone reduced to a sad tone, a very sad tone which will bring years to anyone’s eyes. It was already too heart-touching.

Dhaani makes her hand leave from Viplav and she leaves. Her anger she had for Viplav was not enough to see his Sadness. But not enough for heart. This view of Viplav added sorrow to her heart which was already weeping.

Viplav bents down and he starts crying loudly. So loud like a kid cries when he/she really wants something. But none know his sorrow and story was indeed a painful one.

What exactly happened six years ago? What role will Dev and Nitya play in Viplav and Dhaani’s story?

Well that’s the second part of the three shots. And will publish part 3 on Friday. Till then stay tuned and pleaseeeeeee do comment. Thank you.

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  1. Joyee…. Are these Dev Nitya for Ek hasina Thi…anyways Its going interesting…eagerly waiting for last shot 🙂

    1. hey sujie actually i wanted to add dev from kuch rang pyaar ke eisa bhi and then while writimng i realized the ironically sanjeeda played the role of nitya/durga in eht and i miss eisha so i thought why dont i just add dev n nitya/durga from eht 😛

  2. It was just amazing !❤️ Speechless. ?Your suspense truly makes us get excited. Cant wait to be Friday now. Keep up the great work ??

    1. hey shuruthy happy u liked it and happy u like the suspense well i m super busy next two days thats why i cant update b4 fri


    1. hey renu happy u liked it lol must wait for it renu be patient 😛

  4. it was amazing joyee…..especially viplav emotion scene, wow mind blowing….. eagerly waiting to know who these dev and nitya…..

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