Itni Si Baat – Ishq Ka Rang Safed Three Shots last part


Hey all I am back. I know you all may be waiting for suspense or feeling bored. But hope you all love the final part. Here it is.

“No, I can’t fall in love with him.” Her eyes portrayed the debate between her mind and her heart.
Just then someone comes, and she rests her head on that person’s lap. That person is none other than Dulaari.
“This can’t happen.” Nitya says once she finds peace in Dhaani’s lap.
Dulaari is also sad, and very sad. She looks at Nitya,
“I still can’t forget that incident six years ago” She weeped.

Here Viplav and Dhaani’s confrontation was seen by Nitya, who is Dhaani’s friend. She gets very very angry on Viplav and she couldn’t control her anger once she saw Dhaani leaving angrily as she knew Dhaani was weeping in her heart. When she came closer, she realized something…..she realized that even Viplav was weeping in his heart.
“Something is very wrong. I must go deep in this matter.” This completely strike her mind as she understood something was very wrong.
She became determined to investigate this matter.

Here Viplav comes to his house as he felt like a loser, someone who lost everything especially when he didn’t do anything. Yes he was calling himself a loser, someone useless doing nothing. Not even anything bad. Then why this was happening to him?

Like a hopeless and emotionless person totally different from his actual self he passes by and something. There was something which grabbed his eyeballs and also ringed into his ears. Something shocking.

“Finally, we have separated Viplav and Dhaani.” Kamini, who like the witch in Snow White said this in her happiness, but didn’t know she already fall flat in her face.
Viplav is totally stunned. He was not expecting this. He couldn’t expect how Kamini did so, how she cropped up to his and his better half’s love story. What he has done to her?

“Let’s celebrate!” Kamini the evil continues.
Viplav couldn’t control his anger anymore, he was about to confront Kamini but he saw his grandfather and mom with her. He was confused. He knew he couldn’t let anger overpower him again and make life difficult for him again.

Dashranth and Kanak also join hands with Kamini in her no actually their happiness which they got from separating Viplav and Dhaani.

Viplav is completely shattered now. He remembers how Dhaani warned him about it and he slapped Dhaani for that. Viplav gave an angry look to that hand and he felt like chopping it off which hurt his darling.

Viplav realized he was really a loser now. He knew he still had time. He couldn’t lose the precious time as he knew he couldn’t let his most precious one let go.

“Itni Si Baat?” Viplav knew this is nothing for him and he have to just get to Dhaani that is the only thing running in his mind now.

Viplav raced himself from Tripathi residence to Ashram. He ran very fast very very fast. His heart pace was increasing, not because he was tired but because he was more desperate for the sight of his Dhaani, his Shikayti Pudia.

And he did it. He reached the ashram. He was so fast that even the fastest Olympic runner couldn’t beat him after all he had the power of love…true love.

He managed to gather courage and he saw all the ashram ladies. He looked everywhere, he was looking for his love, but he couldn’t. He saw everyone panicking. He didn’t know how to react as his eyes longed for Dhaani only his Dhaani.

Everyone started speaking whatever came into their mind, their heart but Viplav was blank. Completely blank, he was totally silent, He couldn’t see anything or hear anything, only one word “Dhaani!”
“Dhaani is upstairs.” Rajlaxmi finally says something.
Viplav is about to go but he is stopped by Dulaari who taunts him and punishes and scolds him as he hurt his buchiya. She didn’t know it was not intended by Viplav.
Just then Dashranth and Kanak comes.
“Where is Dhaani?” Kanak panicks and this time she is really worried for Dhaani, and as if something very wrong was going to happen with Dhaani.
“You both came here also? I got to know everything the truth. I am not your son anymore. You both may leave from her.” Finally, Viplav said all he wanted to after all his mom and grandfather hurt him a lot.
Kanak tries to speak to Viplav but he refuses.
“There is bomb with Dhaani.” Dashranth said in such a way to alert Viplav.
All are stunned by his words.
“Bomb?” Viplav is not understanding what is happening.
Dashranth remembers how Kamini reveals to them that she applied a mini controller in Dhaani’s chain which is actually a bomb craved in the pendant and is self timing and there is only 15 mins left. And this may cause explosion in the entire room. As the bomb is in Dhaani’s room, and controller is locket which have timings and if the locket is spoiled the bomb defuses.
This shocks Dashranth and Kanak to the core and humanity wakes in them as they know they couldn’t stoop so low and they decided to tell Viplav about it.
Nitya overhears all and she tells them Viplav is going to ashram as she sees Viplav overhearing Kamini’s plan.
Dashranth and Kanak rushes.
“This is true.” Nitya clarifies all.
Viplav rushes to save the love of his life upstairs. He knew he had this chance only one chance.
He sees Dhaani. Who is very sad. And that innocence was still there in her face no matter how angry she was. Viplav gets into flashback how he met her first time and how their love life began. He got lost in her innocence and walked to her. Dhaani unaware of the situation gets shocked to see Viplav as she couldn’t gather courage to see Viplav after what happened.

“What are you doing here?” Dhaani gets up and shouts on him to express her entire anger on him.
Viplav tries to explain himself but fails to do so as Dhaani continues to scold him and express all her anger on him.
Viplav doesn’t knows how to explain his problems to Dhaani, and he remembers about the bomb and locket upon hearing Kamini’s name.
“Dhaani this is about your and my life.” Viplav says to get Dhaani to his attention.
“Now you have got nothing to do with my life.” Dhaani says this 100% from her mind due to her her anger.
Viplav sees locket and he knows Dhaani is super angry and she leaves his hand, Viplav holds Dhaani close to him. Dhaani is stunned but by looking at his eyes, it melts her heart. She is lost in his sight and forgets about all whatever happened between them in the last few days and their love was seen in Dhaani’s eyes.
Viplav quickly opens the locket and Dhaani gets into sense.
“Now I have to defuse this bomb.” Viplav says.
“Bomb?” Dhaani says.
“Yes, bomb controller is engraved and there is bomb .” here.” Viplav says in brief.
Viplav realized there is no much time left and something is wrong.
“Oh no, the controller is stuck.” Viplav is shocked.
Dhaani is stunned and looks on.
“Go away!” Viplav tells Dhaani to go away.
Dhaani is about to go, and she comes to him.
“Why are you staying here?” Viplav panicks.
“I have realized true value of love today. And if I leave from here alone today, I will tarnish the reputation of love forever. I won’t leave. And if you truly love me, then I will be with you till death so please let me stay here.” Dhaani said and this time truly from her heart.
Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and the bomb blasts.

“This is how Viplav and Dhaani’s love became eternal.” Nitya says, as Dev looks on.
“That’s why I am scared to fall in love.” Nitya says.
“Love is the luckiest thing in life. Once it happens don’t lose, always treasure it.” A lady comes and tells Nitya so. She is none other than our pyaari Shikayati Pudia, Dhaani.
Nitya looks on.

“And once love happens you can’t help it out.” Its our Rakshaas, Viplav says and joins in.
He joins Dev and Nitya’s hand.
“Believe me, you are very lucky if you are in love.” Viplav joins their hands.
Viplav gets into flashback,
How Viplav and Dhaani gets away on time throwing away the locket holding hands, and the bomb blasts. As all come all are shocked, later sighs a sigh of relief as they see both Viplav and Dhaani holding hands and teary eyed. Later, Kamini gets arrested and Viplav with difficulty forgives them.
He get out of flashback and smiles. Viplav and Dhaani smile looking at each other.
“That’s why I am scared to fall in love.” Nitya says.
“But why? Everything is there in love.” Dev says surprised.
“You have to give heart beating and nail biting tests. I cant take tensions. See I like to see people happy.” Nitya clarifies.
All laugh at her childishness.
“Itni si Baat?” Dhaani says smiling.
Nitya is surprised.
“Mom, dad I am here.” A little girl comes and she is our chotti shikayati pudia, Vidha.
Viplav and Dhaani smile looking at Viplav. And Viplav carries Vidha.
“Yes, my little Shikayati ki Pudia.” Viplav comes.
“Welcome everyone please do invite us in our party.” A crowd says.
They are Sujie, Saranya, Kavitha, Saras, Rajee, Avijit (Chotte), Louella, Arshi, Prachi, Josh, Shweta, Maria, Meghs, Swara, Varsha, Akshay,Florentina, Sandy Mahe, Sri (Kaviya), Lakshmi, Renu, Porkodhi, Nimisha, Eshani, Areeb and others (very sorry forgot some of the names).
They are neighbours of the society and they love this family and they smile seeing them and they leave.
“Now some pics should be there.” Some naughty girl comes and says she is none other than Jo 😛 (me).
Jo takes selfie with all and cute family of ashram and Viplav, Dhaani , and Tripathi family and all others
Later, in all this Vidha comes.
“Vidha is only of Mummy and Papa. Vi Papa and Dha Mummy.”
Viplav and Dhaani laughs.
Viplav and Dhaani and they smile looking at each other. They three share a cute hug. Jo sees this and smiles and take pictures of this. Viplav, Dhaani lived happily ever after with their Vidha. (Haha made myself a photographer here :P)
The three shots ends.

Sorry if I missed out anyone see I need peanuts as it keeps my memory better and for peanut I need some comments so do comment 😛

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. Epic Epic Epic!! ?? Superb!! ?you write very well, do write a Fanfic. ?

    Rather than peanuts I’d prefer try Almonds. ?

    1. Hey areeb actually i have written ffs before for IKRS since u r new here u may not know i wrote ishq ka rang safed- the color of love is white it was for 14 episodes wrote it during my very long holidays, well I have an holiday of 2-3 weeks but I have tests once school reopens so i wont be able to write a fresh ff for ikrs but i write 3ffs on sundays only thats why wont be able to write but best i can do i will write a one shot for ikrs by next week

  2. Joyee….. This is so lovely……. So lovely……beyond any words……. was shocked in the midway….but trust me … the same time one thing clicked my mind…… THIS FF IS BY JOYEE…SO CHILL….she will not let anything happen to Viplav and Dhaani…… Loved it to the core Joyee 🙂 🙂 :)…
    Lots of love to you for this…..and huge round of applause 🙂 🙂

    1. haha lol sujie u know u r the only one who have always commented in all my ff all the episodes i dont know how to thank you for supporting me so much and i love ur ffs too, vidhaani’s love and this is love both were just too good and I have written stories with sad endings before but i hate sad endings a lot and once again thanks dear 🙂

  3. For a second, I got a heart attack reading that “they look at each other and the bomb blasts”. ? And hats off to you for giving such a reaction, you made me feel it. But well, I am happy it got to end happily. ❤️
    The Three Shots was a mindblowing story. Reading it was a pure pleasure and imagining it was even better! Your pen has magic seriously.
    Thanks a lot to you Jo for writing such a beautiful story and having entertained us all. I just hope you come back soon with another pearl and that we get to enjoy it.
    Lots of love and keep up the good work. ???

    1. Oops it was “Itni Si Baat” and not “The Three Shots”. My fingers slipped typing. ?

    2. Haha its okay it happens and i love to surprise people because twists and suspense always add spice to the story is what i believe as i love twists and suspenses but not the bad twiists 😛 and will comeback with another one shot in this week or next week so stay tuned and yes i was titled as suspense writer by all IKRS TU members when i used to write ff 😛

  4. Superb! Superb! Your style of narration wow very very nice……all the best Jo!?.
    I just love it….?

    1. Hey kaviya thank you so much for supporting me throughout this one shot haha thanks 😛 will come back with a new one shot soon by next week

  5. Hey all actually as I said I write 3 ffs but all 3 are combined shows; I was planning to add IKRS but i m not sure if u all will read a combined shows ff and yes i do mention which scenes is for which show(s) so need to worry, if I m not wrong from IKRS family Maria reads my ff. They are:
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    Shows: Tashan-e-Ishq, Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, Thapki Pyaar Ki, Yeh Vaada Raha, Kaala Teeka
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    Shows: Beintehaa, Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Manmarziyan, Qubool Hai
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    Shows: Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aisa Bhi, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

    And when I will add IKRS I will publish promo with summary of the story so that you all can know story plot with details as I have added Kaala Teeka in between before. So my question is should I add IKRS or not? if yes characters added: Viplav, Dhaani, Kamini (positive, some other guy for her in my ff)

  6. Fatarajo it was superb fantastic splendid amazing awesome cute. Ekdum jhakkas. Thank u so much for mentioning my name. Loved taking a selfie with Vidhani and cute Vidha. Superb job. Keep it up!!

    1. Hey louella I m so happy u commented and nah its okay and I know we all would love to take a selfie with Vidhanni and Vidha. And yes, I read ur ffs they are mindblowing but I dont get time to comment but tomorrow i m free 🙂

      1. Fatarajo even I didn’t comment in the last two shots but I was too lazy to comment. But yesterday I noticed it was the last shot so thought to comment. And it’s okay if u didn’t comment. I know u write so many ffs so keep your sorry to yourself, okay?

      2. Oh nvm its okay i understand but at least u commented in the last part 🙂 and i actually write ffs once a week and planning to end all soon

  7. fatarajo it was superb and marvelous .. i loved it. it was a mind blowing story please come back with a new one….

    1. hey maha thanks for commenting sure will comeback with a new one in two weeks time

  8. Amazing joyee wish cvs had taken inspiration from yr ff??

    1. areh inspiration no way its a big thing for me i just wrote to share the story n thanks for commenting 🙂

  9. It was superb, loved it very much… And sorry for the late comment…

    1. Hey Maria thanks for commenting at least u commented happy u liked it 🙂

  10. Joyee i havent read your previous fan fiction on ikrs as i wasnt joined with TU that time..
    But his one..your 3 shots left me speechless..?
    When i read the 2nd part i understood you are a brilliant writer..?
    And his last part was simply amazing?
    I missed my heart beat for a second.. i believed they are dead..!!
    But then the twist comes
    Loved it❤
    You write beautifully??

    And you asked to add ikrs na..
    To be very true i dont like combined fan fictions..
    I get confused and they dont fascinate me much..sorry…
    Will wait for you short story or one shot only for ikrs?

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