Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkeb) Episode 37

Next day
Sona was moving aimlessly walking on road.
Sona’s POV
Someone told me years ago….That loving can hurt!
But it hurts soo much…..I now I still love him….Nd I can’t do anything, just to remember him in my memories. He is not only alive in my memories, but in my heart too.
Hummm I guess love is like that….u can never control it…It happens with the most unexpected person nd at the most unexpected moment. I wish I still had my heart with me.
But I don’t know why I still don’t regret giving my heart, my soul nd my everything to him. Although he broke me… But it still can’t forget all those moments I spent with him….In his warm embrace.
I told u Dev….I told u…Don’t break my heart ever…

Dev nd Sona were laying in each other’s embrace. It was just right after their love confession.
Sona was thinking something very intensely, while creating patterns on devs chest.
D: Sona!!
S: hummm
D: wat r u thinking?
S: ( Sona lifted her head up, nd looked straight into his eyes) dev….I just want u to promise me one thing
D: humm bolo
S: dev whenever you find someone better than me…Anyone who could love u back more than me…Nd whenever you think that u love someone more than me…..
D: wat r u speaki……
S: shhhh dev let me complete.
Whenever u find someone better than me, in any aspect nd u find wat u r looking for urself….U would tell me straight.
Promise me u would share it with me first. I know I would be hurt, but it’s better to get to know about it first, than to get my heart broken.
D: wat the hell r….
S: placed her hand on his mouth….Just promise me dev…Whatever happens in future, u would always consider me ur friend first.
Its just that I …I…Can’t keep u locked or restricted to u with me forever. I don’t want our relation to be a liability on u at any moment. My love won’t ever bind u, i don’t want to force myself or my love on u at any moment.
So just promise me that u won’t think twice before telling me about anyone else in ur life better than me.
Promise me!!
Dev was overwhelmed to see her endless Love for him. He knew that not in any place he could ever find anyone better than her for him.
But to keep her heart he placed his hand on hers nd promised.

Flashback ends
I told u Dev….Don’t ….Did I ever restrict u or did I do anything wrong that u left me.
This one year, ele , Aisha nd ritwick all told me how wrong u were…. Initially even I was mad at u….But I know there is something missing.
If u wish to leave me….U can ,but not before answering me.

Suddenly Sona felt a strong push nd within seconds she could sense a car on high speed moving from her side, nd soon realized that she was in someone’s arms…..Someone she knew very well….Someone whose presence she had been longing for.
She opened her eyes to see him, his eyes red in anger….A sea of emotions all mixed up in his eyes…Which she could recognize even if she was made blind.
Yes he was dev
D: r u mad or wat….For past half an hour I’m seeing u walking past cars…Wat is wrong with u
S: was still numb
D: wat is wrong with u….If u don’t care abt urself, just think about ur son atleast nd ur husband!
Soon his words got registered in her head nd she jerked his hands from her shoulder nd placed her hands , tightly gripping his collar…. Looking straight in his eyes.
S: how can u even think that after ur soo damn good betrayal, I could even think of planning out a family…That too in just one year.
R u mad or wat?
D: but that day when I came

Dev just returned from his flight nd picked up beautiful flowers , nd her favorite chocolates on his way back to his Sona.
D: I know I have made u wait a long time nd u must be angry on me… But now it’s time to answer your every question…I’m coming to make u mine….

But as soon as he reached…He moved to open her gate when he was stopped seeing his lady love, his queen. He was shocked to see that she was more thin…More pale than ever nd eyes full of emotions. Nd moved to open the gate but was stopped hearing a small kid , just few months old to say ma….While pulling her suit.
From back ritwick came nd picked the kid.
Sona , ritwick nd kid laughed nd looked like a perfect family.
He thought that he had come a bit late…So stepped back, wore his shades back nd returned to his apartment back.

Flashback ends****
S: how stupid u cod even be, he is ritwick nd Elena’s son. He is small so he calls me “ma” …Short form of massi.
When u left, I realized that ritwick nd ele were soo much in love but afraid to marry thinking of me….So I planned their wedding only after a day u left. Nd three months ago only he was born.
Do u really think that I could even forget u!!

Sona left his collar with a jerk nd started walking.

Dev collected all the moments, nd ran behind her thinking that it was his time to clarify all the misunderstandings nd wiped his tears, with determination to get his Sona back.

Episode ends******
Precap: patch up

Thank u guys for ur support. I was actually not well so couldn’t write.
I hope u like this part, do share ur views.

Aarohi signing off

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  10. Riti1107

    Ek cheez samajh nhi aai
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