Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 8

Next day

Sona and dev after their bf went outside to visit specific sight seeing spots there in France.
Sona was enjoying alot coz it had been her topmost dream of coming to nd roam in its markets.
They went to many shops nd on devs insistence Sona did some of her shopping coz she firstly she couldn’t take much money from dev for shopping coz she was a self made girl…
Nd secondly she felt it quite awkward to do shopping from Devs money coz even though they both were now good frnds but still Sona remembered how dev admitted his feelings for her.

Although she felt as if dev didn’t mean wat he said but that intense nd seriousness on devs face while speaking those few words were still giving her chills down the spine.
She couldn’t believe how could a billionaire fall for her in just two meetings…When according to her she was not at all a love material girl.

For Dev… Roaming Sona was just like he had got a new birth. Although he was not sure of how he felt for Sona…But he did mean wat he said to her…Maybe it was just an attraction or maybe it was just a trigger that could flicker sparks in his stone cold heart.
It was really unbelievable for dev to think about Sona in all other ways except for her body…Which he used as a base to judge girls.
Sona was not at all pretty…But he was beautiful inside out. Therefore it was not at all Sona body that was attracting him, but Sona pure soul that was. He never felt like this for anyone.

On the way
After doing shopping…While they were on their way to hotel… Sona saw a kid riding a bicycle with the help of his dad….
She always since childhood wanted to learn bicycle but it was never possible becoz there was no one who could teach her when she was young…She miserably wanted her father when she was a young to teach her cycling but it was never possible…She still wanted to learn but again thinking about her father made her upset.

Dev sensed that Sona missed her dad becoz she stood there staring the father-kid duo for more that 15 mins with teary eyes
D: hey Sona r u alright?
Dev shook Sona to make her come into this world again from her unending thoughts regarding her childhood… Parents nd their absence.
D: while cupping her face…R u alright sona?
S: ughh…( While moving her eyes here nd there).Yep I’m fine wat will happen to me( with a fake smile).
D: till now I have known u…U r not seeming fine to me. Tell me wat has happened…Look at me!!

S: she looks in his eyes… Unable to hide her years she quickly hid her face in his so toned chest….
Sona while crying told him how she felt…How she wanted to learn to ride bicycle nd how her this dream was always left as a dream only.

Dev consoled her nd took her to their apartment.
For quite a few time they both sat on the swing staring stars…Until Sona fell asleep.

Dev picked her up in bridal style nd placed her on the bed .
While staring the year marks on sona’s face…He kept on thinking about something.

Next morning
Sona woke up nd realized how she slept on devs shoulder whike staring stars at night nd how come she would have made her way into her bed.
A small smile crept on her face while thinking about dev and his ever so cute yet gentle manly gestures towards her which she had not seen or felt with anyone else.
Although it was always a forced meeting with dev…But she always liked his company nd his presence around her….She didn’t know why but she felt comfortable with him even knowing how harsh he is when it comes to his work.

Sona quickly put these thoughts aside ..Took a shower nd went out of her room looking for dev.
To her surprise…Dev was nowhere to be seen…She felt a bit sad becoz in these days if dev had to go somewhere..He would always inform her …

After waiting for sometime… Feeling hungry she went in kitchen to prepare her something to eat but to her surprise dev had already made her bf with a note left beneath the plate.
The note read:
Hey gm Sona I know u must be thinking where I am …But don’t think too much. I’m out for some work nd will be back soon.
Eat ur bf…

Again a cute smile crept on her face while she enjoyed the food prepared by Dev.
She was never choosey with food…But indeed dev was a good cook.

While Sona was missing dev, getting bored nd watching TV.
Front door opened nd to her surprise dev stood there with……

Episode ends********

Sorry guys for posting a bit late…But wat to do I was engaged in some of my works so couldn’t take time out for it.
I know this did not had sizzling romance between dev nd Sona …But giving their thoughts nd views was necessary to give u an idea wat they both felt regarding each other.

Love is yet to knock at their doors but there is still sometime in it…Coz more the time they spend in feeling like love…More would be the intensity of their love …More deeper would it get.

Stay tuned for next update to know wat dev has got for Sona…Due to which she is shocked!!
Think about it!!!

Thanks for ur comments..But pls silent readers do comment this time!!!
Nd I need a bulk of overflowing comments…Even criticisms r allowed!!!

Thank you all

Aarohi ..Signing off

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