Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 7

At morning

Sona wakes up nd finds herself in super comfy bed… Beautiful nd luxurious room…Sorry it was not a room…But a hell big room…Or house I must say?
S: ughh where I am?
She gets up nd moves out of the room nd gets shocked to see dev shirtless? nd exercising.
Sona in her mind
He is sooo hotttt!!!
But wat am I doing wid him..Nd here…Nd y is he shirtless???
S: w…A..TTT…R..U.. Doing???
D: sees Sona blushing nd closing her eyes tightly….Can’t u see I’m exercising while going towards Sona.
S: y r u coming close…Gooo goo…Shameless
Wear ur shirt first
D: it’s my apartment…I can even bath here
Dev smiles seeing her embarrassed…Nd wears his shirt.

D: u can open ur eyes now…By the way I must tell u…U r very heavy…My shoulders have got stiff becoz of u.
S: ughh…Can I ask u one question
D: speak
S: did u change my clothes..Did we do anything…
D: can u see anyone except me who can change ur clothes? Nd we did alot yesterday ( winked at Sona)
S: wat!!!!
Sona starts crying…How can u…How can I ??
D: hey hey stop I was just kidding we didn’t do anything…U just slept!
Nd ur clothes were changed by air hostess coz u puked on me
S: shotti?
D: wat shotti?
S: ohh…R u telling me the truth?
S: hahahaha
D: now why r u laughing
S: I puked on u???
D 😕
S: hahahaha….I want to puke again…Nd by saying this she starts running towards dev…While dev runs before her to save himself…
D: no u can’t …First catch me if u can… Hahahaha
S: ouchh…Ahhhh
D: wat happened to u? Coming closer
Sona stands up suddenly nd catches him…
Due to sudden attack….Dev nd Sona fell…With Sona on top
They share an eyelock
D: hey….U r very heavy fatto…move from me
Sona gets embarrassed nd runs to the bathroom for shower
D: crazy girl

After having bf
D: umm I’m going for my meeting u stay inside OK
S: Yaa

After dev goes… Sona feels bored nd hence goes out for a walk.

After dev returns…He calls out for Sona but didn’t get any reply…He searches whole apartment nd gets tensed as he knows Sona is new here nd doesn’t know the roads.
He gets afraid if something happens to her…..Nd runs out of the house nd asked all his guards to find her.

After a lot of searching…He couldn’t find Sona…He feels restless!!
Nd starts running here nd there…
Nd finds Sona clicking selfies with a stranger!!
S: hey thanks buddy for the SEL…
Suddenly she feels someone is hugging her nd feels something wet on her shoulder…
She breaks the hug nd finds dev with teary eyes…
Dev again took Sona in his arms nd kisses her temple. While Sona is just shocked to see this side of rudie khadoos Mr Dixit.
D: where did u go?
S: I was feeling bored so went on a round
D: u don’t know any place here…How did u manage?
S: I have GPS Mr ??
D: ohh…I thought I lost…Come on let’s goo
S: hey wait I need to thank Francis!!
D: who Francis?
S: hugs a guy nd said thank u for the tour?
Dev separates the two nd said thanks to that guy nd took Sona with him to his apartment.

At night
After having dinner…Dev goes to see Sona in her room.
He finds the room empty…He turns to go but sees the door to balcony open
Dev goes there nd finds Sona sitting on the swing nd starring stars
D: wat r u doing here? Nd wat r u starring stars for?
S: ummm…They give me peace. U know I’m an orphan nd I always think or Actually believe that those two stars… Shinning brightly r my parents ?
I didn’t see them…But I can sense that they were good ppl.
Dev keeps hand on her shoulder nd said
D: indeed they were…
S: will u be my frnd?
D: umm..Frnd y?
S: until N unless u become my frnd …I will keep on thinking that u have kidnapped me?
D: okay…But I want to be something more than that…
Can I ask u something?
S: huh..Yep
D: do I like u?
Sona gets startled by his confession…But thinks to ignore it nd said
S: huh…It’s too late I need to sleep!!
Nd saying so she runs.

Episode ends*********

Stay tuned to know a day together with dev nd Sona?
Did Devs confession changed Sonas behavior or she lets it go… Thinking it to be a matter of chance!!

Thank u all
Aarohi signing off ?

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