Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 6

Dev is sitting in car and talking with someone
D: where is she?
D: okay thanks

Around 12 pm

At Elena’s home
Sona is in her room….Eating icecream nd crying out loud!!
Elena nd Aisha r at their work nd ayaan is in his school.
S: no u can’t leave him Anushka…Ranbir loves u alot!!! Don’t go to him…Don’t
Bell rings..

S: I’m not coming to open the door…Nhiii… Anushka noooooooo
Bell rings again
S: oho…Whoever it is…A spare key is outside beneath the mat…Open the door from there.
Sona again resumes…Weeping nd eating icecream…

A person enters nd is shocked to see the condition of the house…Nd Sona who is crying…All of the chocolate ice cream is smugged on her face…
That person chuckles seeing Sona nd sits beside her on the couch.
Sona sees that person nd gets shocked!!
S: wat r u doing here?
P: I guess u only told me to open the door nd come to u!
S: u…U..You…
D: yes me…Mr Dixit!! Any problem with my name.?
S: yes…No..I mean y r u here?
D: come-on get up nd go to change!!
S: gets up…But said …Why should I change by the way?
D: coz we r going to France today!
S: her jaws dropped till ground….
I…Mean why r we going to France?
D: simple coz I want to
S: so u go….I’m not going anywhere with u…U even might kill me on the way!!!
D:( gets serious) y will I kill u?
S: coz I told u …That u r a gay!!!
Dev chuckles on her reply nd stands up.
D: I won’t…Now go nd change
Sona turns but dev suddenly pulls her back in such a way that Sona lands on devs chest.
Sona is still shocked nd Dev wipes the corner of her lips on which icecream was smugged nd tastes it then.
D: the icecream is indeed tasty( said huskily in her ears)
S: huhh???
D: don’t use much of ur brains Ms Bose…Go nd change.

After sometime Sona comes down after changing nd sees dev eating her icecream with her spoon!!
S: y r u eating my icecream????
D: I already ate it…See!!
S: I’m not going anywhere with u!!!
Dev comes close to her
S: if u…Co..Me… Close to me…I will
Dev while coming close
D: u will?
S: I will… Haan I will do kickboxing on u!!
D: really….Ohhh gosh see there!!!!!
Sona turns to see where dev was pointing…And as soon as she does so…Dev picks her up on his shoulder ….
S: hey this is cheating
D: u did that with me too
S: put me down I’m not going anywhere with u
Dev marched out of the house nd have instructions to his guards
D: pack alll her important stuffs nd inform her roommates with whom she is residing!!
G: ohkay sir
S: noooooooo….I won’t go with u!! U cheater
D: u r already coming with me.
Dev puts her in backseat nd gets along with her nd asks the driver to drive the car!

Soon they reach airport where Devs private airplane is there nd they get seated.

S: u r very bad…U can’t force me like this!!!
D: I know…But I have a meeting there nd I can’t leave u with that jerk!!
S: who jerk?
D: leave it nd sleep…It will take time to reach
S: no I won’t sleep…God knows wat u will do with me if I ever sleep!

After some time waitress come nd asks them for wine.
S: Yaya give two to me!!
D: u know na wat it is!
S: Yaa…I drink this every day…Every morning ?
D: okay then
Sona first feels that it doesn’t tastes like ordinary grape juice but then thinks it might be some 5 star grape juice nd gulps 5-6 glasses in a go.

She begins feeling drowsy…Nd starts dancing in the plane!!
Running here nd there
D: wat r u doing? I told u it’s not wat u think!!!
S: see…See…How rude u r!!.
Moreover u kidnapped me….
Nd??? she starts crying….Leave me naaaa!!!
D: ohh god I guess wine is doing its work!! I’m gone??
Sona runs…Cries…Laughs…Nd then come over to dev
S: hey u rudie … I feel like I will puke on u…
D: no no-no….See just gulp that down ( nd does some actions so that she gulps it down)
Sona gulps it down nd says…ahan..Too good
Dev gets relieved!!
D: Bach gya!!
Nd suddenly sona vomits on him!!!
D: ehhhhh….Ahhhh…Chiiii
S: hahahaha
Dev first removes his coat nd shirt nd then cleans up sona’s face nd asks air hostess to change her clothes while he changes his.

After some time …Dev places Sona on the seat nd takes the seat beside hers!!
While Sona is sleeping…Dev places her head on his chest so that she feels comfortable! Nd kisses her temple
Dev then reminses all his moments with Sona nd feels satisfied nd happy to have Sona in his arms!

The plane lands nd Dev took Sona with him to his resort there.

End of the episode**************

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