Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 5

After a week

At Dev Dixits apartment
Dev is seen playing piano…When a lady enters
L: sir should I call that girl for tonight for U?
D: no…I mean I don’t want anyone now…Just leave

Two of Devs loyal guards r talking
G1: today again dev sir didn’t ask for any girl to spend his night wid
G2: I know …It’s been a week since he is like this…Without involving himself wid play girls.
G1: do u know the reason?
G2: I guess…U remember the girl a week before..For whom sir left the car nd went wid her on her scooty?
G1: ohh well yes!
G2: since that day he is like this…U know…I saw him smiling for the first time in all these years.
G1: well even I can see the changes?
G2: I think that girl is the reason!
G1: ahh well yes!! That girl was indeed good. This is for the first time I have met a girl who is not after Sirs money!
G2: after sometime
Nd this time sir is also not behind her body!!( Hopeful for something)

Devs POV
I don’t know wat is happening to me…In these years I have been so rigid…How can I become so polite wid her? How can I agree to sit on her scooty…Eat street food…Roam around markets?
Nd now I’m ignoring girls?
For years girls have drooled over me for my money nd my charming looks…Nd this pity nd fragile girl doesn’t even give a damn…Runs away from me …When girls r looking only for a chance to come in my bed.
She is definitely an antique piece.
She has given me sleepless nights! I don’t know wat she has that I’m drawing towards her?

I think so I should sleep…I need to stalk her tomorrow…Like I have been doing past this week. Yes u heard it right! I have become a stalker for just a girl who doesn’t give a damn for me!
It’s annoying!!

Dev goes to sleep

Next day
Sona is seen roaming in park .
She sees a dog nd runs behind it.
S: hey you shonu…Stop baby
Dog runs but is eventually caught by her.
Sona feeds the dog nd plays with it until someone taps on her shoulder
Sona turns nd is shocked to find

( U guys thought him to be dev??)
R: hi Sona…How r u?
S: smiles brightly…U here?
Hi !! Meet my new frnd… Gappu ??
R: Gappu?
S: I love to eat golgappe naa…Nd he is soo motu so I kept his name!!
R: admiringly…U easily make frnds right?
S: yep…So wat r u doing here? Wanna roam around?
R: well I would love to?
S: soo let’s goo

They both roam around the parks …Goes for sight seeing nd ritwick admires her…While Sona feels something…Like someone is following them.
S: umm ritwick!
R: bolo
S: she tells everything abt her meet with dev nd how it turned out to be.
R: he keeps his hand on her hand…Nd said it’s alright…If u feel something..I mean if u r afraid u can call me! I’m always there for u?
S: thank u….

While they share this moment… Someone is seen angrily watching them…Nd their entwined hands.

At night
Devs apartment

Dev is seen making love with a girl very harshly( like he always does…But today it’s something more to it…Anger… Frustration or jealousy?)

After making out…
D: leave the room…
G: wat but it’s only 11pm?
Dev then moves out of guest room nd goes towards his room. Where he starts punching the punching bag tightly…His hands r bleeding but only one pain is in his mind right now…Nd that is to see Sona with another man……
He tried sleeping but couldn’t.

Next day
Dev gets up nd goes to his office…After a good week…Yes he is back in his office…With much more anger.
Today he didnt stalk Sona…Nor looked at her pics in his mobile.
D: Susanne!! Get me a good black coffee
( Strictly)
S: sir…Here is ur coffee.
Dev takes one sip nd smashed the glass on floor.
D: u r fired!!! GET LOST
S: sorry sir?
Susanne gets shocked as she made coffee just like Dev had been drinking from past few years…Nd stays there
Dev gets annoyed nd pulled her hair nd threw her out of his cabin.

He then goes to his conference room where a meeting is scheduled.
While meeting goes on he keeps on thinking about Sonakshi Bose!!!
Nd the entwined hands

He gets agitate nd leaves the room nd heads out without saying anything!!

End of episode**********

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  1. Richa144

    Ohhhh…Bechara Dev. What happens next?.. Please post soon

  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post soon

  3. Post soon. Eagerly waiting for next amazing episode.

  4. Shruti710

    But mujhe ek baat samajh nahi aayi ki dev was thinking that koi bhi ladki Marti hai uske saath bed share karne mein(you know what I mean ?)
    So I thought dev was thinking that he didn’t shared his bed with anyone
    But yahan pe to he is making love with another girl
    Lovely episode
    Post soon

  5. Aarohi98

    Before Sona…He used to share bed with random girls who either drooled over him …Or on his money…
    But Sona didn’t even give a damn to him…

    1. Aarohi98

      So he is annoyed!!

  6. V.V.harshita

    Hey it was fab!! But I don’t like the last part coz….Dev shared bed….wht the hell….kk anyways it was nice

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