Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 4

In morning
9:50 am
S: ele help me!! Hide me somewhere!!! I don’t want to go with him anywhere
E: what should we do?
I have an idea …U get sick!! Wat say?
S: how can I get sick in 10 mins
A: do something quickly…Devs guards r already outside!!!
S: I …Am…Not… Going

At 10
Dev get out from his car
Guard: sir where r u going…She must be coming
D : I know this girl won’t come directly…I need to bring her here.
Dev put on his sunglasses
Nd rang the bell
E: hey hi Mr Dixit…But I’m afraid…
D: move…

Dev moved up to sona’s room
D: wat r u doing in bed ? I told u to be ready ?
A: I’m afraid sir…She has fever …Nd that too very high.
S: nodes …If u r not sure..U can check me also ?
D : umhh…Okay I will come after 2-3 days…
S: okay

After some time!
S: is he gone? I’m tired of being in bed
E: y…E…S..
Sona just stands up nd as she does so…Dev enters
S: ?
D: I guess now u r well n good?
S: uhh…Umm..Yaa…Nooo…I’m not fine see
She raises her hand to check temperature
Nd the onions in her underarm fell down
D : raises his eyebrows…I guess u r really not well
Elena nd Aisha chuckles
S : passes a death glare to them
D: Miss Bose if u r done with ur drama…Get ready we r already late by 30 mins

As dev turns …Sona picks up a pillow to throw at him.
D: don’t u try Miss Bose ( without even turning back)
S: ughhhh

After some time
Sona comes down nd goes towards devs car who is leaning on it…
D: come on get in
S : y r u doing this?
D: it’s just that I WANT TO KNOW U MORE!
S: y …There is nothing different in me!
D : just sit in the car
S: but where r we going?
D : first we will grab our bf
S: yes( thank God…I’m really hungry?)

At a 5 star restaurant
Dev ordered food for them both nd when it arrives
S: ohh my god
D: do u like it…?
S : ugh…To be frank…I can guess it’s kinda expensive but!! Dude look at the amount of food on the plate?…It’s just like the snacks we get on Indian marriages…
D: u know it’s well know nd most expensive hotel of Paris?
S: whatever it is…But I prefer street food
D: seriously
S: yes
She gets up
Mr Dixit if u want a day with me…U need to promise me one thing or I’m going.
D: I’m Mr Dixit! Nd ppl request to spend some time with me…Nd u r showing me attitude.
U want to go na…Then go.
S: fine
Sona picks up her purse nd moves out of the restruant while dev sits annoyed.

Sona is walking on road clicking selfies wherever she finds a cool spot!
Just then a car…Sorry 3-4 cars stop blocking her way.
As she sees inside wat is wrong with the driver
She gets shocked finding dev at driver’s seat
D: come on get in
S: I won’t ever
D: don’t test my patience…Okay wat u want?
How much money?
S : I don’t want any money?…Just a promise that u will spend this day with me according to my wish. That is I will take u on a tour! Not u …Taking me out in boring restaurants … Flaunting ur money…Making me eat tasteless food?.
Will u promise me that?
D: okay …Now come on in
S : no !!! First take me to my house!
D: y
D: fine get in

They reach Elena’s home
Sona runs in and picks up something and comes out.
D: shall we?
S: Yaa sure…Come on sit on this scooty with me?
D: wat nooo…I’m not…If someone sees me like this
S: atleast they won’t call u a gay??
D: ?
S: okay …U wear this helmet noone will be able to see u.
Dev sits nd grabs sona’s waist
S: blushing…Wat r u doing
D: wat I’m scared if I fall…My handsome face will get ruined.
S: seriously
D: obviously

Sona is driving the scooty while dev stares at her from the mirror. She keeps on talking nd stops at a street food corner.
D: no no no…I’m not eating this…I m …
S: I know u r Mr Dev Dixit…Wat should I do with that…Nd u PROMISED me something.
D: but if someone sees me?
S: come-on…Even if they see u…They r so dumb to think that the top most personality of world can even come here. Even if someone recognizes u…I’m sure they will think they have gone mad??
So shall we
D: I guess my decision to spend a day with her is weird…Murmurs
S: I heard that…Now keep on moving!

They grab their breakfast nd eats it very quickly coz it was really tasty. Dev completes first nd a sense of satisfaction after eating food is seen on his face.. as if he had eaten something really worth for in these years.
Sona stares at his face nd thinks that this rude Gabbar is actually not that bad.
S: so shall we move
D: Yaa sure

They then reach different places nd enjoys a lot there.

At night
S: now go Mr Dixit…Ur guards r waiting for u in the car!!
D : …
Sona goes inside while dev murmurs…Thank u

Episode ends*******

Devs POV will be in next episode…Stay tuned

Nd pls do comment…Nd tell me if u like it..Then only I will continue…Or else!!
I know I’m blackmailing u guys but I really want to know how many of u r reading my FF.
Thanks to those who r commenting religiously ?

Aarohi … Sighing off
Till then stay happy nd healthy.

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  6. story se to aesa lagra that dev is falling for her but koi muje bataye ye Hr baar ladka hi kyu phle pyaar m pade “ye ladka hi kyu ladki ko fasata h”

    1. Aarohi98

      Coz girls r too adamant to confess first…Even if they realize it first!
      Nd they do demand attention!!!
      So it’s the boy who has to convince a girl!

      1. but boy also needs some ladkia unhe vo attention kyu b de sakti h nd sirf attention pr kya ladkio ka hi right h??

    2. Aarohi98

      Yes dude u r right!!
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      Nd I can sense even u desperately need ur girl’s attention ?….

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