Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 3

At Mr Dixits cabin
D: so start now ..I get ur point
S: okay so anwer

( Questions goes on…Dev while answering keeps admiring Sona’s cute expressions nd her talks in between)
S: so last question Mr Dixit
U r the most eligible bachelor in the world nd yet there is no one in ur life…I mean no link ups or relationships or no girl in ur life.
R u a gay?
After some time Sona realized wat she said and looked up at Dev.
Sona switched off the recorder
Sona:hehe…Ummm …So.. ryy…I guess it’s time…So I will take a leave… Hehehe
( Chal Sona bhag is rude Dixit se bhag… Aisha tu toh gyi aaj)
D: wat is the hurry Miss Bose? Wait for some more time.
Dev while coming close to Sona
D : I must appreciate ur guys btw
S : huhh!! It’s time I need to go( y is this rude dixit is coming close to me…Will he punch me or kick me?…Gosh Sona run!!)
S: ohh see wat is there!!
D: turns to see where Sona was pointing nd sees nothing he turns back to look at Sona…But to his astonishment…Sona ran from there.
D : crack girl
But……Very cute nd beautiful ( he smile a little while saying this)
D : Miss Rose !!
R : yes sir
D: find everything abt this girl who just came for my interview…Find Everything
R : abt her?
D: I guess I was clear.

At Elena’s home
S: how can u do this to me Aisha!!
U made a fool of me!!! Becoz of u I called him a gayyyyyyyy….Nd I just ran from there nd now I’m terrified of ever I get to see him again ..How will I face him??
A: I’m so sorry but girl u did a great job ..I mean Mr Dixit never gives a chance to complete there interview…Nd u …U just ran from there!! Woww girl
S : if I hadn’t run from there …That rude Dixit would have eaten me up…Jeezzz
A : sorry na Sona…Pls?
S: chal thik hai..Maaf kiya par dubara Mai vahan nhi jaungi ohkay.

At night
Sona is dancing in her room… Actually exercising cum dancing.
Bell rings..
E: yes
Person: ….
E: she is not there
P: …
S: ( from her room)
Ohh nashe so Chadd gyi oyeee…Nashe so chadh gyi
P: raised eyebrows
E: ohh I guess
P: get side nd don’t come up

At sona’s room
Sona is dancing like a jungleee nd singing…While that person is admiring her crazyness.
Suddenly something fell nd Sona looks back nd gets shocked!!

S: wat …R..U..Do.. ing…Here?
P: so don’t u want an answer to ur question .. whether or not I’m a gay?
S : hummm…No I guess I don’t want it.
( Yes u r right he is Mr Dixit)
D : but I want to tell u
( While coming close to sona)
S : while going backwards
No no I don’t want the answer give it to Aisha…it was her question bank not mine?
D : but I want to tell u
( While caging Sona in between his arms)
S : ohhh godddd…I don’t want to know naa..Pls leave me alone I said I’m sorry??
D : okay I will leave u ..Not until u promise me one thing
S: okayyy I promise
D : okay then be ready tomorrow around 10 …I will come to pick u up.
S : why?
D : coz we r going out on a drive
S :…….
Dev chuckled seeing her expressions.
D: take care nd good night…Don’t think about me too much?
S : still shocked
D: by the way u dance pretty bad!
S: huhh
Dev Pat’s her cheeks nd said..Be ready for tomorrow.

End of episode 3

Thanks all….Stay tuned to know more

Sighing off…Ur aarohi

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