Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb) episode 2

Sona’s POV*****
It’s been a complete one week.nd I haven’t been anywhere out in Paris….Not even for shopping!!!!!
All thanks to Aisha , who is busy taking interviews nd Elena , who is busy designing dress….Even ayaan is busy in his studies…I don’t want to disturb him though but I’m feeling bored wat to do!!!! Ughhhh
But never mind today I will go out on my own…I’m Miss Bose nd can go out on my own??
After some time

In Paris’s market’s

Ohhhhhh myyy godddd!!!
This Paris is sooo beautiful but very expensive!!
Koi naa I will not waste my money …My hard earned money on shopping…I will grab some food nd then will be selfieee time ?

End of sona’s POV******

After grabbing some food nd having them … Sona is seen clicking selfies here nd there.
Suddenly she clashed with someone
Sona: ohh I’m sorry!!
Person: busy staring
Sona: I said I’m sorry!!! Ohh hello where r u lost?
Person comes in senses

Person: ohh I’m sorry I was just lost… Actually I’m new here…
Sona: ohh great even I’m new here…Hi my name is Sonakshi Bose nd u?
Person: well nice to meet u Sonakshi! My name is ritwick kashyap!?
Sona: Well if u don’t mind can we roam around together?
Ritwick: umm I’m here for my business meetings but I can afford to spend some time with u?
Just wait for sometime I will make a call okay!

Ritwick on call
R: hey milli cancel all my meetings today nd reschedule it for tomorrow!
M: umm okay sir! But may I know the reason coz u haven’t missed any of ur meetings ever!
R : umm just think that I have found someone worth missing meetings for?
M: okay sir

R: so shall we go?
S: yep !! U know I was getting bored alone at home so I came here by the way what is ur profession?
R : well I’m a business man from USA nd I’m here for a contract with Mr dixit
S: who is this Mr dixit…Sounds very typical boring nd old man?
R: ummm well I guess u don’t know abt him. He is the most powerful nd rich personality in Paris , USA nd many other countries. He is arrogant , rude but is the most eligible bachelor in world. I know u must be thinking what would be his age!
Well he is just 30 nd is ruling all the markets just becoz of his high intelligence.
Sona: we’ll still he seems boring to me??

Sona nd ritwick roam around the markets of Paris…With Sona doing all the talking nd ritwick busy admiring him.

At dixit Pvt Ltd
A man is shown looking out of the window. His office is not less that any 7 or 8 star hotel with all the luxuries nd comforts…But one thing is missing…That is happiness.
Everyone working here r just poker faced, no emotions nd just working like robots!
A girl , professionally dress looking absolutely stunning, enters Mr Dixit’s cabin
G: gm Mr Dixit . Here r all the meetings for next 4 hrs. Just go through them once.
The chair rotated
A young nd handsome man , with an arrogant face but yet a charming face turns around!
G: Mr Dixit pls just review them…( The girl is just drooling over him…Just trying to get his attention)
D: miss Jenni u may leave forever( in a bossy tone)
J: what sir?
J: I’m sorry sir! ? But wat wrong did I do?

Jenni just runs out of the office nd clashes with Sona!!
S: hey wat happened…Why r u crying?
J: he is ….He is just not stupid idiot arrogant person!!!
S: he? Who he?
J: Mr Dev Dixit ??
If u ever have a choice don’t ever work under him or for him…He is a blo*dy jerk??

Jennie runs from there nd here Sona is standing at dixit Pvt Ltd’s entrance

Sona’s POV
Wat the hell!! Wat I have got myself into…I will kill this Aisha who sent me here on her behalf for taking that jerk’s interview. Gosh look wat I’m wearing…A jeans with a simple pink crop top…Nd that girl …Jennie …Look at her she was absolutely gorgeous…If that Mr rude Dixit can do this to her wat will he do wid him.
But I have to do this just for Aisha nd golu ??
God pls save me!!!
She enters the office

Ohh god is this office or wat !! It’s sooo maleficent nd huge…Why r these girls looking at me as if they will kill me!!! I’m hell nervous. My thoughts were intrupted…

G: hey gm! ( With a slight smile..That too professional one) how can I help u?
S: ohh hi…Umm I’m here for interviewing Mr Dixit on behalf of Aisha from ” Paris talkies” magazine ?
G: ohh so u r Miss Bose?
S: umm yes!
G: come with me I will take u to him…Just be a bit professional! Nd don’t talk useless!
S: uhhh ohkay( once I get back Aisha u r gone!!!)

Mr Dixits cabin

Sona’s POV
Gosh again this beautiful nd neat cabin!!! But sooo dull with blue nd grey wall!! Ewwwwww
This person is a sadist I’m sure!!
Uhhh if he does anything to me I will surely punch him…Atleast my kickboxing will help me with him.??

Dev turns around nd sees Sona who is busy smiling mischievously thinking about how to kick nd punch him nd where??
D: miss ??
S: …..
S: OHH !!Hi ??
D: r u out of ur mind
S: yes…No…..I mean I’m here to interview u?!
Dev chuckles
D: pls sit down
S: ohh sure sure…U can also sit feel as if u r in ur cabin….Don’t be shy!!
D: umm..( weird girl…But cute)
S: so shall we start ?
D : u know na that u have only 15 mins?
S: yaa I know that’s y I have got recorder…I will ask u questions nd u answer them…Oki?

End of episode!!!!********

See wat will happen in the interview…Will dev get angry or will he just ignore sona’s useless talks??

Stay tuned nd thanks everyone for liking my first FF!!!!

Bye !
Aarohi signing off?

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