Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!!(krpkeb) Episode 9

“Ohh my god ohh my god…Ohh my god”
Sona shrieked as dev led a beautiful red colours bicycle in ….

S: dev!!! Is it real??
D: yes nd u know wat …U r gonna ride this
S: ( a bit sad) but I don’t kn…
D: ( quickly) I will teach u( intensely)
S: shotti?
D: wat?
S: seriously dev???
D: I guess I made myself very cle….
Sona jumped on him taking him into a bone crushing hug.
S: thank u !!!
Nd she ran from there …Nd after 2-3 secs came back nd said…I will come after changing..U have ur bf till then…Nd then u will teach me??

Nd vanished back into her room.

Dev stood staring at her retreating figure into the room nd chuckled at her childish acts…

After some time in a park

S: deeevvvvv don’t leave me…I will fall down
D: I’m there wid u …I won’t let u fall
S: I’m scareddd
D: u don’t have to…Just balance urself nd look forward…

Sona instead of going forward nd balancing…Fell down on Dev..
They both stood up
S: I’m sorry?…R u hurt?
Dev inspite of having a muscle injury before during his gym training..Nd again a direct hit on his ankle again due to fall now ..Said
D: heyy don’t worry I’m fine…
Slowly slowly he pushed Sona so that she can learn …Nd gently left her on her own.
Sona after traveling some distance without dev said
S: devv seee I’m riding a bicycle…Now I knoww it!!!!
Nd without noticing a stone in her path…Again fell down
S: ahh
Dev sensing her pain… Quickly ran upto her in pain in his ankle…Nd made Sona stand , dusting her dress nd picking up the bicycle…Bearing the pain all alone .

Since he was not walking properly…Sona asked him what happened? Is he hurt somewhere…But dev said it’s just a minor sprain

For another one day he taught her cycling … Constantly running behind her…Until she was perfectly on her own
Sona was very happy as her dream was fulfilled and didn’t realise pain in devs ankle…Nd partly becoz dev was a good actor in hiding pain.
When they went to their apartment…Sona saw devs ankle swollen up…
She quickly made him sit nd applied a balm nd gave him the required first aid nd informed a doctor.
Although she was herself a doctor but she was not a doctor dealing with bone injuries nd she could not risk much so asked a doctor to come over nd do the checking
Dr: has he been running nd working all the day…??
I’m afraid that he has got his ligament badly tore.
I’m prescribing some of the medicine nd take good care of him. He needs complete bed rest as his previous injury is a fresh again.
Sona left the doctor uptill the door…Feeling ashamed went to dev
S: I’m sorry dev..I was soo happy nd involved in my own dreams…I forgot abt u?
D: hey it’s alright..It’s just that I didn’t tell u!!
S: from now on u won’t do anything on ur own…I will take care of u…Nd don’t u dare stop me!!
D: heyy chil…
S: I have already told u…U won’t stop me nd now sit like a good baby nd drink the soup which I’m getting for u …

Dev admired her…Felt happy that in these years when everyone was behind his fame nd money,he found her …who wanted to take care of him…Was getting angry on his acts nd was roaming here nd there for him…Just him.

Days passed by …Sona took good care of him…From making him do bf…Eating medicines on time uptill helping him out till washroom nd waiting for him to come back…
Dev was happy seeing her concern nd felt lucky to have her…He loved her presence around him..
Began getting impatient if she was not nearby him…Looked out for her nd most importantly..After soo many years he relies nd depended on someone.

After there trip was over nd they came back

At Elena’s home
Aisha nd Elena bursted on Sona with all of their questions… Regarding wat she was doing in France…What did she do with dev nd all

While dev resumed his office as he is a punctual nd regular person…Nd this was office was his dream.

Days passed away nd soon one month was over.
Dev couldn’t get over Sona…Her care, her anger nd her childish acts were not only admired but slowly loved by him. But being a stubborn person he neglected his love for Sona nd gave it a name of infatuation or his major crush.

For Sona, although this had been just a month of her stay in Paris…But her life was turned upside down. She believed that she won’t ever depend on anyone else, but she found peace in dev nd his presence. Due to again and again poking her with questions..Sona revealed to Aisha nd Elena that she was in love with dev.
It was a surprise for her too coz she was the one who believed love is not her cup of tea but after devs entry nd their trip to France…She realised she was in love with Dev, madly nd head over heels.

Although feelings for other grew first in dev…But as u know girls always realize it first nd so did Sona realized.

After sometime, dev went to meet Sona nd invited her for a party to which she happily complied. She thought that even dev loved her coz of his one line” do I like u?” which still sent chills down her spine.
But dev considered it just a mere attraction…An intense one nd thought to call Sona as he was missing her presence.

At party
Sona was dressed elegantly in a beautiful red gown … Flowing flawlessly on her beautiful physique nd hair tied into a messy bun nd smokinly hot eye makeup which she only wore with a lipstick to match her dress.
Her dress was completed by beautiful danglers nd a thin bracelet which dev bought for her.

Dev impatiently waited for Sona to come …And as she came…He was awestruck to see that beautiful lady coming with a warm smile on a face which could even light up his whole world …
While Sona was lost in his Greek god physique.

Episode ends*******

Although both had same impact on each other…But one was confirmed of her feeling while other was still confused in his own conflicts.

Stay tuned to know wat will happen in the party when dev sees Sona with ritwick …
Will dev realise his love for her or something else will happen giving their dreamy love story n an ugly turn?

Bye !!
Aarohi signing off ?

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