Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!!(krpkeb) Episode 12

D: try every possible way to find her….
Person: ….
D: get every detail…From yesterday night till today…I want her at any cost.

Dev was impatiently waiting to get any trace of her…After trying to find her at any place he could ever imagine…He got a call from his detective…
D: yes
D: ohkayyy
I’m coming Ms Bose…With anger….

Dev knocked at a door.
R: wat the hell r u …
Dev pushed ritwick nd got hold of his collar.
D: where is my Sona?.
R: she is not urs!!! Stay the hell away from her.
D: don’t u tell me anything…I just want my Sona back.
Dev then pushed ritwick aside nd ran inside
D: Sona Sona…. Sona!! SONA!!!
Just then Sona came down ..
Sona was shocked to find him here…Tears started rolling down from her eyes…

Around midnight
R: hey Sona…I’m sorry but tickets can’t be booked for a week to India!
S: wat …Why?
R: as u know it’s monsoon season going on there… Thus all the flights have been cancelled due to heavy downpour nd storms.
S: ohh my gosh….Y is god doing this with me…I know tomorrow morning only dev will come to take me!! Wat should I do now?
R: sorry Sona but I havean idea.
S: wat idea?
R: u can come over at my place…He won’t get to know abt it nd then u can go back to India after a week
S: ….
R: ummm…Wat do u want
S: okay…I’m coming to ur place.
R: okay…Bye..Meet u

Flashback ends******

D: wat r u doing here Sona?
S: …Crying
R: just stay away from her…Nd move away from her.
D: I’m talking to Sona nd u stay out of it.
R: I won’t.
D: come Sona let’s go…I will take u to my apartment
S: noo…I won’t…I won’t come with u anywhere…Just leave from here nd gooo nd don’t dare to show me ur face!!!.
D: not so easily darling ?
S: I told u to leave from HERE
Ritwick tried to come in between…While dev instructed his guards to hold him.
While dev moved close to Sona
Dev didn’t bother much nd just picked her on his shoulder while making his way out.
Ritwick tried to protest many times!!! But devs guards overpowered him.

Dev threw Sona at the back seat while trying the seat belt around her …Whereas sons tried to move out of the car.
Dev knew she won’t be easy to handle so hesat next to her holding her tightly…While his driver drove the car to his apartment.

At Devs apartment
Dev kept Sona down from his shoulder who was hitting him to get herself free.
S: wat r u doing!!
D: kidnapping u!!
Sona tried to run but dev caught her nd pulled her on his chest…While locking her in his arms.
Sona tried to move but couldn’t as dev was much stronger than her.
D: Shhhhh….Don’t try to move or get away from me!!!
S: y r u doing this?
D: becoz of a simple reason…
S: wat reason?
D: I love u…Nd I know u love me too…?
S: I don’t love u
D: liar liar pants on fire!!
Sona was now very Angry at him….Nd held his collar
S: that Sona who loved u is dead Mr Dixit…The one stands in front of u hates u !! Do u understand…HATES U!!

Dev couldn’t get over it…Nd his grip loosened nd taking advantage…Sona pushed him nd ran towards the door to escape.
But dev caught her in between nd took her inside the room nd locked her in.
While Sona banged the door asking him to let her go

Sona sat down with a thud on floor near the near…While dev went from there.

Episode ends*******

Thank u all for ur lovely comments!!
Stay tuned to know wat has destiny planned for both of them. What will dev do next..To keep her with him?

Aarohi signing off…
Nd this time I do need comments coz I always take time out to write for u guys asap…So I also need comments asap…

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