Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!!(krpkeb) Episode 11

Dev was standing there with anger filled in his eyes. He couldn’t control more….

Since ritwick listened to all that happened in between Sona nd dev…
He was angry that how could he say all that to Sona!!
He moved inside with full rage.
R: wat was that for Mr Dixit? How could u behave with her like that?
D: ohh so u r here…I must say u r a quite overprotective bf Haan?
R: this is not the answer to my question. Moreover it shouldn’t matter to u whatever we do!
D: it matters to me…It matters to me…It’s my matter !!
R: y it is ur matter…?
D: Sona is my every matter
R: ohh the girl whom u insulted few minutes ago…Or a girl on whose character u pointed out..Haan??
D: u stay out of it!!
R: y would I Mr Dixit… Although I love her nd I confessed her my feelings…But she always considered me as a frnd nd I’m not forcing her…She will always be my frnd…Do u get that!!
D:then wat were u doing inside that room?
R: we didn’t do anything…Ohh god listen to me first

Sona nd ritwick were standing nd were talking… Suddenly some waiter slipped on them nd all the drinks fell on them.
So they went to clean their dresses nd were laughing seeing the condition of their dresses.

Dev was shocked…He couldn’t believe wat all he said to Sona without even listening to her.
R: wat Happened Mr Dixit? I know u r a big business men…But here at this time I’m ur partner…Nd I think I should reconsider my decision of dealing with u. Coz if u can’t be good with a lady how can I trust u?
Good bye Mr Dixit…I will think if I want to collaborate with u or not.
Saying this ritwick ran behind Sona…To search her coz he knew whatever happened was really very big thing for Sona nd she was not in her sense due to shock also…
So he had to find her.

While dev was shocked.. Guilty nd angry on himself for not trusting Sona. He was afraid wat would happen next.

On road
Sona was walking aimlessly on road..While ritwick found her nd
R: hey come back…I will drop u.
S: …
R: I know Sona wat u r going through…Just look at me.
As Sona looked in his eyes…She started crying nd tightly hugged him
S: tell me na ritwick…Wat was my fault in all this? I didn’t say anything to anyone…How..How can he question my character.
R: shhhhh Sona it’s all okay…He is mad! I told u he is quite rude…But I didn’t expect him to stoop so low. Nevertheless, Chalo I will leave u at ur house.

Sona nd ritwick sat…Many times ritwick tried to start a conversation with her but she didn’t reply.

Outside Elena’s home
As ritwick was abt to go…Sona stopped him nd asked him
S: umm can I ask u a favor?
R: Haan…Tell me wat is the matter?.
S: umm ritwick can u pls book one ticket for tomorrow to India…I want to go back. I will pay u the price.
R: it’s okay Sona but u were here till two weeks..Then y so sudden change of plan?
S: ritwick I don’t want to meet that man again. I don’t even wish to see his face nd I know he will again come tomorrow to look for me nd will forcefully take me with him. I …I just request u this. Pls help me coz I don’t have contacts to book a ticket on this short notice. Nd I know if I will meet him again I will fall weak again.
R: but why will u feel weak?
S: while sobbing…Coz I love that jerk??
Ritwick was shocked…He couldn’t believe wat he heard but thought to help Sona for time being coz no matter how much he was hurt to hear that Sona loved dev…But he was always a good frnd . So he nodded nd
R: okay I will…Just be ready nd take care.
If possible…I will come to meet u ?
S: thank u soo much ritwick!!

At Devs apartment
After the party was over…He moved in his apartment nd began drinking in order to gain some courage to accept wat he did was wrong nd realize wat feelings he had for Sona.
Whole night he drank…Punished him with his belt for hurting his love.
He was confused…How to react…Should he be happy coz he had found whom he loved nd should consider himself lucky to have a girl like that for him…Or to be sad to loose her…Nd be unlucky to make her go from his life.

Now that he had realised wat he felt for Sona…He impatiently waited for morning to come…So that he could apologize nd tell her anything his feelings.

At morning
Dev rushed to Elena’s home nd knocked the door.
E: why r u here Mr Dixit?
D: Elena I will explain everything later…I just want to meet Sona for once…Move from my way.
E: for Wat r u looking for her…To insult her again…Or to prove her characterless?
D: Elena I said I’m sorry but right now it’s important for me to meet Sona.
E: wat if I say she is gone?
D: wat r u talking?
E: she is not here…( Rudely)
D: where is she?.
E: she left from here
Dev didn’t believe wat she said nd asked his guards to find her inside.
But as his guards returned with pale face…He understood that his Sona is gone.
E: now if u r done with ur checking…U may get lost!!
Elena was closing the door while dev pulled the door open again
D: hey Elena…Tell me where she has gone to…I will give u money…
E: hey Mr …I’m not looking at ur damn money…U broke my frnds heart…I won’t spare u!!
D: wat broke her heart?
E: Sona loved u dev…But u proved her wrong…U proved wat she thought about love before meeting u right….U jerk …U broke her heart!! Due to u…She went away from here!!
Dev just stood at the door while Elena pushed dev before closing the door at his Face.
Dev was shocked…He didn’t believe that Sona loved him….But now his Sona was gone.

He felt miserable nd afraid to even think his life without her…. After so many years he had found someone who loved him truely nd selflessly..The one on whom he could rely upon …With whom he could share his worries…but now it felt soo far from his reach.
His dream of being with Sona was shattered….
He again became lifeless without her. …

Episode ends*****

Stay tuned to know whether or not dev will be able to find Sona out or not… Whether Sona will accept him or not…Wat will he do till he meets his love…???

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