Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!!(krpkeb) Episode 10

Ohh my god!!! She is looking breath taking nd extremely beautiful….Dev murmured..While Sona made her way through the crowd of all the big business men …Who were busy staring her.

As she approached near to dev…She was pulled back.
S: ouchh
She straightened herself nd looked amusingly at the person who pulled her.
S: hey ritwick!!!!
As Sona hugged him…Dev glared at them.
R: I wasn’t expecting u here!! Nd damn…U look gorgeous…
S: hey thank u!! By the way wat r u doing here?
R: umm well I just came here as I’m the new business partner of Mr Dixit for a new investment in India!!
S: India!!!! Gosh …It’s sooo good.
By the way I’m going after two weeks…Back to India…?
R: wattt??
S: yep…Nd I’m going to miss u..Nd Paris too
R: heyyy don’t worry…I will come to see u? there.
S: seriously!!
R: any doubt
They were going to hug again…But dev pulled Sona.
S: ohh
D: I’m sorry?
S: ohh dev it’s u…Good to see u!!
D: ahh I thought u forgot me… Throwing daggers at ritwick
Ritwick understood…Nd in order to make him more jealous…He again hugged Sona while taking a leave.
Nd all the time…Dev was getting annoyed.

Devs POV”*********
Huhh this ritwick is sticking to my Sona…I just want to to punch him ??
Waitttt…Did I say my Sona??
Gosh what’s happening…I think I should stay away from Sona for a while…She is getting into my head…Maybe one or two drinks makes me better.
Or else I will shout on Sona for hugging him…Y was she hugging him by the way. Nd that to twice. She never let me hug her…Moreover she runs away from me…Jeezzz

Devs POV ends*******

As Sona was about to say something…Dev went from there …
S: wat happened to him??

Sona was feeling alone in the party…Soon dancing started…
She expected dev to come over her nd ask her…He did come towards her but asked someone else…She was damn pretty.
Sona felt bad nd thought maybe he have some priorities for the time being.

Sona was feeling bored…Dev was seeing her from the corner of his eyes. He wanted to make her jealous. But but but….
R: may I have the pleasure to dance with this gorgeous lady??
S: while looking at Dev… Smilingly said sure my handsome partner…Nd laughed
R: chalen?
S: kiska intezar hai?

Sona placed her hand in his hand nd started dancing with him while glaring at him.
Dev pretended to be happy nd not affected by Sona nd ritwick while Sona too played this game…But both were burning in jealousy seeing the other.

But non gave up.
It was until ritwick took Sona with him in the balcony while dev just glared at them.

In balcony
S: why u took me here…Party was going good
R: nothing just I wanted to tell u something
S: bolo
R: umm…Sona from the day I have met u…I’m in love with u!! Will u?
S: umm u know na ritwick…I ..I have always considered u as my frnd…!! I don’t know…
R: hey relax relax Sona …I’m not forcing u… I’m just being honest with my feelings for u…Nd u should know that …I’m not asking u to reciprocate my feelings. I can’t pretend more. Until u r sure …U don’t have to be any awkward with me …We r still good frnds.
S: thank u ritwick for understanding me.
R: will u be my bestie forever?
Dev just entered the balcony
S: sure…Sure… Sure!!!
Nd hugged him
Dev misunderstood Everything nd turned from there.

After sometime dev saw sona nd ritwick coming out from a room adjusting their dresses nd laughing…
It was all for dev!!
Anger rose to his peak level…Nd he just went near Sona nd pulled her into a room
S: hi dev…By the way dance was good naa
D: with red eyes…Rudely..Y only dance?
The balcony was also good nd the best was in that blo*dy room na???
S: dev…Wat r u saying?.. Dev look…
D: without thinking anything…He smashed his lips on her nd harshly kissed her while Sona was shocked…Wat she thought and dev …Was all finished…She still have hope that dev is just jealoused.
Sona tried to break the kiss unable to bear his torture nd mistakenly slapped dev.
Dev furiously looked at Sona…
While Sona went back…Dev suddenly grabbed her hair nd pulled her towards him.
He was nearly in his senses nd this his anger filled jealousy took control over him.
D: ohh so u like that cheapos kiss? How did he kiss you? Haan..Tell me!!
S: ahh dev I’m getting hurt!!
D: ohh so u r getting hurt from this much…I will leave u but first tell me…How nd where did he touch u?
Touched her arms..Here? Touched her neck..Here?…Touched her face..Here? Or touched her lips …Here?
Sona stared at him …She felt disgusted with the way dev behaved…Her tears made way through her eyes…She wanted to run from him…
D: tell me naa? How did he touch u?
Ohh god…I’m sure he mustn’t be better that me…Hey let me touch u…Haan…Let me…I’m sure u will love it.
This was it for Sona…For years she had heard taunts for being unfortunate for her parents…Taunts of being an orphan…Taunts of being poor…But no one ever questioned or pointed her character…

As dev came close to her…Sona slapped him hard on his face nd ran from there.

Episode ends******
Sorry for making u guys wait for so long…But I was busy…Hope u guys understand!!

Stay tuned to know wat will happen to dev – sona’s loverstory…With it ever be a love story…Or it will turn into a hatestory?
Will Sona be able to ever forgive dev?
Will dev realise his mistake…Or will lose Sona forever?

Thank u all!!
Aarohi.. Sighing off

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