Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkb)

Paris…. Country of love …Passion
What am I doing here?!! The girl who runs from the word love….Wai is she doing here?
Whatever…I’m here for my vacation at my frnds house for two months.
Ohh sorry I forgot to give my intro… I’m Sonakshi… Sonakshi Bose…Naam toh suna hi hoga?
Chalo leave all this bakwas. I’m 26 years old…A doctor by profession…But a full jungleee…
I live my life to fullest nd love dancing on songs ( obviously when I’m alone)
I love kids nd dogs!!

Alas ! I’m here at the airport looking for my bestiii who I guess like always have forgotten to pick me up nd I swear I will kick her once I see her ,if she has forgotten ?.
But there she is!!!!!

*****End of sona’s POV
Sona: hey you stupid little fellow…I have been waiting for 1/2 an hour nd here u r flirting wid boys!!!!!
Elena: cool down sona….I’m sorry but wat to do that guy was really cute,?
Sona: …..
Elena: sona sorry na plsss??
Sona : it’s okay but don’t hug me….Stay away creepo!!!

At Elena’s home
Note: Elena stays wid one more girl who is a mother of a little boy( ayaan)
He is just 5 years old….Cutooo( u all can imagine him to be golu)

Elena: hey Aisha where is champ?
See I have got him a company….
Sona: wat the hell look
Aisha: it’s okay Sona….My darling is very intelligent…Nd this ele is just jealoused of him coz according to my champ she is an idiot…

Sona nd Aisha????

Ayaan: hi Sona di!!!
I’m ayaan …U can call me golu…I’m chubby naa
Nd from now I declare u my girlfriend coz u r very beautiful…After some time we will open our detective company …Wats sayyy
Sona , Aisha an Elena shocked
Sona: it’s okay but don’t u think u r too young for me…I mean you need to grow up dude..
Ayaan: wait for me for sometime I will will grow tall till u …U see I drink milk every day naa,?
Sona: okayyy golu from now on u r my bf?

At night
Sona’s POV
I’m soo tired …I guess becoz of jetlag
But I must say Aisha nd golu r soo adjusting nd loving…I just feel like I’m back to my family.
Golu is really a good company nd for n orphan girl like me…It’s like I have got my family back!!!
Just hope that these two months change my life…..

End of sona’s POV*******

Hi everyone I’m aarohi …
If u like the starting pls do comment I know I haven’t given u a plot…But I’m sure u all will like the story.
Nd yes Dev will come in the next episode
Till then enjoy nd stay for n fine


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