Itna Karon Na Mujhe Pyaar By Ruhi

Hi guyzz!! This is Ruhi. I m a very big fan of Kabir & Sanchi . As a writer l m new here. But l m an old reader. I read some of the writings of u. And believe me u r amazing.
Trishu di, Abhilasha di, Niyu di, Anne di, Khamoshi, Asnita di, Jessica di & the rest (sorry l couldn’t write everyone’s name) u guyz are just awesome. Being inspired by you l have started to write. Hope you will support me & love me.

So now l start with the introduction.

All the characters are same in this fan fiction like Savitri Devi College and Hospital serial. And the plot is also like the story now going on in the show.

The scene starts from when Dr. Kabir decided to propose Sanchi. Veer is also getting ready for dandiya night.

Kabir’s P.O.V:

Oh God! Is this me? I never thought l’ll fall in love. Is that true or not?! Sanchi u changed everything a lot. Actually u changed me.

Veer’s P.O.V:

Miss Golgappa how much jealous u were ! I noticed. Now this is the right time to propose you my love. I know u won’t say no. I really love you a lot Sanchi. l can’t think of my Life without you.

Sanchi’s P.O.V:
What does Veer think of himself? I said sorry so many times but he is still not forgiving me. Stubborn!! Anyway I hope Kabir sir gets his love tonight.

Three of them were in front of Mata Rani’s idol. All of them were with their prayers but all three’s prayer can’t be granted at the same time.
Now let’s see what’s gonna be happened.
So guys tell me did you like it? Should l continue? Please tell me ur views. Whether it’s good or bad l m gonna take it as complement & learning. So please do share your views.


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  1. Trisha139

    Welcome to TU as a writer ruhi and ofcourse to our Kanchi family ! A great start sweetie keep going we would love to read ! Glad u liked my wiritngs too dear !
    Take care

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot for your comment. U have become my inspiration of writing here. u can’t think how much happy l m. Thanks a lot. by

  2. Neha7873

    Its really a mindblowing blowing concept Ruhi ! Would love to seee what happens next ..continue soon .good luck for your journey …Love you

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much. I m overwhelmed. I read your writings too & they r lovely. Love you too

  3. Khamoshi

    Hey Ruhi..WELCOME ON SDCH WRITER CATEGORY ??. it was amazing dear.. concept wise we can relate it very easily as this is all gonna happen in serial thats the plus point for ur ff dear. The way u explained and described the situation is so simple to imagine..u r absolutely a good writer so don’t have fear of new comer…u r really a born writer and u proved this in ur 1st article only. So good luck for that.
    And Thanks for taking me as ur inspiration..i am too learning from other gr8 writers and i will surely looking forward for ur episodes to learn from u dear .
    Lots of love sweetie .

    1. Ruhanika188

      Aww! Thanks a lot di. Ur comment is making me feel so special. Thank you very much for all your compliments. Means a lot for me. Please continue reading my ff & tell me ur view. Love you

  4. Awesome super fabulous fantastic update soon

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. Yah will try to update soon

  5. Its good Dr pls make kanchi pair..

  6. RuCh23

    Welcome Ruhi ??? I really like the way you described the story ??? please continue ???

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot for ur comment. It means a lot.

  7. We are like that….. please continue this story yarrr

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. Will continue

  8. One more sweet lil sis…aww, i fall from bed from so much happiness & love…..First of all a warm welcome lil sis on our kanchi group…..It’s a honour for me that u write my writing though i am not a very good writer….About ur witing….you done great job….u just nailed it sweetie…..this one track is thousand times better than Original & Pakau SDCH . I don’t believe, this is ur first time……A big congrats to u for ur first ff…..lots of love to u sweetie & a big teddy hug for u. Keep writing like this.


    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks for welcoming me. U r a very good writer. I love ur writing di. In fact all of you write here so well! I m in love with ur writings di. And a biggy hug to u too. Love u.

  9. like * in place of write sweetie.

  10. Riyarocks

    a warm welcome to kanchi family dear………& we would really luv to read ur plot…….plz continue writing……….luv u loads sweetieeeeee…………..

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you. Thank you so much. please keep reading & sharing ur views. Love u too.

  11. Palak.Sharma

    First off Welcome Ruhi as a writer and to our Kanchi group. Amazing start, its a great concept. Please continue!!

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. Yah will continue. Please keep reading.

  12. Niyaaa

    Hey ruhi first of all welcome on TU nd on sdch page nd mostly in our kanchi family.. Loved the way u described and portrayed the character sketch it just sipmly amaz plzz continue it we r waitting for ur ist epi..bye tc lovv u sweety

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot Niyaa di. It means a lot. Please keep reading my ff & give ur feedback. Love u loads.

  13. Anee

    HeY Ruhi A warm welcome in Our Grand Kaanchi family…..Your pick very nice plot…..really enjoyable….yes y not you should have to continue it…And glad that you are liking my writings…luv uh dear post soon.

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank u so much Anee di. U guys r inspiring me a lot. Thank you. Please keep reading my ff. Love u

  14. Niyaaa

    And ruhi dear ur ff title name i just loved it

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much sweetie

  15. Firstly welcome to kanchi family my sisy. Sorry for late actually I was busy. Anways ruhi it’s awesome superb mindblowing ravishing lovely and outstanding. Make it kanchi pair it’s not a order but request from ur sisy. Pliz continue. Love you loads sisy

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank u so much. Say it as an order. Whether it’s ur order or request for me it’s a command. I will try my best to make it something that all of you will love. Love u

  16. Moonlight25

    Ruhi dear….it was such a great start and welcome to kanchi family and from the start I can say you are an amazing writer…..just fell in the love from the first epi….love you loads…and plz post ASAP….its a big YESSSS FROM ME..❤❤❤

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. Love u loads too. Please do read my ff & give feedback like this. Thanks

  17. U shoulr really continue it….. Update soon

  18. Dhruti

    i like your ff…it was superb, mind blowing ff and yes continue this ff and can’t wait for next one so update soon….

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much.

  19. Sajnana900

    Hey dear Ruhi
    Welcome in kanchi family as a writer
    And i must say u r improving ur self at the very first epi keep it up dear
    And ya post nxt part asap

    1. Ruhanika188

      thanks a lot

  20. Yaashi23

    Hii dear ruhi, first of all,BIG WALA WELCOME TO U as a writer on TU and teaser was amazing . Title is also amazing… keep it up. Luv u loads sweetie.. give next part soon

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much. Love u loads

  21. AnahitaAnnie

    A big welcome to TU Ruhi!!!! *confetti falls* on your very first day you started off with a bang and I am loving how you are connecting the show with your stupendous writing.. and I am very excited to see more from you.. keep going!!!?

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot di. I m so happy that u all reacted such a sweet way. This makes me feel so happy. thanks. I already submitted the first part. please read & share ur views.

  22. Abhilasha

    First of all a very warm welcome to u dear ……ruhi dear really i will love to read further and i know u will rock on !!! All the best !!! And post soon!! Luv uh lots!!

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. already posted. Please keep supporting like this

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