Suman come home. Everyone welcome her. Naanu does her aarti. he asks Suman to go and take rest in her room.She goes to her room and sees a letter. On the top it was written “welcome back Suman”
Suman-oh thank you
But suddenly she realises through the handwriting that it was written by Shravan. She gets teary eyes.

FB starts–
Suman and Shravan are the college buddies. The both are best friends. For Suman its friendship but for Shravan its love. Every time Suman needed help Shravan was there for help. He would sacrifice his sleep his food everything. And everytime at last of any matter this convo happened.
Suman- why did u do this cant u say it to much always sacrifice everything to me
Shravan- i do it because maine kiya hai tumse pyaar
Suman- then itna karo na muje pyaar..
Suman would think he loved her as friend.

One day in the prom shravan decided to tell the everything that he loves her.
Shravan – ms Suman i love u i really love u bt not as friend as my life patner
Suman was shocked to listen this. She got angry and said
Suman- what do u think shravan i love u i always considered u as my best friend. I have goals to reach. And do u think that those little sacrifice would make me fall in love with u no never. U have not at all given me anything. When u give me ur heart that day i will see.
Shravan got teary eyes. Suman also saying this fell unconscious. Shravan took her to the hospital . Doctor told that her heart was very week and if she didn’t get heart then she would die in 1 yr.
Shravan recalled Suman’s words and says-
Shravan- m ready to give my heart take my heart doctor.
Doctor- we don’t have any problem bt what about u
Shravan- its ok doctor i don’t want to live
Doctor- ok we would do her operation
Shravan- pls doc just give me one day to meet everyone.
Doc- ok u may go
Shravan- thank u doc.
He goes from there and meet every imp person and then wrote a letter to Suman.
He kept it on the desk.
And the nxt day he became a history.
Suman was kept in the hospital for 2 months after the transplant
FB ends———-

She read the letter———
Hi Suman!! I am shravan . You remember me ri8 naa. Actually i wanted to say something to u. But first see there is a CD with this letter see it.(it cointained Shravan singing yahi hoon mai) I love u Suman I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH And Suman i proved it. Now you must be thinking that why am i not saying this because i know that ‘we are just friends’ and you have a dream. I don’t know when you would be reading this but i am not able to come to u and say it directy because i donated my heart to someone who was in need of it and u know who the person is. Its u Suman its u. Yes i donated my heart to u because if my love is without sacrifice it is selfish. Such a love is barter , for there is exchange of love and devotion in return for something, it is a conditional love. But my love is unconditional. I thought to live with your heart till the time it was working but then everything has become so tiring, i would rather let go and rest because your something was my everything. You thought that my sacrifices were nothing but for me they were everything. And yes don’t feel i left u every sunray that would fall on u every wind touching ur lips remember Suman its me. I would like to born again and fall in love with u again for infinite years and keep sacrificing for u for like this only. And yes i did this because Maina kiya hai tumse pyaar…………
Byee Suman hope we meet in next birth
I love u Suman
Tears roll down from Suman’s cheeks and fall on the word love written at last in the letter.
Suman murmured- Itna karo naa muje pyaar………..
Ignore the mistakes plss..

So this was all probably the last article in EDKV page as no one mostly like my work.I had some ideas in my mind to write but no one really liked it so byeee guys………..
And please do comment on this and tell me how was it please……….

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  1. hey ishita superb os. it was very emotional one. I just loved it yaar. & who told you that nobody like your articles. I like them. no acchuly I loved them….
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    please continue yaar…….
    loads of love & take care.. see you.

    1. IME

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    2. IME

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  2. It’s soooo emotional as well as very good. Feeling really bad for Shravan.?

    1. IME

      Thank you dear
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  3. Nikita

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    His was splendid! I lovee youu!!

    1. IME

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  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG so emotional yaar Ishu!!! And u r amazing just love ur stories and Shravan died? :O no! 🙁 So Shravan donated his heart to Sumo, so now she realised how much he loved her :,( but ya thank u so much for this os keep it up 🙂

    1. IME

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  5. It was fabulous…..pls don’t stop writing…….we love what u post……?

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  6. Christie123

    Hey ishita really sorry for late comment. It was really emotional and fabulous!!! I just loved it. Pls don’t stop writing. I love your writings a lot…??

    1. IME

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  7. Prettypreeti

    Ohh ishu emotional emotinal and emotionall.y heart is filled up..u know u r marvellous…sorry for beinglate but i loved it…
    U r awesome..
    Remember me??

    1. IME

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