Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar By Ruhi Episode 3

Hey guys!! This is Ruhi back again. Thank u guys for your love in the previous episode. Before submitting this episode l have replied all in the comment section. A big hug to you all.
Let’s start.

Kabir & Sanchi came back to hospital.
Kabir went to his cabin without saying anything.
Sanchi was looking at him with teary eyes.

At hostel room:
Sanchi was lying on the bed & crying vigorously.
S: Aise kaise kar sakte h Dr Kabir mere sath? Mujhse thik se bat tak nhi kr rhe h. Why do l care? He can do whatever he wants. I was the one who rejected him.

Prasha came there. They saw saanchi crying like that.
P: Kya hua?
S: kuch nhi. Bas thoda …
P: jhoot mat bol.
I: what happened?
This time saanchi hug them.
They look at each other. Sanchi tells them she was Missing her dad. She didn’t want to make them tensed.
Next day at canteen:
Sanprasha were sitting there. Veer comes there.
V: hlw sweetie
P&l; hum bhi h yaha!!
V: oh ha. Toh kaise ho betal 1 & 2
P: oye nalayak tumhara mu todh dungi batarahe h hum.
V: sorry sorry
Sanchi was not listening anything. Her mind was stuck in yesterday’s incident.
V: Kya hua miss Golgappa bat toh karo..
P: Abeo maharani
Isha touches Sanchi’s hand & then she comes to sense.
S: ha bolo
P: Matlab tum kuch suna nhi
S: woh Mai kuch important soch rhi thi
V: mujhse jyada important Kya h tumhare liya ha?!!
S: Study! Study k bare mei soch rhi thi.
Pragya laughs.
V: I wish I could kill it.
S: veer tum bhi na.
She smiles a lil.
But Isha understands that something is bothering Sanchi.
At evening:

Kabir goes back to house.
Kusum saw him. His eyes were saying how was he.
Kusum: golu let’s drink tea sitting together
K: Maa if u don’t mind can I attend an important meeting.
Kusum: but Golu
K: ma it’s really important.
He leaves.
Kusum understands that Kabir is trying to hide his pain.
K: I m sorry ma. But mujhe pata h ap mere chera dekhk samajh jati ho sab. I can’t hurt u more.
Suddenly he hears some sound & looks behind. He was shocked to see kusum lying on the ground.
Kabir runs to her. And rushes to sdch with her.
He was sobbing. His eyes were full of tear. Dr Malhotra & Veer goes in operation theater. That time was in library. She hears a nurse saying other that Dr Kabir’s mom had an heart attack. She was shocked to hear. She runs to Kabir. She sees him sitting on the ground in front of OT.
Sanchi goes near him. He was sitting like a statue. Some were telling him that everything will be alright. But he wasn’t listening anything. Sanchi signals them to go.
Sanchi puts a hand on his shoulder. Kabir doesn’t move.
S: Dr Kabir. Please listen to me. Look at me. Aunty will be alright. Dr Kabir…
Kabir was still in the same position.
This time Sanchi jerks him & makes him face towards her.
S: Sun rhe h ap!! Sab thik ho jayega. Ap aise rahenge toh aunty ko koun sambhalega.
Sanchi sees tears started to flow from his eyes.
Sanchi wipes his tear. Kabir looks at her. Without thinking anything he hugs her & started to cry like a baby.
Sanchi also hugs him back.
K: Everytime God do this to me. First he took away my dadi. Then my dad who was my Best friend. Then he took away u & now is after my mom’s life.
Listening this tear skipped from her eyes. Kabir doesn’t realize what he said.
Sanchi hugs him tightly. Her hands were caressing his hair.
K: he wants to take everything from me. Then why don’t he take me? Everything will be solved.
This time she breaks the hug.
S: Don’t u dare to talk like this. If u say like this then I…
Kabir was shocked to see her concern.
K: Then you?
Sanchi has no words. She was thinking what she will do?
That time one nurse came out of OT. Kabir rushes to her.
K: how is ma?
Nurse remain quiet.
K: For God sake tell how is she.
Sanchi also goes to her.
S: kaisi h aunty?
N: nothing can’t be said now.
Both Sanchi & Kabir understand she was not well.
Kabir sits on the ground. He started to cry vigorously. Sanchi goes near him. She puts her hand on his shoulder.
2 hours later:
Dr Malhotra came out of the OT along with his team.
Kabir goes to him.
D: don’t worry my son she is okay.
Kabir was relieved.
D: but u have to be careful. She shouldn’t have any kind of stress.

Sanchi goes before matarani’s idol & thanks her.

Kusum’s cabin:
Ks: Golu
She slowly opens her eyes
Kb: ma. Kaisi h ap?
Ks: mujhe Kya hoga? Mai toh khadoos Kabir ka ma hu. Lord Yama even will not come near me.
Kabir laughs.
Ks: Golu I have a wish.
Kb: what?
Ks: I wanna see ur wife. Ur family.
Kb: ma I don’t like shadi & all the staffs
Ks: no Kabir. At least try to move on. U promise me that u will get married to the girl whom I’ll choose.
This time Sanchi comes there to see kusum.
K: Okay ma. I will marry the girl whom u want.
Ks gives him a happy look.
Sanchi was shocked. She runs from there.
S: how can he get married? Someday ago he was saying he loves me. Now what happened? He can’t do this.

K: ma k liye mai kuch bhi kar sakti hu. I will marry the girl whom ma wants.

Precap: New entry. Jealous Sanchi. Kanchi coming closer. Trust test between Kabir & Veer.

I know this episode was boring. But it was really needed for the story. From next episode u will get more of kanchi.


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  1. RuCh23

    Awesome epi Ruhi ??? now thigs will be interesting ??? the convo between Sanchi and Kabir was so emotional ??? loved it yaar waiting for the next part ???

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much. Please keep reading

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    Ruhi dear…….this was amazing……..too good……………oho…sanchi in a jealous avtaar, interesting to read this…….eagerly waiting for ur nxt update………luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee……….

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      Thanks a lot di. Love u too

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  4. Interesting story

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    Awsome epi ruhi ohho so sanchi jealous kya h yaar ye sanchi mujhe to samajh hi nahi aata iska kuch.. Btw loved kanchi so kuch bhi ho atlast kanchi pair up ho to main khush hun.. Post nxt asap dear.. Tc

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      Thanks. Please do comment after reading. It gives inspiration to write

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    awesome ff…….sacchi me aaj to rula diya ruhi tumne………..but ff was superb and sanchi and kabir’s conversation was so emotional and heart touching ?? ………… entry and sanchi will super jealous and show her anger and confess her feeling to kabir………update soon please please can’t wait for next one…………love you ruhi……….and…………………….

    1. Ruhanika188

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