Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar By Ruhi Episode 2

Hi guys!! This is your Ruhi back again. Thanks for ur immense love & support. I tried to reply everyone in previous episode. But if l Missed anyone then sorry. A big hug to u all.

At Savitri Devi College and Hospital:
Kanchi came to sense. Saanchi feels embarrassed.
S: Thank…
before she could complete Kabir speaks up.
k: go back to ur work.

He leaves.
S: How can he be so rude to me? He is behaving as if nothing happened. Anyway why do l care?

After sometimes:
Saanchi was in record room to collect some files. Veer enters. He locks the door. Veer goes near Sanchi & hugs her from behind.
S: Veer what r u doing?
v: Shut up for 2 min please
s: someone may come.
V: hahaha no one will come. I have locked the door.
s: what!! This is wrong. Open the door.

Kabir’s cabin:
A nurse came running there.
k: Kya hua?
N: Sir the door of record room is not opening.
Kabir remembers Dr Ahuja told him that Sanchi is going to bring the file frm record room.
He became worried.
He tells the nurse to leave & goes towards the R.R running with kye
He opens the door.
Kabir in a worried tone: Sanchi tum thik toh ho?
Suddenly he saw Veer leaving Sanchi. He understands what was going there. Sanchi feels very ashamed & sad as well. She can see the pain in his eyes.
s: sir woh…. hum..
Kabir leaves from there.
V: Dr Kabir ko Kya hua?
s: shut up Veer. tumhare liye ye sab hua.
v: but!..
before he could complete Sanchi leaves from there.

Days were passing usually. Kabir was trying his best to ignore Sanchi. Veer & Sanchi were coming closer. But Sanchi herself somewhere was not happy.


N: highway k pas ek accident hua h. Dr Kabir u have to rush.
k: okay l m going. send one intern
N: yah sure
Kabir goes.

Nurse saw Sanprasha & tell any of them should join Dr Kabir. Sanchi wanted to talk to Dr Kabir. So she went.

Kabir saw Sanchi coming.
K: Oh God!! Why u always play such games with me?
Sanchi came & sat beside him.
S: I m sorry sir
k: For what
s: Sir for everything. U know l felt so bad.
k: don’t be sorry. I have nothing for u in my heart now. so relax
Sanchi was lil bit shocked listening that.
They reached there & treated the injured
Kabir hears a conversation
P1: Why did you come in front of the car to save me?
P2: What should l do? I can’t see u in trouble because l love u.
K: U hv got such a loving partner. Always be with her. u r fortunate that u loved the right person. Because if u chose anyone wrong the u would have regret for the rest of ur life
Sanchi hears Kabir.
S: I don’t know why m l feeling like this. I love Veer then why?
The lady saw Sanchi standing & having a sad face.
L: Itna pyar krti ho toh kehte q nhi? say him that u love him. I have seen immense love for u in his eyes.
Sanchi feels that tear skipped from her eyes. All the patients were shifted from there.
Kabir was in the car. Sanchi was going to him.
Suddenly some goons came there.
G1: Kya bat h subah subah aisa pari samne aagyi!
Sanchi was walking fast to the car.
G2: Look at her figure. She is too hot.
One grabbed Sanchi’s hand.
This time Kabir comes out of the car. He looks at Sanchi. Her eyes were explaining how much frightened she was.
k: Leave her
G1: kyun ! tera biwi h Kya
One of them tries to go near Sanchi. this time Kabir started to hit them brutally.
Sanchi was frightened but she knew that she was safe.
When all of them were on the ground Kabir comes near her.
k: Sanchi tum thik toh ho? don’t be afraid. I m here With u. I will not let anything bad happen to u. u means ev…..
saying so he realized what he was saying. He stopped.
This time Sanchi hugs him & started to cry vigorously.
He wanted to hug her back. But he stopped thinking he should control his feelings. Sanchi hugs him more tightly.
S: u risked ur life for me. kyun?
Kabir closes his eyes. His tear was dropped on hr shoulder. She could understand that he was crying.

Sanchi looks at him.But Kabir wipes his tears.

K: Tumhare jagah koi aur hota toh bhi mai yahi karta.
Tumhe andaza bhi nhi h k mai kitna pyar krta hu tumhe (in mind)

s: kyun krte ho itna pyar mujhse?(in mind)
Screen freezes on their eye lock.

Precap: Kusum’s illnesses. Anand started to play the DVD. New

So how was it? Please don’t forget to share your views.


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  1. Dhruti

    dear ff was superb but a little emotional too….i really bad for kabir and sanchi also……..update next one soon………..can’t wait for it……………

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot. I also feel bad to write this separation between Kanchi. But it was needed for the story.

  2. Wowwww it’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome superb fantastic marvelous fabulous u nailed it sweetie. Waiting for next part. Love you loads

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much di. Love you too

  3. Sanveer

    IGREAT CHAPTER?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. amazing

  5. Neha7873

    Nice one Ruhi …update soon

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      thanks. Will try my best to update soon

  6. Amazing

  7. Palak.Sharma

    YOU ARE AMAZING!! Every scene was short and quick but left a great impact and the last scene reminded me of Kal Ho Naa Ho when Naina found out about Aman. ?? Best Bollywood Movie!!! Anyway great episode really looking forward to more

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks you so much di. It means a lot. And Kal ho naa ho is my favorite movie also

  8. Hey my sweet lil sis….u just nalied it sweetie….so emotional episode….awesome… too fan of jenny….luv u soo much & a big jaddo ki jhappi for my lil sis.Do update soon dear.

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank u niyu di. Hi5. I m a die-hard fan of Jennifer. Love u too

  9. Priyanshipp

    Fabulous. I hope same happens in show too nd kaanchi get paired asap. Post soon

  10. Niyaaa

    Hey ruhi awsome epi dear but emotional too.. i really feel bad for kabir… Kaash seriel wale tumse thodi akal le jayein .. Lovv u sis post nxt asap

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks a lot di.

  11. Moonlight25

    Ruhi…just loved it…..although felt bad for Kabir……amazing dear…you are really talented….post you loads ❤❤❤

    1. Ruhanika188

      thanks. I also felt bad for Kabir. love you

  12. Khamoshi

    Amazing Ruhi.. update soon. Hapoy to know that u r too writing Kanchi ff.. ?

    1. Ruhanika188

      thank you so much

  13. Riyarocks

    too good ruhi dear……….emotional bhi tha saath main kabir ke liye, I felt bad…….can’t wait for the nxt one……..luv u sweetieeeee ………..

    1. Ruhanika188

      Love u too di

  14. Trisha139

    Ufff I have no words just “superb” !!! U rocked it yaar nailed it !! Do continue soon !!! Keep it up ! Loads of love to u ruhi

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  16. Update soon…. Amazing story

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    It was amazing Ruhi… Brilliant… Superb.. Loved it ❤

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