Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar By Ruhi Episode 1

Hi guys!! This is Ruhi back again. I m so overwhelmed that u have given such amazing responses to my ff’s intro. It feels so good. Trisha di, Anee di, Niyu di, Khamoshi, Ashnita di, Riya di, RuCh23, Neha di, Niyaaa di , palak di , moonlight & many others who encouraged me thnx a lot guys. A big hug to u all.

So let’s start.

At Savitri Devi College And Hospital:

Adarsh: Bhaiya look at this.
Anand: What is this?
Adr: Play this DVD. U will get to Know
And Look l don’t have time for ur stupidity.
Adr: Please. Just check once.
And: okay will watch it tomorrow. Now l m going to attend a very important meeting. don’t disturb me.

Kapoor Mansion:

Kusum: Golu how much time will u take?

Kabir: yah l m done.

Kusum: Kya bat hai! Mai toh tujhe exams k din bhi itna tensed nhi dekha?

Kabir: Maa! U know it’s n important day.

Kusum: ys ys l knw. Go. All the best.

Malhotra House:

Savitri comes to Veer’s room.
S: What’s the matter? My son is looking so happy today
V: ys ma. I m very happy today.
S: What’s the matter?
V: I m gonna propose Sanchi.
S: wow!!! That’s a very good news. All the best.

Sanprasha reached to the venue.

Pragya: Isha I m hungry.
Isha: What? We just reached & u r already hungry.
P: yes I m. Any problem?
Pragya signals Isha.
S: Kya hua? What’s the matter?
Isha understands pragya’s signal.
I: Dekh na Sanchi! She is hungry.
S: okay chalo let’s eat something
I: are nhi nhi! Tum kaise ja sakti ho!!
S: what?
P: Isha is gonna make me killed (in mind)
P: kuch nhi. U wait here. What if Kabir sir comes? What will he think?
Sanchi thinks a lil & says yes.
S: but please come fast.
Prasha leaves.
Sanchi was waiting in the venue for Dr Kabir.
There was so much noise.
Suddenly she feels someone is dragging her.
Sanchi is gonna look behind but the person makes her blindfolded.
Sanchi is about to shout. The person puts his finger on her lips.

Sanchi feels that she knows the touch. So she became quiet.
The person take her in his arms & started to walk. To his wonder Sachi didn’t scream. She also didn’t know why haven’t she.
The person takes her to a calm place. As she was blindfolded so she couldn’t see the decorations of the place. But she could sense the scented candles & the beautiful smell of her favorite flower. A soft music was playing.

Will unfold the mystery of the person a lil bit later. So here using P* for that person.

Sanchi feels two arms r taking over her hands from behind. Sanchi shivers. He comes more closer to her. Now she can feel his breath on her shoulder.

The person whispers: Sanchi u don’t know what u mean for me. I m here & l can’t believe that l m going to propose any girl. I mean this is unbelievable. But yah u made my life. U changed me. I have started to fall for u. I don’t know whether it is called love or not. But u appear every night in my dreams. I feel I just keep watching u all day long. For ur smile l can fight with the whole world. I really want to be with you. So miss Sanchi Agarwal will u be mine?

Sanchi smiles a.Then she removes his hands from hers & takes the the blindfold off. She looks behind with a big smile on her face.
But as soon as she looks behind her smile disappeared.
S: Kabir sir!!
She was shocked.
K: Yes Sanchi. I love u a lot.

Now he is on his knee & offers her the ring.

Sanchi took some time to come out of shock.

S: Sorry sir but l can’t take this.
This time Kabir was shocked.
K: What?
S: yes l can’t take it. I don’t love you.
The ring falls from his hand. He stands up.
K: Sanchi please mera bat toh suno. Please take ur time & give ur answer later. But don’t say no.
S: Sorry sir. But l don’t want any time. I know what l m saying.
Sanchi was about to go when Kabir holds her hand. He jerks her hand. She hits on his chest.

K: kyun nhi pyar kar sakti ho mujhse? Am I that bad?
Sanchi screams & says: because l love Veer.
“I love Veer” this sound echoes in Kabir’s ears. He leaves her hands. He was completely shattered.
Sanchi looks into his eyes & sees he was in tears. His eyes were saying how much hurt he was.
Sanchi feels bad for her.
S: Sir I m sorry. Extremely sorry. But I hope u understand. Sir I …
Before she could complete Kabir says: Sanchi jao tum veer k pas. Please don’t try to make me understand.

Saying this Kabir leaves from there. Sanchi was also in tears. She was feeling very bad for Kabir.

Veer comes there searching Sanchi. He sees the decorations.
V: lagta h pragya ne sab bata diya Sanchi ko! Uss betal-1 se ek Kam nhi hota thik se.

Sanchi looks at Veer

Veer goes near her. He takes her hands into his.
V: l m sorry Miss Golgappa. I Was just acting to be angry. U did right.
Sanchi tries to bring a smile on her face.
V: I love you very much.
Sanchi was happy.
V: yah l do. Will u be mine?
Sanchi becomes happy & hugs him tightly. He also hugs her back.
Sanchi closes her eyes. Suddenly Kabir’s teary eyes comes in hr mind. She became upset.
S: I m sorry sir
Veer: what?
S: nothing. I was saying l m very happy
Veer laughs & hugs her tightly.

Kabir came back home & went to his room.
Kusum was shocked to see him like this. She goes behind him.
Kabir sits beside the window. Kusum was scared to see her only son like this.
Kusum: Golu!
Kusum skipped a beat when she saw him The angry khadoos Kabir was crying. His eyes were fully red.
He hugs her & cries vigorously.
Kabir: Maa l lost her.
Scene shifted to SDCH hostel.
Prasha was excited to knw how veer proposed her.
P: Abeo aur kitna der lagaoge. Batao na Kya hua?
I: ha please tell quickly.
S: guys l m too tired. Not in mood of talking. Talk to u later.
She goes to her bed & pretends to sleep.
I&P: ise Kya hua!!
Nxt morning:
Sanchi was nervous to face Kabir. she thought to meet hr mom.
J: Kya hua beta tu thik to hai!
S: l m perfect. Apse milne ka man kar rha tha. So l came.
Jaya smiles.
Sanchi puts her head on Jaya’s lap.
S: ma papa ap se bahut pyar krta tha?
Jaya smiles a bit.
J: Hmm Sanchi pyar to krta tha. Pr usse bhi jyada mujh pr bharosa krta tha teri papa.
S: bharosa?!
J: ha beta. Bharosa, faith, believe call it whatever. This is the main thing which should b between lovers. This faith keep their love alive.

Scene shifted to SDCH.

Kabir comes to his cabin.
K: I need time. I need to compose myself. Neither l can face Sanchi nor I can stay upset in front of maa. Oh God! Please bring me out of this situation.

Sanprasha came to the class.
They sat on their seats.
Veer comes there.
he sits behind Sanchi.
Veer whisper into her ears.
V: hlw sweetie!
Sanchi smiles listening his voice.
S: veer!
V: yes me. Wht r u doing in this boring class. Let’s go from here.
S: no veer. I have to stay in the class & u also have to.
V: Kya Sanchi! Tum itna unromantic q ho!!
He makes face.
Dr Ahuja entered into the class.
A: so interns today l will take ur class.
He started his class.
P: Dr Kabir ko Kya hua?
I: hm class mei q nhi aya?
P: pata nhi . It’s surprising.
Sanchi hears all these. She ws worried.

After sometimes:

P: let’s go to canteen
I: hmm I wanna have green tea.
S: guys u carry on l m coming.
She leaves.

She saw Dr Kabir talking with someone. She goes there. The person leaves. Kabir looks at Sanchi.

S: Oh God! What l’ll say!!

K: Yes Dr Sanchi.
Sanchi was a lil surprised to listen such a calm voice.

S: woh.. sir.. mai..
K: Dr Sanchi if you have anything to say? If not then leave.
Sanchi was nervous because she didn’t know what she should say.
So she decides to leave.
But suddenly she slips & closes her eyes. Kabir holds her. Sanchi has still kept her eyes closed.
Kabir looks at her. She was looking very innocent & beautiful as always.
Sanchi looks at him.

She was trying 2 read his eyes.
K: Sanchi don’t make it so difficult fr me. Please stay away frm me. If u cm closer to me like this l’ll nt b able to make myself understand that u belong to someone else. (in mind)
S: Kabir sir why u r so difficult. Yesterday I saw somethng in ur eyes ystrday & now somethng else.I always fail to understand u.(in mind)

That’s all for now.It’s my first ever writing. Forgive me if l have written anything wrong


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  1. Hi Ruhi
    Welcome here dear .
    Hope u will like our family
    And second thing is that it was totally adorable thumbs up ? ? ? ? loved it
    Sooo much creativity in your writing that’s amazing
    Keep it up
    Can’t wait for next again loved that???

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you so much for ur warm welcome. And yah l like this Kanchi family. actually l loved this. Please keep supporting like this

  2. Dhruti

    just simple and perfect. ff……i like this….but a little sad for kabir…….can’t wait for next one update soon ……………..i think show me bhi esa hoga…….fingers crossed and hope for kanchi………tc…………..

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thanks. stay glued. And yes hoping for kaanchi in the show

  3. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. It was mind blowing.

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    Great Episode!! So sad for Kabir… hopefully in the next few updates it will be better for him. But overall it was good loved the details and how this wasn’t stretched. Keep it up

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    Ruhi amazing lil sis yahi toh tha jo main serial main dekhna chahti thi……but my bad luck but now you come to fulfill my wish great work dear………..How I praise ur writing I don’t understand….Keep writing. dear.

    1. Ruhanika188

      Thank you sooooo much Anee di. I m so happy that u liked it. Keep supporting like this

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      Thanks Yaashi di. Love you too. Keep reading

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    and ek aur bath saari characters
    ko ek jaisa importance diya kisi character ko spoil nahi kiya nahi sanchi maatha ka nahi kabir ka veer ka!!!mujhe acha laga……….aapki story padke mera mood aur dimag ek dum fresh ho gaya……
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    1. Ruhanika188

      thank u so much. I wish l could write SDCH show plot. Keep reading & sharing your views like this. Love u

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      Thanks a lot Niyu di. I would try my best to improve my writing. keep supporting like this

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      I m feeling very good that u liked it. Thanks a lot. Keep reading & supporting like this

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