Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (kkb,matsh,ishqbaaz,kasam,beyhad) – Part 2

Ri;guys this too bad..whats happening here …

All get shocked by her sudden question..

Ar;what happened ?

Ri;look at our darlu…she didnt speak yet na..jiju too want to hear her sound right..hey na jiju..

Abhi look at pragya..

Pu;darlu, we knew you are controlling yourself..

Tanu;before she talk i will introduce her to you..

Ri,no tanuja..its who will do that ..

Ra;so what i will do..

Sali;you just stay like that rv..i will tell who is she..she is pragya arora..all in all in our home..

Bul;a nonstop express..abhi look at surprised..yes jiju..her bak..bak will not stop ..

Shi;actually we are really surprised to see her like this..

Ani;she is a book worm, actually it happen only night…all the day she is with us..

Ab;iam impressed..all started to laugh..abhi look at pragya..she is blushing which add her beauty..

Pur;darlu,now  just talk na look jiju is impatiently waiting to hear you..

Shi;dont make him wait more ..

Ani;i think we will give some space for them to talk..come on guys lets leave.. 

Now …me and my pragya aee alone ..we both look at each other and smiles..but haven’t talk anything a long silence…to maks her start, i asked her..’they all said you talk alot and wont close your mouth for even a second then what happened now..such a deep silence.. 

‘Talking with them and with you is really different abhi..sorry can i call you so’

‘Of course you continue’

‘Actually you openly speak up your idea about wife..i dont knew i can fulfill your expectations.but i will try for it’

‘You can pragya’

‘how can you trust me easily abhi?’

‘That i dont knew .but my heart says to trust you ‘. I smiled at the gang enters they cant talk more..

Pur;lets go down as everyone is waiting for you both.

Ab;of course.

We get down and inform that we are ready for marraige.all get glad and started to hug me and her..yes iam happy in that..i look at my dadi who was at peak of happiness.this is what i want too.
Dada; lets make their engangement faster na..

Dadi;of course we can..

After some chitchat we leaves..i reach my room and started to think about pragya..their darlu..i must give some name for her na..what will i give for her.  my usually called by everyone lady love..che…abhi..think something better yaar..then what will i call her..pragu..short form of that too not good..then what??

Abhi takes a paper and started to drew sketch of pragya..all that while he is smiling continously darlu is mine..mine forever..its written on it..he smiles and take his phone and started to dial some number..


Ah abhi..tell me..

Oh what a suprise you identify my sound just by hello..that much..

Hello..hey stop blabbering i have get your number through purab and thats why i identify you..

Is that so…

Haa..what you think abhi..

Abhi smiles sheeply and said nothing..k why you get my number..

Actually i knee you will call me if not i will call you…

You will call that to say that you dont like me that you are in relationship with anyone…

Arrey abhi..its all not for that..i think you watch a lot of movies right..

Actually i watch all the movies that too on first day..

Wow..abhi you are a business do you get time for that..

Actually pragya..everyone consider me as boring and because of that i dont have no much friends so i spend my free time by watching movie..and business and personal life shouldnt mix up na..

Abhi..actually you are too interesting..

Are you telling truth???

Ofcourse yaar..

K..then tell me what you want to talk…

Abhi..i dont want to hide anything from you..the family which you seen today has a dadu havent married anyone..the four son which he call as his sons was adopted blood relationship between each other..but they all consider each other as brothers and about me..iam too an orphan abhi…sarlamaa and shanker papa have  no children so they adopt me when i was 2 month old..and brought up as their daughter..abhi..everyone loves me lot and care me alot..its because of that they dont want to me feel as orphan..and may be by birth iam an orphan but i have everyone around me..this is the truth that i want to share with you..even knewing this too you have no problem to marry me then iam ready for it.if you have problem then you can tell openly.. there anything in it to tell no …no na..iam really ready for marraige and desparate to reach our marraige you knew how much iam happy to see your family…do you knew i have no one other than much loneliness i feel ..but in that case you are blessed na..and dont feel bad even iam be there with you..

Thanks abhi…

For what..??

For everything..k goodnight..sleep well..

So soon..

Ah..what i want to talk nothing to tell…so good night..

Hmm..good night..but my sleep has gone because of you pragya..

What i did abhi..

You stole my heart na..

Oyye..dramebaaz..stop filrting and sleep saying pragya cut phone and started to smile..

Abhi too smiles and jump into bed in excitement.. my darlu is talking with his hubby…pragya turns and sees her hang there..

You all ..when you came…

Ani;when you started to do romance with jiju…

Pragya blushes..

Shi;oh meri darlu is blushing…

Pr;dont pull my legs shivaay..if then i will break that  secret..

Pur;what secret darlu..

Shivaay plead before pragya not to say..

Pr,sorry now i cant say its secret between us..

Bul,this is cheating darlu..

Pr;some cheating are for good yaar..hey na anika..

Ani;why are you asking me  darlu..

Sali,if anything related to shivaay then we will ask to you na..thats the connection between you both na..

Anika and shivaaay look at each other and blushes…

Pr;not only that connection..some new connections too started..

Tanu;new connection..??

Ri;who is that jodi darlu..

All look at each other .

Episode ends..

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  1. Nice and abhi can use those nicknames na for pragya oops sorry for his pragya fuggy, chashmish in you dont mind you can please dont think I am ordering you.

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    It was cute and sweet specially the abhigya phone talk…post next soon haritha di…

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