Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (kkb,matsh,ishqbaaz,kasam,beyhad) – Part 1

A big mansion is shown…on its gate its written as Arora house.  A security opened the gate ..The car gets in and hearing the sound of car ,two persons comes out..their face is shown…

Shanker arora

Dadaji:shakthi arora

The door gets open an old lady comes out…

Its dalijeeth mehra…

With an handsome hunk with them..his face is not at all clear because of the brightness in his face..he take off his raybon glasses from his dashimg..suddenly huge no of people comes out…many auntyjis their daughters of teenage look at him with mouth open..

Why they all are looking at me like iam just like some celebrity..but i came her to see their daughter na..his thoughts get breaken by the call abhi…yes its abhishek prem mehra the great rockstar  .and his dadi…

Da;abhi..this is shanker and this is dadaji..this

Sarla arora…shanker ki pathni..dadi continues to explain each and every member..

Oh..dadi why are you making a long list..there are lot of people then how can i remember everyone..

Dadaji;its k just get have time to knew about us as you are going to become our damandji na..

Ab;(in mind) how can they simply finalise that i will agree to this marraige .if i dont like her then..

Da;abhi..what are you thinking..come with me..

I entered the mansion..ya its too big..more than my it needed na because a lot of people are living here .i can see smiling face everywhere. All are continously talking with each i seen everyone like this..i prayed to god that i must like her  because i need such a big family..for me my family is only my dadi…none is there for me other than her…my world is around her…inside her arms its my safest all of you knew i came to watch my girl , i dont knew if she will become mine or all happen they bring tea and snacks..a table full of items..

Dadaji;abhi..i knew you might quiet surprised by seeing our family..i have 4 sons..

Shanker,neil,ram ,raman…their wifes and 7 grand childrens our relatives..all are staying here…

Raman and ishita (4th son)

Ram and priya (1st son)

Neil and ragini (2nd)

Shanker and sarla (3rd son )

I smiled at him..

Da;no need to explain,  as i knew everything

Dadaji: you may knew dali, but he…

Ab;what dali??

Dadaji; oh, thats what i call her.she is my neighbour and classmate too abhi smiles..

Ram;abhi beta..have some thing..

I take a coffee cuo and it was that time i noticed something on upstairs  there i see 6 people standing and keep on watching this is the grand daughters..but where is the 7th one..oh she is the one iam going to see na.i just look down and concentrate on what they talking..
( do you guys want to knew who are those people…k i will show you…

Purab and bulbul (as iam showing them as pair because later it will happen na.. )

Ranveer and salini..

Anika and shivaay…

Bul;look he is handsome right..

Pur;haa…but not more than our darlu..

Sali; but , i think he will match her..

Ra;haa..i too think so..

Shi;but , will darlu like him..

Ani;why not??

Sali;will he like her??

Shi;anyonw will like my darlu..

Suddenly…we too agrees for that…

( do you knew guys whose that..k i will show you..)

Its arjun and riya…

Pur;so love birds come back..both blushes..( who is them…we think only 7 ..but its become 9 now..k i will tell you soon)

Ri;who will get some one like her will be blessed..

Ar;that i agree truely..

We too…there comes one pair too..

Its rishi and tanuja..
Bul;you too and hugs them..

Ta,how can we miss this yaar..

Shi;thats right tanu..

Rishi;i think he is not bad yaar…(what again a pair..about this too its mystery will tell soon)

Ab;so this gang is too talkative..and care her that she that much good to praise her like this..

Shanker; pragya..

So thats her name..pragya not eyes are glued at stairs to see her..the gang enters into the stage..haa..this is somewhat like a stage last she comes..she…she…pragya..the angel..her face is sparkaling in brightness..her eyes are too catchy..that someone get lost in it..her like there is some button on it..her lips..its like an apple …with a sweet smile…her hairs are dancing in air…she look simple in herself in saree…not bad..iam really impressed…

(do you guys want to knew how abhi look at that moment..k then watch this..)

Its our pragya…

Da;abhi..abhi..i came into sense..abhi this is pragya..if you want to talk then you can.

Suddenly dadu..before they talk..we want to talk with him..said purab..

Shi;just like a personal interview..

Ri; we want to check whether he is that much good to get our darlu..

Dadaji;abhi..dont feel bad..she is their darlu..the princess of our house..and they are too much caring about her..and we cant restrict them as they will go into terror mood..

I smiled..its k dadu..they can ask..

Bul;hello,iam bulbul..this place is not suitable so can you come with us..

With that gang along with pragya i enter a room its written as gang room..the room is full of this gang photos …there was couches which arranged in circular they can talk with face to face..

I sitted in centre and all of them are around me…i dont knew what an attack waiting for me..

Pur; so i will first introduce ourself..

Iam purab and my sis is salini..our parents are ram and priya..

Iam sis is bulbul..our parents are neil and ragini..

Iam ranveer sis is anika..our parents are raman and ishita..

Iam rishi..she is tanuja my wife..iam dadjis sisters son ..

Iam arjun and its my fiance riya…iam also dadjis sisters son..and we all together our gang..

Shi;hope you understand all this..

Oh god..what a people they are …buliding such a big family and explaining all relation in a day…how can i remember all..if said no then its a big  problem..i just look at pragya..she is watching all this and like she is na..and damn cute too..

Bul;hello rockstar..tell answer to us..then only we can go for interview then only you have right to admire our darlu..

Oh she is more terror among them..for that i will see you later dear..


Rishi;actually you are going to marry our darlu na..already family is ready for it..but we cant decide so soon..

Ta;we cant give our that..

Ri;because she is our princess..

Ar;we give her only to the best person in world..

Shi;because we dont want to see her upset..

Anika, we need a person who  her care her more than us..

Pur:for that you must answer our questions..

Ra;dont feel that we are torturing you..this  is all because she is that much important for us..

Ab;let you guys make me talk…

All laughs and can..

I knew you all are worried and care about her that iam a new person for you all..dont mnew anything about i will introduce my self..i just looked her..she is hearing me keenly..

Iam abhishek prem mehra..a bussiness man and a rockstar too..not now..for me , dadi is my family..when i see your family..i really feel bad as i miss this love and care all are too lucky to have a family with love and happiness stay at everytime..sorrows may be there but it will disappear soon with in a second by this love…when i hear your talking by sitting down i feel that what is that much pecularity in your darlu..sorry i think i can call so..but hearing more from you all i feel like she is gem..i knew she loves and cares you lot thats why you all are doing same..i dont knew i can  make her happy always..but i will promise that i will never leave her hand she cries  i wipe out all her tears .by my love..what i can promise is that..i will love her in my entire life if she is with me..i will never make her feel alone..i will be with her in both good and bad times…i will protect her by my love..i dont need a housewife who do household work for me..for that i have servents..i need to her to share everything in my life..even small things too..when she will make me smile too..when i hear her nonestop talk..i must just lost in it…when i look into her eyes..i must feel my world in it..i continued on and  so on.
Dont knew what all things i blabbered…when i stopped and i look at everyone..they all are lost somewhere..when i look at her..she is smiling…when i look at her eyes…yes..i saw my world in it…

Suddenly…shivaay come forward and hugs me..i too hug back…

Pur;so you are our jiju..

Ri;guys this is too bad..

All look at her in shock…


Oh god what

So guys hows this story…my new attempt with different couples..may i continue it or not…

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